America's Next Top Model's entire remaining all-stars cast survived elimination during Wednesday night's broadcast on The CW.

Although no one was ousted, Lisa D'Amato, a 30-year-old who previously appeared on Top Model's fifth season, and Angelea Preston, a 25-year-old who previously appeared on Top Model's fourteenth season, ended up in the bottom two during the fifth episode of America's Next Top Model's seventeenth season after Top Model judges reviewed the photos the season's 10 remaining finalists had taken at their fifth photo shoot challenge, which required them to portray Michael Jackson throughout the years.

Michael Jackson sibling and former The Celebrity Apprentice contestant LaToya Jackson was present at the photo shoot to offer the girls a little instruction and inspiration. The girls were instructed to embody Michael's persona, look and passion in their photos based on the time period they were given from the artist's life before his passing.

Once the girls arrived for the seventeenth season's fifth elimination panel where they were met by Top Model judges Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, and Andre Leon Talley, as well as guest judge LaToya, their photos were reviewed and critiqued. Angelea and Lisa's photos failed to fully impress the panel, although there was seemingly not a stand-out bad picture in the bunch.

After panel critiques and the judges had time to deliberate on the contestants, Tyra revealed the girls in order of the best photo to the worst of the week after announcing that LaToya was the only judge to make the final decisions and create the call-out order.

Tyra said it was the first time in Top Model history that she ever handed the reigns to a guest judge to determine the models' fate.

Laura Kirkpatrick received the first call-out and she was then followed by Shannon Stewart, Dominique Reighard, Allison Harvard, Alexandria Everett, Kayla Ferrel, Bre Scullark, and Bianca Golden -- leaving Lisa and Angelea in the bottom two.

Tyra gave Lisa and Angelea reasoning as to why they were in the bottom two before she gave LaToya the floor to reveal who would be going home and who would remain in the competition.

"LaToya doesn't know the Angelea that we know before this week -- a girl that can take really strong photos, but also a girl that has been in the bottom two before. So what we see is [inconsistency]," Tyra told Angelea.

"Lisa, the girl whose picture I like, but the judges unanimously said, 'Not into it at all.' The judges feel like you have one note -- not surprising, not intriguing," Tyra told Lisa.

After their evaluations, LaToya revealed the results.

"Tyra, you're making me the bad guy," LaToya joked.
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"I have to tell you that my brother was about love, expression, about giving. What I saw in the photo shoot is that you girls all gave. You gave your love, you gave your expression, so because of that, I'm not sending anyone home. You're all safe."

Angelea and Lisa both received their photos and were thrilled they avoided elimination. 

"This is the ultimate shocker season ever!" Lisa said after hugging and thanking LaToya.

"Words just can't express how I feel and I'm overwhelmed. I feel like somebody saved me. I don't know if it was LaToya, it could have been Michael, it could have been Jesus! I don't know, but somebody wants me to be here," Angelea said in tears.

Earlier in the episode, the remaining finalists met runway coach Miss J. Alexander at the Santa Monica Pier. The girls learned they'd be walking in a runway challenge in which they'd be required to model the Kardashian sisters' -- Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars Kim, Khloe and Kourtney -- clothing line and enter and exit the runway by stepping on and off a moving carousel. 

The models got to meet the sisters, who were present at the runway challenge and determined the winner after it concluded. The sisters ended up declaring the challenge a tie between Bre and Lisa and gave each girl a head-to-toe outfit from their collection.