Bachelor in Paradise eliminated Kalon McMahon, Marquel Martin and Lucy Aragon in addition to seeing Clare Crawley quit during Tuesday night's fifth broadcast of the new ABC reality dating series.

Part two of Bachelor in Paradise's two-night event began where Monday night's episode left off, with Graham Bunn walking off the set during the Rose Ceremony just as AshLee Frazier was offering him her rose.

Although it initially appeared like Graham left the scene because he had some hesitation about continuing to date AshLee, he actually just felt like he was going to faint. Ironically, Michelle Money, his best friend, rushed to his aid while AshLee just waited for him to return.

Despite Michelle's plea to dump AshLee because of reasons pertaining to her alleged multiple personalities and drama-filled nature, Graham still accepted AshLee's rose. Michelle was shocked because she could tell that Graham's dating situation was giving him anxiety and making him physically ill.

Lacy Faddoul called AshLee Frazier "controlling" and "fake." She said AshLee didn't deserve to be with such a caring, genuine man like Graham Bunn. As Graham accepted his rose, she also began feeling sick to her stomach and rushed to the bathroom. She eventually got taken away in an ambulance with Marcus Grodd at her side.

However, the Rose Ceremony still continued. Michelle gave her rose to Cody Sattler. Sarah Herron then offered her rose to Robert Graham. Jackie Parr gave her rose to Jesse Kovacs. As a result, Kalon and Marquel's time in paradise was over.

"I had a great date with myself. I think everyone will agree that I'm leaving with someone I can spend the rest of my life with and someone I'd be okay spending the rest of my life with and waking up to every morning," Kalon said following his ouster, referring to himself.

"Obviously not getting the opportunity to get to know Jackie, that's disappointing. This experience here in paradise was tough and it's hard. I came here to get another chance at love and I know I'm going to find that love someday," Marquel explained.

Christy Hansen then arrived to the contestants' villa on the beach with a date card. Clare felt she and Zack Kalter were "unbreakable," yet Christy pulled Zack aside and asked him out. Zack was flattered and had been interested in Christy before appearing on the show. However, Zack told her he wouldn't be "doing right by Clare" to go out with another girl even though his relationship was moving "a little fast too soon."

Christy tried to convince Zack otherwise, insisting they'd have fun. Zack still turned her down and that meant a lot to Clare. Christy therefore asked Jesse to embark on her date with her, and he accepted because he thought she was beautiful.

Jackie Parr wasn't very happy, but Jesse told the cameras it felt good to be in the driver seat and let loose considering the guys got to hand out roses next. Christy and Jesse got along very well on their date and had a connection.

Sarah got the next date card and asked Robert to join her. It was the couple's second date in "Sarahdise," and Sarah hoped he wouldn't just view her as a friend. Sarah was getting anxious about why Robert had yet to kiss her, but during a late-night pool swim, he finally made a move and she was thrilled.

Back at the villa, Cody was coming on very strong to Michelle. He was really into her and no one else. Michelle wanted to dive right in, but at the same time, she was scared and had her guard up. She felt a connection with Cody but was nervous and felt she needed to figure out he was the real-deal before getting invested.

Zack was also having second thoughts about turning down Christy's date. He said Christy seemed "fun and easygoing," while his relationship with Clare was "tense and dramatic." Zack therefore told Clare he was unsure whether he wanted their relationship to keep progressing. He wasn't certain if it was the right thing to do, and Clare was taken aback and ran off and cried.

After thinking about it more, Clare realized she wasn't in paradise anymore because the process felt like "torture." She wanted what Marcus and Lacy had and determined it was best to just go home. She wasn't on the show for drama or for a guy who's only interested in "the physical."

Clare pulled Zack out of bed in the middle of the night to let him know she was leaving, and she told her that every moment they had spent together was magical and beautiful. Clare, seemingly disgusted, simply asked Zack to stop sugarcoating things.

"Awesome. Going out, looking like sh-t once again! It's never easy to hear a man say that you're not what he's looking for -- that he's not sure about you. It's not the first time this has happened and it just hurts. I'm so sick of it. It's not easy to pick yourself up after getting your heart broken," Clare told the cameras after quitting the show.

"I know I'm going out crying with a stuffy nose and puffy eyes, but it doesn't stop me from wanting the perfect love for me... I'm sick of being hurt. It's exhausting. I'm so tired of feeling this feeling. I just wanted to have fun and do something good, something happy. This is when I just wanted to do Dancing with the Stars."

Lucy then arrived with a date card. The guys all agreed she was a fun, happy, free-spirited girl. She quickly got naked and started running around the beach. Lucy asked Jesse out on her date, and he didn't hesitate to say "yes." Lucy jokingly called Jesse the love of her life although Christy was her best friend. Jesse accepting Lucy's invitation was apparently a shot to Christy's ego.

Michelle soon got a date card of her own. She asked Cody to join her and he was more than excited to pursue things. Michelle didn't want to move too fast because she wanted to do it the right way. She was resistant but found Cody amazing. He was extremely open with her, constantly expressing his strong feelings for her.

For their date, Michelle and Cody took fake engagement photos and then dressed up like a bride and groom to take more pictures. Cody told Michelle those could be pictures hanging on the walls of their home someday. Cody could envision Michelle being his future wife, but she was overwhelmed with how quickly their relationship was developing.

Michelle admitted she was "freaking out" in a confessional because her last marriage didn't work and playing dress-up just reminded her of that. She didn't really know how she felt about Cody yet; She needed more time with him. Michelle was buckling under all the pressure and emotions.

The next day, AshLee received a date card and unsurprisingly asked out Graham. The pair went to a racecar track and drove the cars.

At the villa, Christy felt awkward because everyone was paired up and no one was drinking and having fun. She assumed she'd be meeting so many guys and would have more opportunities.

Meanwhile, Marcus realized what "true love is" by meeting Lacy, and he told her that he loves her. Lacy in turn thought Marcus was an angel and she was very happy to have him in her life and be treated as if no one else was around.

Lucy then madeout with Jesse and called herself "sexual all around." It was clearly awkward for Jesse to be around Christy, Lucy and Jackie at the same time on the beach by the fire at night. Christy decided she wanted to go home because she was humiliated by the fact Jesse and Lucy were hitting it off.

However, Jesse assured Christy that he only went on the date with Lucy because he doesn't like rejecting people and hurting their feelings. Jesse then kissed Christy and the pair slept in the same bed that night. Both Lucy and Christy desperately hoped they'd receive Jesse's rose. Lacy called him a "manwhore."

Because Clare left, Zack had a chance to get to know Jackie a little bit better. He had acknowledged at the very beginning of the season Jackie had peaked his interest right from the get-go. They were on the same page about their feelings for one another.

At the Rose Ceremony, it was the guys' turn to hand out the roses to the women whom they'd like to keep dating. Rob gave his rose to Sarah, Graham offered his rose to AshLee, Cody -- who told the cameras he's falling in love with Michelle -- gave Michelle his rose. Marcus then asked Lacy to accept his rose while telling her that he had "fallen incredibly in love" with her.

Zack then gave his rose to Jackie, and Jesse offered his rose to Christy. Jesse said he wanted to continue seeing Christy because he didn't know where "what's her nuts stood," referring to Lucy.

"I'm bummed," Lucy said following her ouster. "I don't like to lose, so that wasn't great. But it makes me sad for Christy because he's a jerk. This week is going to be uncomfortable for her. I hope she's okay. It always worries me. Poor little Christy."

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