Audrina Patridge claims topless photos taken of her several years ago were intended to increase her comfort level in-front of the camera -- not an attempt to land in Playboy.

"I intended them to be artistic and not in any way provocative," Patridge wrote Wednesday in a blog posted to her MySpace Celebrity page. "I was naive, overly trusting of people and inexperienced. I thought that to be a model you had to be comfortable in front of the camera."

The images -- which recently surfaced on the celebrity blog What Would Tyler Durden Do -- include the now 22-year-old appearing topless while wearing a school-girl skirt and knee-high socks; standing in a hot tub wearing nothing but a cowboy hat; and being completely naked while in a swimming pool.

Despite The Hills star's claim that the photos were not intended to be provocative, sources told What Would Tyler Durden Do that Patridge "had had enough of posing for bikini shots" and was "determined" to go ahead with the topless shoot "even though she was warned to wait and see how her modeling went before doing topless stuff."

Regardless of if the photos were intended for Playboy or not -- they never made it there, and now Patridge is warning young aspiring models about the pitfalls of participating in shoots when scantily clad.

"I'm not ashamed of these photos, but I don't want my young fans to think they have to do what I did," Patridge wrote in her blog. "I hope people can learn from my inexperience."