Amy Duggar, the niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, is watching her parents go through a divorce.

While many critics of Amy's cousin Josh Duggar have been hoping his wife Anna Duggar will leave him in light of his cheating scandal, there's another couple in the family going through tumultuous times.

Amy's father Terry Jordan filed for divorce from his wife Deanna Duggar on December 21 after nine years of marriage, OK! Weekly reported.

According to court documents, Terry, 53, cited "intolerable" treatment as the reason for the split. Terry and Deanna allegedly lived together on and off throughout their marriage and had already divided up their marital property and debts prior to officially calling it quits.

Although Terry described his life with Deanna -- Jim Bob's sister -- as "intolerable," Deanna also filed a restraining order against Terry in 1992 because he had allegedly threatened to kill her and "the baby." Deanna told authorities Terry's not Amy's biological father.

"They've had a roller-coaster relationship for as long I can remember," Amy told People of her parents.

"I've always been the mediator between them, instead of just being their daughter I was also the counselor... I've learned it's not my place to try and 'fix' their relationship anymore. They are grown adults and I am, too. My main focus is to be a good wife, a help-mate, and Dillon and I work everyday to keep our marriage strong and healthy. Love isn't a feeling, it's a choice."

Amy wed her husband Dillon King in September. She previously starred in the special A Duggar Leaves Home on TLC and was described as fun-loving and a little louder and wilder than Jim Bob and Michelle's children.