Ashley Hebert reportedly really did have an extremely difficult time getting over Bentley Williams' decision to quit The Bachelorette, as host Chris Harrison has claimed.

Hebert "begged" the show's producers to convince Williams -- the two-faced The Bachelorette bachelor who feigned affection for Hebert when they were together but repeatedly bashed her in private before eventually deciding to leave the show and break her heart -- to return to the show after he departed, Life & Style reported in the cover story of its June 20 issue.

"Ashley wanted a second chance with Bentley, so be begged producers to get him on the phone and get him on a plane out to see her,"  a show insider told the magazine.  "She couldn't stop thinking about him after he left her."

"Part of her thought if she saw him again in person -- while she was composed and not hysterically crying -- that she would be able to express her feelings more clearly and maybe even get him to stay."

According to Life & Style, The Bachelorette producers then spent the next two weeks calling Williams daily and asking the divorced 28-year-old Salt Lake City businessman to return to the show. 

Williams reportedly finally agreed to the request, but not because he'd had a change of heart and was suddenly legitimately interested in pursuing a relationship with Hebert, whom he had privately called an "ugly duckling," among other insults. 

Instead, according to Life & Style, he simply liked the idea of getting a free trip to Hong Kong -- where the show happened to be filming at the time -- and getting to spend a full week in the Asian city in exchange for what was eventually a brief one-hour meeting with Hebert.

"He'[d] never been to Hong Kong," a friend told Life & Style.

According to Life & Style, Williams' visit only succeeded in distracting Hebert from her remaining bachelor suitors, who were also unhappy to learn of his brief return.

"Clearly she was worried and having a hard time with all the emotions," the show insider said.

"Bentley's visit stopped Ashley from having a good time with any of the other guys.  She shouldn't have invited him back in the first place, but she was still under his spell."

While Williams' nasty comments about The Bachelorette star have made him unpopular with the public, a friend told Life & Style he has still continued to badmouth Hebert since he returned home from the show.
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"He said she was not at all pretty in person," the friend said.  "He also said that she went after him and was very aggressive, and it freaked him out because he found her such a turnoff.  Her just trashes her anytime he can."

"He wants to be a millionaire and gets lots of fame, so that's the only reason Bentley went on the show.  But now people are making fun of him for being the joke on the show.  No one can figure out why he made himself look like such an ass."