Bachelor in Paradise saw Jesse Kovacs leave on his own and new bachelor Brooks Forester get eliminated during Monday night's sixth broadcast of the new ABC reality dating series.

"I wasn't feeling it with [Christy Hansen] and I know she was feeling it with me, so I'm leaving paradise for good. At this point, I've become friends with everyone here except for three girls, but I still feel like I won. I got to meet some great girls and have an awesome time, and in this setting, this situation, there is no wrong person to pursue," Jesse said after quitting the show.

"If you're feeling something, go after it. I guarantee you, as soon as I get home, I'm going to have a ton -- like 60 -- emails with names and numbers and email addresses and invitations to parties and festivals. The party will continue and they'll probably cheers to me, like, 'Oh Jesse!' I'm pretty sure when all this is said and done, we'll hang out and have a blast."

Bachelor in Paradise's sixth episode began with Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul going on a date in which they explored a cave together. During their time away from the villa, Lacy finally told Marcus she was falling in love with him despite admitting it was difficult for her to share her feelings with a man so openly. Marcus had already confessed his love for Lacy, telling her that he could certainly envision a future with her.

Michelle Money was then shown telling Jesse how she felt about Cody Sattler, which was confused and hesitant. She was overwhelmed with Cody's interest in and display of affection towards her.

Michelle said that Cody was sold on the fact she was the girl for him and he'd constantly express how she's the only woman he wants and he loves her. However, Michelle wondered if he even knew much about her and whether he might just be one-dimensional. In fact, Michelle, at times, couldn't even remember Cody's last name. She wasn't sure if she could see herself with him long-term.

Michelle acknowledged her fears and asked Cody to slow things down a bit so they could establish a friendship first. Cody felt numb at Michelle's request; He didn't know why she was backing off. But Cody was committed to Michelle and didn't want to lose her.

Brooks then arrived to the villa with a date card. Sarah Herron admitted to cameras she was physically attracted to Brooks and was even hoping he'd come to paradise when she originally signed on to do the show. She didn't know what to do because she had already been establishing a connection with Robert Graham yet wanted Brooks to ask her out on his date.

Likewise, Brooks noted in a confessional that he was interested in Sarah. The pair had apparently gotten to spend time with one another at After the Final Rose.

When Brooks was seemingly about to ask Sarah out, Robert wrapped his arms around her and made it clear that wasn't happening. Brooks later sat down with Zack Kalter and Robert to learn about all the different pairings, and Robert told Brooks that if he asked Sarah on a date, he'd kill him.

"That's my babe. She's my baby," Robert told Brooks.

Brooks thought it would be a good idea for Sarah to explore her options in attempt to either discover Robert was or was not the man for her. Sarah's mind was wrapped around Brooks yet, out of respect for Robert, he asked out Jackie Parr. Sarah was frustrated and disappointed because she wanted to know what could've happened with Brooks.

Zack was also aggravated, as he wished he would have pulled a Robert in telling Brooks that Jackie was also off limits. He really liked Jackie and couldn't help but be jealous.

On Jackie and Brooks date, the pair enjoyed dinner and she found him to be cultured and experienced. Jackie anticipated having a lot of fun with Brooks although Zack lingered in the back of her mind. Brooks thought Jackie was adorable and told the cameras he could barely pay attention to what he was saying became he was so mesmerized by her looks.

Meanwhile, Sarah was going crazy thinking about Brooks and freaking out about his date with Jackie. Sarah thought Robert was incredibly sexy and sweet even though she was torn.

Sarah then talked to Robert about what he envisioned happening between them after the show. Robert said he'd like to take her on dates and explore the real world together. She quickly realized Robert was the guy for her and it took Brook's presence to solidify their connection. He made her feel special and cared for.

"I will definitely be falling in love with Robert," Sarah said in a confessional.

Cody then reiterated to Michelle how he felt. He liked everything about her, wanted a relationship with her, and anticipated her meeting his family. He didn't really care whether his words scared her off a bit because he was being honest, and Michelle acknowledged she loved his honesty and constant willingness to share his feelings. Because Michelle believed Cody was coming on too strong, he promised her some space and she really appreciated it.

Afterward, Jesse made a joke to Michelle about how he wanted to go back in the bedroom and hook up with Christy. Michelle was turned off by what she heard and ran to tell Christy how the man she liked talked about her behind her back. Jesse apparently bragged to the guys about how he had hooked up with both Christy and Lucy Aragon.

