American Idol judge Simon Cowell -- who has never been much of a fan of former Idol 2 runner-up Clay Aiken -- says he has little sympathy for Aiken's recent disclosure that he had to begin taking antidepressants to deal with the pressures that his Idol fame as brought him.

"Give me a break... idiot," the sharp-tongued Idol judge responded when the topic of Aiken's recent disclosure came up at a Wednesday press conference in which Cowell, fellow judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul, and Idol host Ryan Seacrest all promoted the show's upcoming sixth season and announced that Jewel, songwriter Carole Bayer Sager, and Olivia Newton-John will be among American Idol 6's audition guest judges.

"OK, let me have a choice, I'm going to work in a coal mine for fourteen hours a day or I'm going to be a runner-up on American Idol -- give me a break, idiot," Cowell continued. "Life is tough... life is hard," Jackson added before Abdul interrupted Cowell with a "that's not really nice" scolding.

Nonetheless, Cowell continued with his rant. "There's no pressure, everyone knows what they're getting. They're not working for a living, they're becoming famous."

"At the of the day, no one is dragging these people on to the show, I mean they're all volunteering and let me tell you... Clay -- [despite] whatever he might have said -- would not swap what he has now for what he had three years ago, He wouldn't do it. No one put a gun to his head."

"This is a competition that if you do well, you're going to become famous -- end of story, if you don't like it, do something else."