Australians were urged to wear khaki Friday in memory of the late Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter" who rarely wore anything else.

The Sydney Morning Herald said the idea began with Australian environmental engineer Andrew Tapsall, People magazine reported. Tapsall wanted to commemorate Irwin with khaki and began an e-mail campaign to make it happen.

The tribute "is not about raising funds for wildlife," Tapsall said. "This is all about commemorating his achievements. Through his entertainment, Steve Irwin was educating everybody, without them even knowing they were being educated. It was almost subliminal."

The Morning Herald reported the story under the headline "Are You Wearing Khaki Today?"

Tapsall and the newspaper were not alone. The Australian Radio Network said it was having a "Crikey, It's Khaki" Friday. The radio promotion was designed to raise funds for Irwin's Wildlife Warriors Worldwide charity.

Irwin, 44, was killed by a stingray Monday while diving at the Great Barrier Reef when the ray's poison barb struck him in the heart.