The name of Ashlee Simpson's upcoming film is being changed -- to the title of one of her songs.

Originally called "Wannabe," the film will now be known as "Undiscovered," a switch Simpson says was directly inspired by her song of that name, which appears on her debut album, "Autobiography."

"I was really shocked," Simpson says. "The president of Lion's Gate called me the other day and said 'I love the song and want to change the title to it.' I'm like, 'Are you serious?' and he's like 'Yeah.' That's so cool. It was extremely flattering."

"Undiscovered" is due out in late summer. It stars Pell James from "Uptown Girls," Shannyn Sossamon from "40 Days and 40 Nights" and Carrie Fisher. It's Simpson's first major feature film role after credits on TV's "7th Heaven" and a small role in 2002's "The Hot Chick."

In the supporting part, Simpson plays an aspiring actress. The character was originally supposed to be lesbian, but Simpson's father and manager Joe Simpson, who's one of the film's producers, nixed the idea.