America's Got Talent finished revealing the identities of its Top 48 sixth-season quarterfinalists during last night's broadcast of the NBC reality talent competition.

The quarterfinalists were selected during America's Got Talent's two-episode Vegas round in which over a hundred acts traveled to Las Vegas after advancing past the show's initial open auditions.

After arriving in Vegas, the acts were divided into groups and America's Got Talent judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel revealed some acts' prior auditions had been so strong that they were automatically advancing to the season's quarterfinals.

The announcement advanced 10 acts -- Silhouettes, Squonk Opera, Lys Agnes, Professor Splash, The Rhinestone Ropers, Fearless Flores Family, Melissa Villasenor, Captain and Maybelle, Team iLuminate, and Miami All Stars -- to the quarterfinals and left 38 slots available for the members of the two remaining groups.

One of the two remaining groups -- "the judges' favorites" -- then began re-auditioning for the judges while the other -- "the standby group" -- was left to wait and see if they would also get a chance to demonstrate they deserved to be in the quarterfinals.

The judges then advanced 21 "judges' favorites" acts to the quarterfinals after the group's day-long auditions, which were shown on Tuesday night's two-hour America's Got Talent broadcast. 

Wednesday night's America's Got Talent broadcast then chronicled the second day of the Vegas auditions, which featured the standby group acts competing for one of the quarterfinals' 17 remaining slots.

Now that the season's Top 48 have been determined, America's Got Talent's sixth-season live performance shows will begin with the first group of 12 quarterfinals acts performing live on Tuesday, July 12 and then learning which acts will advance to the semifinals during the season's first results show on Wednesday, July 13.

Below is a full list of America's Got Talent's Top 48 sixth-season quarterfinals acts:

- Anna Graceman, a singer and pianist from Juneau, AK

- Attack Dance Crew, a drilling dance crew from Tallahassee, FL

- Avery and the Calico Hearts, a singing trio from Lubbock, TX

- Captain and Maybelle, a variety act from Atlanta, GA

- Charles Peachock, a juggler from Kent, OH

- Dani Shay, a singer and guitarist from Orlando, FL

- Daniel Joseph Baker, a singer and pianist from Katy, TX

- Dezmond Meeks, a singer and pianist from Pineville, LA

- Duo Aero, a trapeze duo from Saint Paul, MN

- Dylan Andre, a singer and guitarist from Zieglerville, PA

- Echo of Animal Gardens, an animal act from Lake Geneva, WI

- Fatally Unique, a hip-hop dance team from Rockford, IL

- Fearless Flores Family, a family daredevil act from Myakka City, FL

- Frank Miles, a variety act from Los Angeles, CA

- Geechy Guy, a comedian from Las Vegas, NV

- Ian Johnson, a yo-yo trick act from Hebron, IL

- J. Chris Newberg, a comic and musician from Los Angeles, CA

- Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., a singer from Logan, WV

- Landon Swank, a magician from Wasilla, AK

- Lys Agnes, a singer from Denver, CO

- Mauricio Herrera, a singer and dancer from Pomona, CA

- Melissa Villasenor, an impressionist from Los Angeles, CA

- Miami All Stars, a dance group from Miami, FL

- Mona Lisa, twin singers and guitarist duo from Houston, TX

- Monet, a singer from Charlotte, NC

- Pop Lyfe, a teen band from Oakland, CA

- Professor Splash, a shallow water diver from Lakewood, CO

- Purrfect Angelz, a dance troupe from Los Angeles, CA

- Sam B., a dancer from Falls Church, VA

- Sandou Trio Russian Bar, a Russian bar trio from San Antonio, TX

- Scott Alexander, a magician from Lancaster, PA

- Seth Grabel, a magician from Los Angeles, CA

- SH'Boss Boys, a young rap trio from Atlanta, GA

- Silhouettes, an interpretive dance act from Arvada, CO

- Smage Bros. Riding Shows, a motorcycle stunt show act from Elkhorn, WI

- Snap Boogie, a dancer from Boston, MA

- Squonk Opera, a band from Pittsburgh, PA

- Steven Retchless, a pole dancer and aerialist from New York, NY

- Summerwind Skippers, a jump rope team from Boise, ID

- Taylor Davis, a singer and guitarist from Leesburg, GA

- Team iLuminate, glow suit dancers from New York, NY

- The Fiddleheads, a bluegrass band from Dahlonega, GA

- The Kinetic King, a variety act from St. Paul, MN

- The Rhinestone Ropers, a variety act from Jerome, ID

- Thomas John, a variety act from Woodland Park, CO

- Those Funny Little People, a variety act from Chicago, IL

- Yellow Designs Stunt Team, a BMX bike tricks act from Monument, CO

- Zuma Zuma, a tumblers act from Las Vegas, NV