Is truth stranger than fiction? When it comes to Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, the lying villain of NBC's The Apprentice, the answer seems to be yes.

On the night of April 22, Omarosa was scheduled to appear on ABC's The Jimmy Kimmel Show. She didn't. Why? Because she saw a lie-detector on the show's set.

On April 14, Omarosa's nemesis Ereka Vetrini, whom Omarosa accused of using the 'n-word' toward her (a charge denied by both Ereka and the show's producers), took a lie-detector test on the Howard Stern Show and, in her words, "passed with flying colors." The TV newsmagazine Extra! reported that Omarosa refused to answer questions about Ereka's test and walked off when the reporter persisted. Said Ereka, "She doesn't want to talk about my lie detector test because she's lying."

When Omarosa saw the lie detector, she became convinced that the Jimmy Kimmel Show intended to use it on her, in a counterpoint to Ereka's test. She ranted that she would refuse to go on the show unless the lie detector was removed from the set. Her mother and her new publicist, who were accompanying her, also became upset and combative, even though the show's production staff explained that the lie detector was intended for use in a skit with Jimmy's "Uncle Frank," who was strapped into it the entire show -- a joke tied to the Quentin Tarantino-guest star show on April 19 and the Tarantino-directed show on April 20. (Apparently, Uncle Frank had told Tarantino, falsely, that he liked Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 2.)

Finally, the crew thought they had reached a compromise with Omarosa: they would do the lie-detector bit with Uncle Frank at the start of the show, then remove it and introduce Omarosa. Instead, she stormed off the set ... and never came back. As a result, Omarosa and her lying became the butt of Jimmy Kimmel's jokes for most of the evening.

We applaud Omarosa for being unafraid to burn the bridges in front of her as well as the ones behind her. Let's see: her lying makes her unemployable, her notoriety cost her an advertising job, and her arrogance may keep her off TV talk shows. We look for an announcement shortly that Omarosa is returning to the only venue friendly to arrogant, unpopular, unemployable liars: politics.