Scott MacIntyre feels his American Idol experience could have lasted a little longer, but he has no regrets about the way it ended.

"I always remind myself, so you can never expect the unexpected, and if the chips would have fallen a little differently I think I could have gone on for a number of more weeks," MacIntyre told reporters during a Thursday conference call. 

"But it's a great time for me to leave the competition, because now I get to focus on life and my music career after Idol and I'm so excited for a number of reasons."

The legally blind 23-year-old from Scottsdale, AZ was revealed to be the sixth finalist eliminated from Idol's eighth season during last Wednesday night's live results show broadcast on Fox.

"I stand by every performance I've done and I've enjoyed it tremendously.  I felt like I've been able to show a little bit more of who I am every week and I hope that continues," he told reporters.

"I never dreamed that I would be in the top eight of American Idol when I was following the show a couple years ago and now here I am.  It's an amazing opportunity and the experiences I've had over the last couple weeks will never be duplicated again."

Despite the fact that he has been involved in music throughout his life, MacIntyre said he never auditioned for Idol until last summer when he tried out for the show's eighth season.

"From the very beginning I have felt like I have a story to share through my music and because of my life story and what I've overcome and that I pursued music as my main passion, vocally and pianistically, and all of that combined I felt like it would have been a shame not to share that with the world," he told reporters. 

"Idol's given me the platform I've been hoping for, for many years in that I'm able to connect with so many people and so many people know what I've been through now and can hopefully be inspired by that.  If I can get to this point out of almost 110,000 auditioners and end up in eighth place, I hope it encourages everyone to reach for their dreams.  I hope it encourages people never to give up, and that's the message I have for anyone in that situation."

While he's bummed that his time on Idol is over, MacIntyre said he finds comfort in the fact that he'll be part of the show's summer concert tour that follows every season.

"I've been dreaming about going on tour and playing show after show every night since I was a little kid and there's something magical about being on stage with that many people in the audience.  And I've had glimpses of that throughout my life and then even more so on Idol as the show, and now it's just going to be huge on tour," he said.

"When I can do something I enjoy so much, which is performing, and I can touch people's lives at the same time, it's a win/win situation for the audience and me."

In addition, MacIntyre said he's excited to be able to leave the confines of Idol's thematic weekly performances to instead sing songs that represent him as an artist.
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"Now I actually get to define myself as an artist from scratch," he told reporters.  "I actually have a huge catalog of original music, original songs, and I can't wait to share my writing, my song writing with America."
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