America's Next Top Model's all-stars edition eliminated Kayla Ferrel, a 20-year-old who previously appeared on Top Model's fifteenth season, and Bianca Golden, a 22-year-old who previously appeared on Top Model's ninth season, during Wednesday night's broadcast of a special double-elimination episode on The CW.

"I know this isn't the end and I'm okay with the results. Do I wish I would have won? Yeah, I think everybody wants to win here. But I have learned a lot, and I think when this is all said and done, I'm very proud of myself. I'm happy with what I did and I wouldn't take back anything," Kayla said following her ouster.

"My Top Model All-Stars experience was amazing. I'm going to continue being myself. That includes being candid, it includes being sassy, it includes being fashionable -- that's going to be me. It sucks to lose but that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes," Bianca said after she was eliminated.

Kayla and Bianca were eliminated from the seventh episode of America's Next Top Model's seventeenth season after Top Model judges reviewed the photos the season's nine remaining finalists had taken at their seventh photo shoot challenge, which required them to pose with energy while riding around Hollywood on the back of a motorcycle.

Kayla and Bianca ended up in the bottom three alongside Shannon Stewart, a 27-year-old who previously appeared on Top Model's first season.

All three models failed to impress Top Model photo shoot director Jay Manuel and photographer Mike Rosenthal during the photo shoot, which featured the girls mirroring the "larger than life personas" of either Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi or The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and former The Celebrity Apprentice contestant NeNe Leakes.

Kayla attempted to depict Snooki's personality and look.

"Kayla would get very distracted by people screaming and hollering as we're doing the shoot," Jay said.

"Kayla wasn't really sure of herself. I just felt like she wasted a lot of the time," Mike explained.

"You're losing the playful. You were much more playful in the beginning," Jay added.

Bianca brought a jar of pickles with her onto the set to call attention to how they are Snooki's favorite food. However, the creative idea did not work to her advantage.

"Okay, that pickle is getting really raunchy. Can I please not have it look like a penis?" Jay said. "Bianca's choice of the pickle was not a good one. It was very phallic."
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"I think this is getting a little too porno," Mike said.

"I want to see a little Snooki influence in there -- not too model-y," Jay added.

Shannon had a little trouble getting into character.

"I'm not feeling Snooki yet!" Jay called out to Shannon. "Pick up that energy Shannon."

"Shannon loves to go where she feels comfortable and today was no different. She got on the back of that bike and bam! We've got Shannon's number one pose," Jay said afterwards. "That's your wild side?! Come on Shannon."

The next day, the girls arrived for the seventeenth season's seventh elimination panel where they were met by Top Model judges Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, and Andre Leon Talley, as well as guest judge Kathy Griffin.

The judges first criticized Kayla's photo.

"I don't see Snooki," Tyra told her.

"I'd almost like to see a little bit of Snooki, this hot mess," Kathy said.

"I wish you had more eye contact. I'm not sure where you're looking. You kind of just look totally dazed," Nigel added.

"Your fashion is fantastic but your Snooki is not so sweet," Tyra said.

Bianca's photo was then reviewed.

"There's something kind of fun about the part where she looks passed out on a guy, which is always a good night," Kathy said.

"I don't feel Snooki, but it's a glamorous photo. I don't get 'mess' here. I think you should have played up with it and given me an attractive Snooki," Andre Leon told Bianca.

The judges then discussed Shannon's photograph.

"It's a given that you've got the bone structure. It's your personality that has really got to have the star quality," Nigel told her.

"Cycle 1, I felt like there was a fire. [One of your pictures] was my favorite pictures out of all the seasons of America's Next Top Model. You were sizzling through that camera and you need to bring that back," Tyra added.

Earlier in the episode, the girls met Nigel on the rooftop of the Roosevelt Hotel and learned they'd be designing their own signature fragrance. They were instructed to select three fragrances that would blend together to create their scent. After the perfumes were created, the models had to launch their fragrance to their fans and the public that night.

The girls were assigned stations with a bathtub filled with water and were required to sell their fragrance to their fans from inside the tub. The fans would score each girl, and the winner with the highest score would receive immunity. America's Next Top Model's season-three winner Eva Marcille interviewed all the models at the party about their creations.

Lisa D'Amato, a 30-year-old who previously appeared on Top Model's fifth season, ended up winning the challenge and would be safe from elimination at the next judging panel. Nigel also revealed that the winner of Top Model's all-stars edition would be the face of a new America's Next Top Model fragrance created by Ben Bennett and Hatch Beauty to be released nationwide.

After panel critiques and the judges had time to deliberate on the contestants, Tyra revealed the girls in order of the best photo to the worst of the week. Lisa received the first call-out.

Following Lisa, Tyra then revealed Angelea Preston, Laura Kirkpatrick, Alexandria Everett, Allison Harvard, and Dominique Reighard -- leaving Shannon, Bianca and Kayla in the bottom three.

Tyra then recapped the three girls' issues before revealing which one would get to remain in the competition.

"Shannon, stunning girl and an amazing, strong personality that has morals that she sticks to. But what the judges see if somebody that's really too safe to stand out," Tyra said.

"Kayla, a girl who I remember had these strong pictures. You stood out because you were so free yet vulnerable. Right now, the judges feel like that is so watered down, that Kayla is now melting away."

"Bianca, so strong -- one of the most modelesque-looking girls here -- a girl that came to Top Model and was rough around the edges and years have gone by and you have become a professional working model. But the judges fear that you are not coachable."

Tyra then revealed Shannon's photo, resulting in Bianca and Kayla's eliminations.