Amy Duggar and husband Dillon King appear to have one of the more volatile relationships on Season 7 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

During Friday night's premiere of Marriage Boot Camp, Duggar and Dillon exposed some deep wounds in their lovelife.

The episode featured a fake "press conference" in which the reality TV stars were asked questions about their romances, and that's when Duggar and King revealed they have alleged incidents of violence and borderline animal cruelty in their past, Us Weekly reported.

"Amy sometimes takes a swing at me," Dillon confessed in a pre-recorded video, which was aired for the press.

Duggar then reportedly explained she had hit her husband once after he "slammed" their cat on the table.

"If you're going to treat a poor little innocent kitten like that, I do not want kids with you," the former 19 Kids and Counting star insisted.

When asked for more details about the dispute that turned physical, Duggar reportedly sighed and explained, "You had to be there."

Dillon's pre-recorded video concluded with him calling his wife a "bitch."

Duggar and King tied the knot in early September 2015. Last month, Duggar talked to People about why the couple felt the need to appear on Marriage Boot Camp to begin with, and she made their issues seem minor.

"For us, it was nothing more than we need to learn to communicate. Dillon has a tone that drives me up the wall sometimes and when we bicker," Duggar claimed at the time.

"We have to learn how to talk to each other. We were friends for so long before we got married, so we always joked and said things to each other because we were just friends. Now that we are married, it's a whole new level of respect that we had to learn."