Demonstrating that even American Idol's youngest competitors will apparently do whatever they can to land additional votes from home viewers, 16-year-old American Idol 5 finalist Kevin Covais reportedly broke up with his 15-year-old girlfriend in an attempt make himself more appealing to the program's young female viewers.

"He's my best friend still," Victoria Fairclough, Kevin's former high school sweetheart, told AOL's website in an interview published Monday afternoon. "We'll remain friends."

Despite the break up, Victoria says the pair still talk several times each day.

According to Victoria's comments to, the pair broke up after agreeing that Kevin would "gain more popularity if his fans knew he was single."

American Idol 5 finalist Kevin Covais performs on Idol's Wednesday, March 8 performance show. See more American Idol 5 photos in our American Idol photo gallery (photo credit Ray Mickshaw/FOX.)
Presumably consistent with the break up plan, Victoria told the website that she isn't sure if the pair will ever get back together.

Although she won't be eligible to tryout and prove it to American Idol viewers for another two years, Victoria also told that she actually considers herself to be a better singer than Kevin. Before he tried out for Idol, Victoria beat Kevin when they went both competed in two local talent competitions.

"He was upset that I won," she said about her victory in their Island Trees High School's "I.T. Idol" competition. "But he was still happy for me. He was proud of me."