David Hasselhoff's problems with alcohol have been well documented -- however a report over the weekend that he was hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning was apparently inaccurate.

"David is totally fine. These stories are complete fabrications," his attorney Melvin Goldsman told E! News Monday. "He wasn't feeling well, he went into the hospital, and was released. I talked to him early Sunday morning and he was completely fine."

Hasselhoff's attorney was responding to a Sunday report by RadarOnline.com that stated the America's Got Talent judge was rushed to Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical center on Saturday after his 16-year-old daughter found him unconscious on the floor of his Encino, CA home due to an apparent case of alcohol poisoning.

Hasselhoff's daughter then allegedly called her mom and his ex-wife Pamela Bach, who subsequently drove him to the hospital, RadarOnline.com reported, adding he registered a blood-alcohol level of .39.

"He was barely breathing when they got him at the hospital," a source told RadarOnline.com.  "He's recovering. Pam was his bedside till 4AM this morning. This is about the 7th time he's been taken to a hospital over the last few years with alcohol poisoning. How many visits will it take before he dies?"

While Goldsman and fellow attorney Marci Levine issued a statement insisting Hasselhoff "was at no time in the condition described" by RadarOnline.com, a source close to the America's Got Talent judge told E! News he "probably had a drink" before being taken to the emergency room. 

"Mr. Hasselhoff is both disturbed and saddened by the fact that a certain individual is disseminating grossly inaccurate stories about him to the press for ulterior motives," reads Goldsman and Levine's statement, according to E! News.

A RadarOnline.com spokesperson told Access Hollywood in a Sunday report that the "facts are indisputable" and they are standing by their report.

"Our story is 100 percent accurate," the spokesperson told Access Hollywood, which added a Cedars-Sinai spokesperson would not answer questions when reached on Sunday.

While it remains to be seen where the alleged incident involving Hasselhoff originated, E! News speculated it was with Bach -- whom Hasselhoff has fought through both a divorce and a custody battle that included both accusing each other of having alcohol-related problems.

Hasselhoff had a highly-publicized problem with alcohol in 2007, when he required hospital treatment following a relapse and suffered public humiliation when an alcohol-fueled rant was caught on video by his daughter.

Hasselhoff later accused Bach of releasing the videotape and she subsequently denied the allegations.