Amy Parham, a 40-year-old real estate agent from Greer, SC, loves the attitude of her husband Phil. But, as viewers saw in Tuesday night's The Biggest Loser: Families broadcast that ended in Amy's elimination, that love also comes the occasional chore of cleaning up the 41-year-old real estate agent's messes.

"I'm constantly trying to prevent Phillip from talking so much because he tends to talk his way into adversity. But that's one reason I love him to because there's never a dull moment," Amy told Reality TV World in a media conference call on Wednesday.

However, one mess Amy said Phil -- a member of the show's Black team -- didn't create was the fallout from a conversation in which he allegedly approached Amy's Blue team teammate Brady Vilcan about allying with his wife and voting Heba Salama off The Biggest Loser's Blue team.

"He didn't ask [Brady] to vote Heba out, that was mostly made up by Brady," Amy told reporters ."[Phillip] had a conversation with Brady on the basketball court and he just said to him 'You know there are other options in this game [and] Amy's a strong player and you might wanna consider aligning with her because she's lost a  lot of weight every week and she'd be great for the team.'"

"He just said that in a way like he was assuming that [Brady] didn't have any alliances because [Heba, Brady, and Vicky] never admitted to having an alliance. So a lot of the stuff that was said last night was not even close to the conversation," she continued.

Amy said she was not surprised by her elimination because of the friendship of Heba, Brady and Vicky had developed while she had only begun to develop relationships with Heba and Amy Cremen, a 26-year-old purchasing department representative from Auburn Hills, MI.

However, she told reporters that while the circumstances surrounding her elimination had been somewhat confusing initially, they began to make more sense after watching the show's broadcast on Tuesday.

"I didn't even know until last night that Brady and Vicky had gone into the room and had a discussion with Heba about Phillip [that was] not accurate by any stretch of the imagination," Amy told reporters. "It kind of makes me think that they felt threatened in their alliance with Heba because Heba, Amy C. and I had become very, very close that week. I think they felt they needed to make up that little story in order to strengthen their alliance with [Heba] and turn her against me."

Amy told Reality TV World that while Phil and Heba's had personalities that "really kinda never matched," she had developed a better, albeit frosty, relationship with her.

"You know [Heba] is really funny and fun to hang around with, and I feel like in a different circumstance -- like if we just met at a party or something -- we would just really like each other a whole lot," Amy told Reality TV World. "But in this circumstance in the game situation it was tough because she's very strong and she's very opinionated and so it kind of made it tougher living circumstances."

When prodded by reporters, Amy also said that, in retrospect, she believes Brady may have even intentionally thrown -- similar to how Neil Tejwani drank two gallons of water to gain 17 lbs. for a weigh-in during The Biggest Loser's fourth season -- his weigh-in in an attempt to artificially keep his weight-loss low.

"At the time it really didn't cross my mind that he only lost three pounds and that he could possible have done that," Amy told reporters. "I don't know why I didn't think that. After watching that last night I'm like 'he did that!' I mean I don't know that for a fact but I'm just saying, you know, that has to be the truth."
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"I'm not there the next week so I really don't know what happened, so I guess we're all gonna see next week," she continued. "If it's true that he did that, than we would probably expect a big number from him next week."

After returning home from the competition, Amy said that she had kept up her routine and had fallen into a lifestyle that she told reporters she could maintain "for the rest of her life." She added that she had dropped her weight down to 140 lbs., hoped to hit 120 lbs. by the season finale, and had almost attained her goal drop her dress size to a 6.

"I'm a size 6 in anything but tight jeans, but I'm gonna get there," she said with a laugh.