Angelina Keeley is hoping to win the $1 million on this fall's Survivor edition dubbed Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Angelina is a 28-year-old financial consultant from Sparks, NV, who currently resides in San Clemente, CA.


Angelina had a fairly quiet edit until she suddenly became very vocal and outspoken about the fact she wanted Jeremy Crawford gone instead of the seemingly easy target, Natalie Cole.

Jeremy subsequently told Reality TV World that Angelina wanted him gone because he spoke of her being in an alleged showmance with John Hennigan.

Jeremy said Angelina would do or say anything to accomplish a mission and she's probably the biggest threat on the Goliath tribe right now.

That means Angelina will be one to watch this season. Until viewers find out what happens next for Angelina, let's learn more about this Survivor castaway.

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Angelina Keeley:

- Angelina decided to compete on Survivor because it's the ultimate challenge of grit, savviness, and strategy, and she just so happens to be naturally competitive.

- Her hobbies include traveling the world, trying new things, political activism, hosting margarita nights, dancing, workout classes, anything involving French bulldogs, and starting her non-profit Ready to Run.

Ready to Run empowers middle school and high school-aged girls to run for student government positions in their schools.

- If Angelina could have brought three items to Fiji with her, she'd choose a copy of Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise" poem because it sums up her mindset in life, a radio so she could listen to the news every day and find out what's going on in the world, and makeup because she wears it every day.

- The castaway's pet peeves happen to be indecisiveness, when people don't vote, and when people don't like dogs.
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- Angelina, a military spouse, wants to win the money because her husband will head out on his second deployment this year and she'd like to be a source of strength and inspiration for other military families who have endured long months and years away from their soldier.

She also has a lot of student debt she'd like to take care of.
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