"American Idol" reject Mikalah Gordon said she is weighing other entertainment industry offers in her quest to become famous.

The Las Vegas teenager told Zap2it.com her heart was broken by "horrendous" comments online, which said she had a better chance of winning a Fran Drescher impersonator contest than "American Idol."

"The thing that some people, I wish, would remember is that even though I'm 17 and I'm really confident, that's also a critical age where you're still trying to find yourself and I chose to do it in front of 60 million people and be criticized by three judges," Gordon said.

Gordon said she had other offers and wanted to try acting.

"I realize that I'm a big drama queen and I think that I'm going to try to get my own sitcom, and I know that 'The Nanny' is coming out with her new sitcom and if she needs a daughter, I'm her girl," Gordon said.

"Some people want to be doctors. Some people want to be lawyers. I want to be famous," Gordon said.