Bachelor in Paradise bachelor Andrew Spencer has claimed his relationship with Jessenia Cruz was never serious on the show like Jessenia recently suggested.

Andrew's first love interest on Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season was Teddi Wright, and he gushed about how he could see a future with her -- but then Teddi abruptly dumped Andrew because something was "missing" between them, and she chose to leave the show.


Andrew proceeded to test the dating waters with Brittany Galvin, Jessenia, and Ency Abedin, but he ultimately quit Paradise because he felt a big piece of his heart was still with Teddi.

Andrew said his split from Teddi felt like "a real-life breakup" and so it wasn't easy for him to get over it, even with Jessenia's help.

"[I would] sit there and sulk... No one got a chance to see that. No one wants to put on the screen me sulking... and not being very social. I went through all of the emotions of a breakup, and there were bad days for me and good days," Andrew shared on the latest episode of the "Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation" podcast co-hosted by Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo.

"I said to all of the women I was involved with, 'Hey, I'm not all the way there yet... I'm going to give you everything I've got; it's just not a lot right now.'"

Andrew also revealed that if he ever turned down one of Jessenia's roses at a Rose Ceremony, she would have to leave Paradise and go home, per the rules of the show.

"If I ever rejected a rose, that person has to go home, too, who gave me the rose or offered me the rose. So at the end of the day, I'm ruining someone else's shot [if I say 'no' to her]," Andrew said.

"With Jessenia, I never told her that she has to be with me, you know what I mean? There were plenty of guys down there on the beach."

Andrew claimed he had never made Jessenia any promises about their relationship or a potential future together, although he never fully gave up on their romance either.

"I still wanted to try for her, but I never said she had to be 'this,' and I never begged for her rose or anything like that," Andrew insisted.

"I was just like, 'Alright, I'm at this pace, and I'm going to try to get to where I need to get to where I feel comfortable with this relationship moving forward.'"


Andrew, believing he had never led Jessenia on, said he only gave out one rose all season long.

"There were four Rose Ceremonies I was a part of. I only gave out one [rose], and that was to Teddi," Andrew recalled.

"So at that point, when you see Jessenia say at the end of the episode, 'You're hopping from girl to girl to girl,' I'm like, 'No, I just kept getting laid off.' I was dumped, pretty much."

Andrew also told Mike and Bryan that he was ready to leave Paradise after Teddi unexpectedly quit the show and left him behind.

"The guys literally cornered me and told me, 'You have to stay. You never know what you're going to find here. Don't quit. You know what kind of man you are; you're not going to quit early. You can still find hope down here,'" Andrew explained.

"And I was like, 'I love that,' because that's the kind of man I want to be. I want to go to my kids and be like, 'You can't quit, you just started. You never know what's going to happen.'"

Andrew said he also wasn't sure if a Bachelor-Nation opportunity like this one would come around again.

"So I said, 'I might as well see it through, and if I don't get a rose, I'm totally fine with leaving. I'll go home. I'll lick my wounds and I'll go home,'" Andrew shared of his experience.

"But I kept getting roses and I kept going at the pace, trying to build on something. I was actually going to leave after [Rodney Mathews quit]. I was done. I had nothing left."

And Andrew insisted he had told Jessenia that he was ready to leave on the same day Ency arrived and asked him out on a date.

"I had no idea Ency was coming down here. These events, I didn't plan for... And the Ency thing, I was like, 'Oh wow, I feel something here, let me explore it [because] I'm here right now. I might as well.' So that's just kind of how it went," Andrew said.

Andrew also claimed there was no miscommunication between Jessenia and himself because he was always open and honest with her about where he stood and how he was feeling.


But earlier this month, Jessenia suggested on social media her relationship with Andrew was more serious than what Bachelor in Paradise had shown up to that point.

On Bachelor in Paradise's November 14 episode, Andrew went on a date with Ency and then broke up with Jessenia once he returned to the beach. Andrew said he didn't feel like he and Jessenia were on the same page, and he apologized to the bachelorette for having dragged her through his lowest moments.

"I had a sense that my feelings were deeper than yours are for me," Jessenia told Andrew. "So this isn't easy for me, but it is what it is."

Although Jessenia played it cool, she felt totally defeated and broke down into tears. She said she was really starting to like Andrew and thought they had built a great foundation for a relationship.

While the episode was airing, a fan tweeted, "Jessenia I'm sorry, but we didn't get to see ANY footage of you and Andrew, so we have no idea what your relationship was like #BachelorInParadise."

Jessenia replied to the tweet, "Which is why I won't blame the viewers if they don't get it."

The former Texas beauty queen added, "Providing zero context or backstory for y'all truly makes this entire scenario so random. It is what it is."

And then on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, fans watched Jessenia question Andrew's intentions and whether he truly went on the show looking for love. She accused him of being on a boys' vacation, but Andrew swore that he always remained hopeful he could meet his person on the show.

"I could not get to a point where I felt anything crazy [with you]," Andrew told Jessenia before he left Paradise. "I'm here for the right intentions."

Jessenia also chose to leave the show, and she cried in her final words about how she always picks "the wrong guys" -- ones who aren't ready or don't know what they want.

And Andrew said he was upset because he had lost what could've been a "powerful" love with Teddi in the first several days of filming the show.


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