America's Got Talent revealed its next four sixth-season semifinalist acts during Wednesday night's live broadcast of the NBC reality competition series.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., a singer from Logan, WV; Pop Lyfe, a teen band from Oakland, CA; and Lys Agnes, a singer from Denver, CO, were revealed to have finished as the Top 3 vote-getters after Tuesday night's performance show which featured the season's third group of 12 quarterfinalists performing for home viewer votes, automatically earning them a spot in America's Got Talent's sixth-season semifinals.

America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon also revealed that jump rope team Summerwind Skippers, young rap trio SH'Boss Boys, singer and dancer Mauricio Herrera, yo-yo trick act Ian Johnson, dance troupe Purrfect Angelz, singer Monet, and variety act Captain and Maybelle had received the seven lowest home viewer vote totals.

The announcements then left America's Got Talent judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel with the task of deciding which of the two acts that had received the fourth and fifth highest vote totals -- Professor Splash, a shallow water diver from Lakewood, CO, or Seth Grabel, a magician from Los Angeles, CA -- should become the fourth act to advance to the semifinals.

"Professor Splash, death-defying act. You torture your body; You put yourself to the extreme. I don't know whether we haven't seen the best of you, but what you do is spectacular. And Seth Grabel, a great performer -- you put on a great production. You both deserve to be here, but my pick is Seth Grabel," Sharon said.

Howie then disagreed with Sharon and cast his vote for Professor Splash.

"This is a tough one again and I don't do it myself. I just went on Twitter and it's kind of even, and that's how I feel. Seth, you are traditional as far as what we can see in Vegas, okay? Professor Splash, [American daredevil motorcyclist and entertainer] Evil Knievel had an amazing career where people see death-defying stunts. So, you both can fit there. [Seth], you work hard. [Professor Splash], you risk your life. I have to go with Professor Splash," Howie explained.

The decision then came down to Piers, as one judge had voted for each act.

"Well my followers on Twitter, and I have 10 times as many as Howie -- so it's rather a wider audience at Piers Morgan -- they're telling me the same thing. It's a split between a very good magician who last night, as you said, stepped it up bigger, better, faster, slicker. It was a Vegas star production, and I salute you for that," Piers said.

"Professor Splash, like I said when I watched you, it's the most incredible dangerous thing I've ever watched. So, I'm torn. I don't know whether to go with more extreme danger where you risk your life and killing yourself on national television or to go with a slick operating magician who I can see in Vegas tomorrow. I've made my decision, and I'm making this for the right reasons. I'm going to go with the act that I think genuinely has the best chance of winning. The act I'm going to be putting through is Professor Splash."

America's Got Talent's next episode will air Tuesday, August 2 and feature the season's fourth group of 12 quarterfinalists performing for the chance to advance to the semifinals.
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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