American Idol's Top 5 finalists took the stage and performed songs America had chosen for them during Wednesday night's show, and Alex Preston really shined in particular.

Home viewers picked two songs for each Idol contestant. Alex wowed judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. with his stripped down rendition of "Say Something" by Great Big World. Keith was especially impressed and gave the artist a standing ovation.

"Alex, one of the things I like to see the most is a performer. In this case, you struggling with the emotion of a song and not giving into it -- it's one thing to just weep and sob. To watch you fight that and not give into it is more powerful to me, and that's exactly what you did. You do that so well. It was a beautiful performance. You're such a talented guy, and for me, that was the performance of the night," Harry told Alex.

"I think if ever there was a perfect marriage of song and artist, it was right then, man. It was absolutely beautiful," Keith said.

"I would just be saying the same thing, but you also look amazing, the way they lit you, the whole thing -- the whole vibe -- and then your vocals just took it to another level. It was a really beautiful performance. Congratulations," Jennifer added.

Alex also sang "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood. While the song didn't captivate the judges as much as "Say Something" had, Alex still received very positive reviews.

Keith said the Idol finalist has a "strong stylistic thing" and was "very present" in the performance. Jennifer told Alex he had "pulled it off nicely" and it seemed like an easy song for him to sing. Harry called Alex "one of the big boys" in the competition and praised him for remembering all the words.

"I can hear you on the radio," added Harry.

The four other remaining thirteenth-season Idol finalists are as follows: Jena Irene, Sam Woolf, Jessica Meuse, and Caleb Johnson.