Bachelor in Paradise alum Jordan Kimball and his wife Christina Creedon have announced they are expecting their first child together, two years after Jordan popped the question on Christmas Eve.

Jordan took to Instagram over the Christmas holiday and shared a slideshow of photos from a maternity photo shoot he had with his pregnant wife.


In the photos, Christina, showing off her baby bump in a beige knit dress, was holding sonogram images while Jordan proudly displayed a plaque reading, "BABY KIMBALL ARRIVING 2023."

"From bending knee to saying vows at the altar, it's all been a dream. But nothing has moved me like holding your hand and hearing our baby's heartbeat," Jordan wrote.

"We are starting our family through love and with love, I truly believe you were a godsend and now we have the miracle of new life between us. I love you more than ever. Cheers to the beauty of the changes your body is making and how graceful you've made it look."

Jordan added, "I'm so excited to see you as a Mother. I love you Christina!"

Christina commented on Jordan's post, "I love you so so so so much."

Congratulatory messages also poured in from Bachelor Nation.

"Y'all cute af. Welcome to the club. You guys are going to be great parents," Adam Gottschalk wrote.

Chris Bukowski commented, "Congrats!!"

Josh Murray wrote, "So excited for y'all!!!!!!"

Jordan, who first competed on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette in 2018, told Us Weekly that he and his wife are "so excited" to be having a baby.

Christina, who participated in a joint interview with Jordan, is 12 weeks pregnant.

"We're more in the spirit than ever. I don't think I've ever anticipated something so much in my life. And with planning [and] wanting to start a family after the wedding, so much has happened in the last year and a half with the house, the wedding, now this," said Jordan, who built and closed on a house with Christina in Summer 2021.


Christina revealed that she took four pregnancy tests, just to be sure, before telling Jordan she's pregnant.

"I started out with, like, the dollar ones, I didn't want to go all out, just in case," Christina shared.

"But that said positive, so I went back to the store and got the one the two pack that has the line one and then the digital one that says 'pregnant,' and I was like, 'Okay, this is it!'"

Christina apparently served Jordan the good news on the side of a tasty dessert.

"I was out of town and she was telling me before [she] knew that she was going to make me a carrot cake [when I got home] -- that's kind of my favorite little treat, and so she was going to do that for me," Jordan recalled.

"And when I got home, she goes, 'Oh, let me show you this carrot cake.' And I was kind of suspecting -- it wasn't like we had really tried a lot or anything, but that was kind of the plan, that we want to start a family. It's almost been a year now since the wedding."

Jordan continued, "So she goes, 'Well, let me show you this carrot cake I made.' I come through the door and there is a pregnancy test... next to the cake."

Jordan said the announcement was "very exciting."

"It was one of those digital ones that just said 'pregnant' right across it... It was perfectly clear, and so yeah, that was a very, very cute and exciting way to find out," he noted.

Jordan said he and Christina "don't know the gender yet" but they'll be finding out the baby's sex "just after the New Year."

When asked if they're secretly hoping for a son or daughter, Christina said, "I don't have secret hopes. I'm content with boy or girl. I just can't wait to find out!"

Jordan, however, confessed that he'd love to have a baby boy.

"We want to continue having kids, and with this being the first, I would like for the baby to be a boy, you know, older brother and protector," Jordan admitted. "But if the baby's a girl, that's okay too. We [just want a] happy and healthy baby. I'm ready for it all!"

The couple plans to honor Christina's grandmother if their baby is a girl and pay tribute to Jordan's grandfather and father's middle name if their baby is a boy.

Christina, who is about to enter her second trimester of pregnancy, said she's been "really lucky" so far with how she's been feeling, except for being "really hungry and tired" on a daily basis.

"It's been pretty easy," Christina acknowledged of her first trimester. "There's times where I get a little bit nauseous, but that's because I'm starving and I just need to eat something."

"When I get back from school every day, I pretty much go straight to sleep -- that's about the only pregnancy symptom that I have," the special education teacher explained.


Christina -- who said she doesn't have a birth plan in place yet -- shared that she's been craving "cucumber sandwiches, tropical fruit, Jamba Juice every single day, and Baby Bell cheese." Jordan also said Christina has been drinking a lot of two percent milk.

Jordan said he is "super excited" to become a father and has been "trying to take on" as much as he can to help his wife out.

"It's been a lot of vacuuming, I've been making dinner, I've been ordering food and doing all that I can," Jordan told the magazine. "But it's been super fun, and I am excited to see her as a mom."

Jordan said he's predicting that Christina will be "a very nurturing" parent while he'll be the "decisive" one. But the couple is going to try to put each other first after welcoming the baby.

"That's how I want to raise the kids, with the respect for their mom that I have and vice versa," Jordan explained.

Jordan said he thinks they'll make "a nice little family" because they are "different in the right places," but Christina pointed out how her husband doesn't give himself enough credit because he's also very nurturing.

Jordan and Christina got married on January 15, 2022 at The Wynden, a romantic venue in Houston, TX, with a Tuscan setting and private enclosed garden.

"My Dear Christina, You are the blessing I've always prayed for, cheers to forever loving you! I love our unconditional and comforting love. I Truly feel you were sent into my life from above, I promise you all of my affection for all of my years. I love you Mrs. Kimball, always," Jordan captioned a slideshow of photos from his wedding day.

Jordan proposed marriage to Christina with a 2.35 oval-cut diamond ring before Christmas Eve mass with her family in December 2020 at Christina's church in Texas.

Jordan began dating Christina in 2019 after they met at Los Angeles International airport and Jordan helped her with her luggage. The pair went Instagram official in November of that year.

Jordan said while Christina initially moved to Florida for him, they ultimately decided to move to Texas together for his fiancee's job.

"It feels like it happened so fast. I was blindsided by this love. She's just the sweetest person... I can't handle how sweet, genuine and how true her heart is," Jordan gushed to Us.

"I feel like I'm a protector. I'm here to support her."

After failing to win Becca's heart on The Bachelorette, Jordan got engaged to Jenna Cooper on Bachelor in Paradise's fifth edition, however, Jordan and Jenna broke up shortly after the Paradise finale aired.

Jordan later returned to Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise's sixth season in 2019, but he didn't last long on the beach due to a physical altercation with fellow cast member Christian Estrada.

Jordan previously said of his relationship with his new wife, "I would say that The Bachelor kind of prepared me in a way that I was ready to take it seriously."

"I was ready to be funny and be who I am -- and especially after seeing myself on TV, there's parts of, you know, what I did that I got great joy out of and laughed at."

Jordan admitted, "I'm not my biggest fan, but you can grow from anything. And I think that that's what I've done, grown from it."


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