Amanda Stanton's ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio has opened up about why he decided to take the Bachelor in Paradise bachelorette back to court.

"I've paid her way long enough -- she makes plenty to support herself," Buonfiglio, the father of Stanton's two young daughters, told Us Weekly.

Buonfiglio, who currently has partial custody of the girls, filed court documents earlier this month to make his arrangement with Stanton 50/50 -- with a reduction in child support to match -- since her "lifestyle and income have dramatically changed" due to her newfound fame, RadarOnline reported.

Buonfiglio reportedly claimed in the papers that Stanton's two stints on TV put daughters Kinsley, 4, and Charlie, 2, "in tons of media attention," which he believes "is causing harm."

While Stanton might think her recent engagement to Josh Murray has played a role in the tension with her ex, Buonfiglio insisted, "The only reason I am taking her to court is because I want more time with my kids, which I've been getting, but it needs to be court-documented."

Since Stanton and Buonfiglio's divorce was finalized in June 2015, Buonfiglio has been responsible for their kids every other weekend.

"I just want her to pay her way, I pay my way, and we co-parent," Buonfiglio explained.

Buonfiglio also claims it was never his intention to publicize the custody situation.

"Last thing I meant was to cause any harm [with media attention], but seeing as these documents are public record, I should have realized someone would get a hold of them," he told Us.

According to sources, Stanton and Buonfiglio only reportedly speak via email until they meet for their court date.

Stanton, 26, got engaged to Murray, 32, on the Season 3 finale of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired September 6 on ABC. Shortly after filming, Murray moved in to Stanton's Orange County, CA, home with her two girls.

When Buonfiglio is responsible for the children, Stanton admitted to Us that she enjoys dinner dates with Murray and time alone with her fiance. Her ex, however, claimed Stanton constantly complains about her new relationship behind closed doors.