Amy Duggar has never followed the strict Duggar-family rules, and she doesn't intend to start now.

"I'm like a free bird," Amy told People in an interview. "I went to Christian school all of my life but I never really felt up to the Duggar standard."

Amy's uncle is former 19 Kids & Counting star Jim Bob Duggar, who raised pious and extremely conservative children, especially when it comes to their views on courtship.

But Amy was "born out of wedlock," and her parents Deanna -- Jim Bob's older sister -- and Terry Jordan even divorced in December 2015, which is heavily frowned upon in their family.

Amy also wed her husband Dillon King in July of last year after engaging in a more passionate romance than her family would condone. Amy was always known for being louder and wilder than her cousins, who believe a couple shouldn't even hold hands until they're engaged.

"I don't feel guilty for being me," Amy explained, adding that she and King practice their Christian faith on their own terms. "I think kissing before marriage should happen."

Amy admitted to People, however, she didn't allow their intimacy to progress pass kissing while they were dating for a little less than a year.

Deanna and Jordan are proud of their daughter and reportedly have no issue with her lifestyle and choices.

"I just wanted to make sure she wasn't stifled or held back in any way," Jordan said, referencing how he'd take Amy hiking and let her listen to secular music. "I made a concerted effort for her to be able to express and be herself."

Although Amy marches to the beat of her own drum, the Duggars are "very accepting" of her individuality and she loves them.