America's Next Top Model eliminated one model and determined Season 22's Top 9 finalists during Friday night's broadcast on The CW.

After the show's 10 contestants participated in their fifth photo shoot, Top Model judges Tyra Banks, Miss J. Alexander and Kelly Cutrone eliminated Ashley Molina, a 21-year-old 5'6" model from Brooklyn, NY, based on the combination of her challenge score and judges' scores.

Ashley left the show feeling relieved and happy she had finally shared her story. She explained her daughter Ming-Ming gave her the strength she needed to thrive in the competition and she finally likes what she sees when she looks in the mirror now.

This week's episode featured the contestants modeling and acting in a sexy commercial with a partner for a fake deodorant called "Boom, Boom, Boom." They had to get steamy with their partners on the beach for fashion photographer Erik Asla.

The latest challenge required the models to act out a short Shakespearean love scene for a panel of The CW executives.

The winner of the challenge received a walk-on role in a scripted CW series, and that person was Lacey. Nyle, her partner, finished as the runner-up. The worst performance went to Devin because he started cracking up during the scene and got chewed out by a CW executive for not taking the audition seriously.

At panel, Tyra explained the scores this season will be based on a 1-10 score from each judge and then each model's 1-10 challenge score. If there's a tie, the judges will determine which model goes home.

Best performance over the course of the week went to Lacey, who received a score of 8.5 from Miss J, a 9.5 from Tyra, a 9.1 from Kelly, and a perfect 10 challenge score. Her total score was therefore 37.1.

Following Lacey, Tyra handed out photos to Mame, Nyle, Bello, Mikey, Justin, Hadassah, and Courtney -- leaving Ashley and Devin in the bottom two.

Ashley received a 7.3 from Miss J, a 6.9 from Tyra, and a 7.0 from Kelly. She had a total of 27.2 points when adding in her 6 challenge score.

Devin earned 8 points from Miss J, 7.4 points from Tyra, and 7.0 points from Kelly. His total, 28.4, included his challenge score of 6.

The winner of Top Model this season will receive prizes including $100,000 from Zappos Couture as well as being the face of their national luxury brand re-launch in 2016, a fashion feature in Nylon, and a modeling contract with Next Management.