Bachelor in Paradise bachelor Daniel Maguire came on the show with no filter and therefore unleashed eyebrow-raising commentary, which he apparently still stands by today.

When Bachelor in Paradise premiered, Daniel was shown insulting the women's looks while touting himself as a magnificent, glorified eagle.

Daniel particularly tore apart the first group of women to enter Paradise -- including Amanda Stanton, Sarah Herron and Jubilee Sharpe. He called them "washed up street dogs," "bruised fruit" and more. He said at the time "the blonde girl" (Amanda) might be worth hooking up with as long as he had a few drinks in him.

Viewers initially got a bad taste in their mouths, but over time, Daniel has managed to transform himself into the funny bachelor who just likes to keep it real. He also sparked a romance with Sarah, one of the sweetest girls in the cast.

In a Thursday interview, Daniel talked to Reality TV World about his controversial Bachelor in Paradise comments. Below is what he had to say.

Reality TV World: Viewers have come to appreciate your dry, sarcastic sense of humor, but when you first got to Paradise, you came across very shallow and rude. Some comments you made about the girls were pretty harsh, like calling them "washed up street dogs." Did you mean any of that and were you hoping to be a villain this season, like Chad Johnson maybe?

Daniel Maguire: No, I wasn't hoping to come across as a villain. I just wanted to be a little more open and honest. I obviously was joking, but there's a little truth in every joke. And I'm the kind of person where I'll speak my mind.

I'm going to talk to whoever I'm talking to, like, anyone else. I'm not going to hold back, and if you've never heard this before, you're living in a bubble, you know? You're very ignorant and naive about how people talk. It's not all gravy, you know?

I obviously do exaggerate a lot and I make things extreme, but I obviously don't really think that. But I also don't think they're supermodels or anything like that. It's just my personal opinion, and so, I just always like to make jokes and what not.

As you can see in the first couple episodes, everyone is kind of making fun of each other and what not. But again, I was just having fun with it and, you know, you can't take it serious. And if you do, then that's your problem.

Reality TV World: Sarah was in that first group of girls in Paradise whose looks you bashed. But then you were suddenly interested in Sarah, so what happened? And now that the show has aired and the girls have heard what you said about them, what has the general reaction been?

Daniel Maguire: Well, like I said, I was pretty much just joking around and exaggerated and was having fun with it. I mean, obviously some people don't think it's funny, but I have had thousands upon thousands of regular dudes thinking it was just funny, because I'm not your typical Bachelor guy that's like, "Oh, she's so beautiful!" And this and that.

No! I have a personal opinion, and if you don't like it, then don't listen. None of the girls when they walked in, [made me think], "Wow, this girl is drop-dead gorgeous. I'd marry them right off the bat." No, I have standards as well.

But obviously I was still joking and I could still take interest in them. And as I got to meet each and every one of them and talk to them and get to know them, I found different, good qualities in them that I enjoyed.

I got along with [Carly Waddell] really well, and Sarah as well. And, you know, Sarah understood me and liked my sense of humor. She enjoyed the qualities about me and vice versa. And Sarah is a beautiful girl as well, physically as well.

But about those comments I made, it was more of a joke. But some people took it too serious and, you know, it is what it is. I don't really care if they don't like it or not. I'm not going to change who I am.

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About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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