AshLee Frazier has publicly accused The Bachelor star Sean Lowe of telling her during their overnight date he had no feelings for either Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter, his Final 2 bachelorettes. 

"Why did you say you had absolutely no feelings for them?" Frazier asked Lowe during Monday night's The Bachelor: Women Tell All special.

"I didn't say that," Lowe replied. "I had absolutely no feelings for the other two women? I didn't say that."

"Twice, you didn't say that Sean?" Frazier asked again with disapproval.

"I promise I didn't say that," Lowe insisted. "I didn't and I wouldn't say that."

"Sean, come on," said a disappointed Frazier. "Do you think I would just say that out of the blue? You think I would just make something up like that?"

"I would never say that I don't have feelings for those two women," Lowe repeated.

"Okay, I take that back. Here's what you said. You said, 'There's absolutely nothing between those two.' That's exactly what was said," Frazier noted.

"I didn't say that either. I would not say that," Lowe said.

"I mean, I'm not making that up, so," Frazier said with confidence.

After their awkward exchange, Frazier wished him nothing but the best and said that although he "did" tell her that, she didn't hold any resentment.

"Just on the record, I'm not agreeing with that," Lowe revealed.
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Also during Women Tell All, Frazier opened up to The Bachelor host Chris Harrison about her silent departure from the show before Lowe was welcomed onstage.

"I didn't know what to say. No, I wasn't pissed. I'm sure I did [look pissed]. I was just searching for answers. This whole time he had been telling me, 'Look into my eyes and you know what I'm saying' when I would say, 'I love you,'" Frazier explained. 

"He had been telling me, 'You're going to meet my family. You and my sister are going to best friends.' And so this whole time I'm thinking, 'Huh, I got this!' And then all of a sudden, I didn't. I'm like, 'Then what have you been telling me all season?'"

Frazier told Harrison she just felt "wiped away like nothing" and "absolutely" had her heart broken. However, she admitted she's no longer in love with Lowe.

"I reeled in my feelings. I reeled in everything I thought I poured out to this person. I knew in that moment, 'Okay, he doesn't want me. I need to move on.' It took me awhile, but when I started to watch it and I started to see how he was with the other women, I'm like, 'Hmm, this guy is not quite who I thought he was,'" she said.

"With me, he was just this southern gentleman, and with the other girls, I mean, hate me for this, but he kind of acted like a frat boy. Was he just pretending this whole time with me?"

Once Lowe joined Harrison and Frazier on the set, Frazier reiterated her feelings and had some pressing questions for The Bachelor star.

"I was so blindsided. I almost felt dishonored by you by making me go through the Rose Ceremony. At some point when you realized it, why didn't you just grab me and tell me at that point instead of making me go through the rest of the week with these high hopes and great expectations?" Frazier asked Lowe.

"I [was in] your shoes when I was on The Bachelorette and I had the same thoughts. I always thought, '[Emily Maynard] kept talking about our future together and she kept saying when we get to Dallas we're going to do this and this.' And I got home, and I felt like I had been deceived. Why would she bring up things like that if she knew I wasn't the one for her?'" Lowe began.

"And until I was in her shoes, I didn't realize that you have to have those conversations about the future, because I was falling in love with you and that was genuine and sincere and those conversations need to take place. But I certainly didn't want you to feel deceived at all. It was heart-wrenching for me."

"Me too obviously. I was devastated by that. That was really hard for me. And what really hurt me is how you never came back and checked on me," Frazier said.

Lowe then told Frazier had Maynard checked on him, it would've made things worse and that's why he ultimately chose not to contact the bachelorette. Frazier said he's a gentleman and should've been the man in that situation, making sure she was okay simply because of how much she had invested in him throughout the process.

Lowe apologized for how she was feeling but stood his ground in the decision not to check up on her.