"Jesse is a misogynistic, manipulative, [piece of sh-t]. Jesse is such a douchebag. I hate him," Christy told the cameras, adding that she wanted to leave because there was no guy on the island for her.

With that said, Tasos Hernandez then arrived at the beach. Jesse said in a confessional that Tasos was "messing up the situation" because he didn't want to leave paradise. Cody didn't have a bad thing to say about the guy, but then Tasos pulled Michelle aside to chat. The guys were worried Cody, "The Incredible Hulk" would flip out and eat Tasos.

However, Michelle suggested to Tasos he take Christy out on his date. She thought he was a gentleman, which was exactly what Christy needed. Michelle was very impressed by him and Christy was so excited to receive the opportunity.

On their date, Christy said Jesse was "half the man" Tasos was. They enjoyed a lazy-river ride together and seemed to be hitting it off very well. She was glad to be away from Jesse. Tasos asked to kiss Christy but she didn't want to rush the relationship like she had with Jesse. Christy tried to take a different approach to this new relationship.

Meanwhile, Zack got a date card and immediately asked Jackie out. AshLee Frazier was pissed off and disappointed that she didn't get a date with Graham. Although AshLee was extremely nice to Michelle, Michelle was wary about how genuine her attitude might be.

Zack was hoping to re-establish his bond with Jackie because it bothered him how she and Brooks seemed to enjoy spending time with one another. Jackie and Zack felt very comfortable with one another and she thought he was sweet. He loved how even-keeled she was and laid-back as well as beautiful. The pair ended up kissing at the end of their date, which Jackie hadn't done with Brooks.

At the upcoming Rose Ceremony, the girls would have the power once again, which would result in two men going home. Zack gave Jackie a little bracelet to show his affection, and he felt in his heart Jackie would give him the rose. Brooks also hoped for Jackie's rose and made her laugh, so he felt confident.

Lacy noted that Jesse was "a sleazeball" who came on the show to have fun with many different women and that's exactly what he did. Jesse's intentions apparently rubbed the guys the wrong way, and so the girls decided to confront Jesse about his behavior in paradise.

Just as Christy was telling Tasos she wanted to be with him for the rest of their time in paradise, Jesse interrupted the conversation and asked to speak with Christy. He had told the cameras he didn't come on the show to "start a relationship with a dumb blonde," but he simply needed her rose to stay.

Jesse reiterated how he had an awesome time with Christy on their date and thought they set a good foundation. Jesse told Christy he wanted to spend more time with her yet needed her to drop her walls.

In reply, Christy told Jesse she didn't want to pursue their relationship any further. He turned the tables on her by saying she never really opened up to him and he therefore felt he had no other option but to quit the show.

Christy told Michelle afterwards she didn't have the courage to tell Jesse that she knew about his physical relationship with Lucy. Christy was upset she didn't really stand up for herself considering Jesse tried to manipulate her and had some "stupid tricks" up his sleeve.

Lacy and Michelle comforted Christy and agreed they should confront Jesse once and for all. Christy called Jesse a coward for leaving when he knew he couldn't get a rose. Lacy told Jesse he was "disrespectful" and Michelle also dubbed him "cowardly, cruel and degrading" towards women. She said he had hurt and humiliated Christy and didn't deserve someone so wonderful.

Christy said in a confessional that Jesse had "no remorse," just a blank face. She added that Jesse was a "pathetic" person and would eventually "die alone." Lacy hoped he had learned his lesson.

Once the Rose Ceremony commenced, Lacy gave her rose to Marcus, AshLee offered her rose to Graham, Sarah gave her rose to Robert, and Michelle offered her rose to Cody. Michelle said she'd be "an absolute fool" to walk away from him Cody. Christy then gave her rose to Tasos, and Jackie offered her rose to Zack.

Brooks was upset because he really liked Jackie and had to leave paradise so soon.

"I'm disappointed because coming on Bachelor in Paradise, I had hoped that I would -- at the very least -- find somebody. I was attracted to Jackie from the get-go. I really saw something there -- a real glimmer of hope that I haven't seen in a while. And now, that opportunity has been cut short," Brooks said following his ouster.

"I feel like if I had a little bit more time there, then I would've had a little bit more interaction with her. I think that Zack definitely had an advantage in a sense that they built more of a relationship than Jackie and I. I wish things would've happened differently. I feel disappointed that I don't have the opportunity to develop a relationship [inside] of Bachelor in Paradise. It was a missed opportunity for possibly something great."