Although the show has announced otherwise, newly ousted I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! contestant Angela V. Shelton doesn't seem to believe the show's remaining contestants are getting the final say as to whether The Hills stars Heidi and Spencer Pratt get to return to the competition after quitting it earlier this week.

"I think we had a vote, we voted 'No' and they're still getting the opportunity to come back so that shows you how good the voting is," Angela told reporters during a Friday afternoon conference call that followed her eviction on Thursday night's live broadcast. "But I think the reality is these people are good people...  this is a good of people who will give people a second chance, they really are.  I don't think that they are going to punish them or make it hard for them.  I think they will be totally open to having them back and having them have a chance to maybe act right."

"Oh no, because I  don't think they have a choice," Angela added later in the call when another reporter asked if the remaining cast members would be foolish if they voted to allow Heidi and Spencer back on the reality competition.  "We voted 'No' and it's still an issue."

Angela's comments came after she had previously rejected a reporter's suggestion that the show's producers might want to "skew things" to make the celebrities agree to accept Heidi and Spencer's return.

"You know they really do not interact with us -- the show -- so they are not, I swear to you, they are guiding nothing," Angela said.

According to Angela, Heidi and Spencer's departure seemed to be part of a publicity stunt the couple appeared to have devised before the competition even began.

"[They quit] for attention.  They haven't done anything -- they didn't do anything while they were there, they didn't even try, she told reporters.  "That was sort of their attitude from the moment they got there.  Literally, the first thing they said is 'Well, we're not going to be here long anyway.'"

"They said that all the time, that their other show The Hills was going to start taping soon and they had no intention of being there very long anyways," Angela added later in the call.

What little time they did spend on the show was mostly spent alone, according to Angela.

"I don't think any of us at this point got to know them," Angela told reporters.  "They really did not spend much time with us, they were either asleep or off in front of a camera somewhere alone and they just did not participate in the camp and whenever they were there were just kind of hollering about their products and endorsements and money."

Some of that away time also included their repeated threats to quit the show, which Angela said extended far beyond the few instances that aired on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!'s Monday and Tuesday night broadcasts.

"Oh, it was more than that.  They quit a good 10 to 20 times, in fact the last time we were like 'Yeah, bye, see you in the morning,'" she said.

However Angela insisted that she was confident that the show's producers hadn't pacified the couple's frequent threats to quit with food or other special treatment.  
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"My interaction with this production crew and with the show [is that] they have not broken the rules on that stuff, so if they did it with Spencer and Heidi, they did it extremely quietly and I don't think they did," Angela told reporters. "I think Spencer and Heidi are Spencer and Heidi and they operate on a different form of energy than the rest of us, which my in fact be the dark forced."

Although she acknowledged she probably wouldn't have followed through with her own threat to quit the competition if Heidi and Spencer were allowed to return due to her charity commitment, Angela is still sticking to her belief that they shouldn't be allowed to rejoin the competition.

"I think that just because they were able to come out and relax and eat decent meals and maybe see the press and decide they want to come back -- no, I don't think that should be able to go back.  At all," she told reporters. "But if that's what people decide then what I do know is that they will be accepted and be given a chance to behave better."

Like many, Angela is also skeptical of the couple's motives for deciding they want to return.

"I haven't spoken to them... [but] my guess would be that they discovered there is more to get out of being there than not [being there]," she said.

"That would be my guess because that seems to be their motivating force in life," she added when a reporter suggested the couple were merely seeking more camera time.