All-Star Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump fired Stephen Baldwin during Sunday night's seventh episode of the celebrity reality competition's sixth season on NBC.

Trump fired the actor after his "Plan B" team lost the season's seventh task, which required "Plan B" and the opposing "Power" team to each make a 45-60 second silent movie promoting the Australian Gold sun care brand. Each team had to present their final movie to executives who would be judging them on the following criteria: brand messaging, product integration and creativity.

"My advice to the remaining contestants is be like Mr. Trump. Be willing to absolutely disregard your morals and your character in order to be successful," Stephen laughed following his ouster. "Did I really just say that?!"

Actress Marilu Henner was forced to join the "Power" team because their numbers were down. Actor Gary Busey and country star Trace Adkins then opted to serve as their teams' project managers this time around, and the winning project manager would receive a total of $40,000 for his or her charity.

Australian Gold's executives, in addition to Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., believed Trace's team truly grasped the concept and that Trace was its star. As for Gary's movie, they thought it was very creative and picked out actress and former Harry Loves Lisa star Lisa Rinna as the standout team member.

The only negative for each team had to do with product placement and their displays during the movie. The executives wanted to see more of the product during Gary's move, and they wanted to see the product earlier during Trace's film.

Once in the boardroom, Trump revealed that Trace's team -- which also featured former Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick, rapper Lil Jon and Marilu -- had won the task. Therefore, Trace received $40,000 for his American Red Cross charity.

The big mistake made by Gary's team -- which also consisted of Stephen, Lisa, and comedian and magician Penn Jillette -- was that they didn't showcase the products enough during their movie, as they only highlighted the bronzer. Everyone on the team agreed Gary did an amazing job and it was therefore a disappointing loss.

While Gary was the project manager, Stephen was the director, so the blame was on both of them for their movie's failure. Penn, however, admitted the lack of product display was no one's fault in particular because they all had discussed product integration as a group.

Gary then opted to have Stephen and Penn join him in the boardroom once again.

Gary said he delegated Stephen as the director and Stephen didn't put enough product in. Gary suggested Stephen was responsible for what was shown and what was not shown, but Stephen countered, saying they ran out of time to fix the display due to Gary's poor time management skills.

Trump then asked why Penn was in the boardroom, and Gary insisted he was told to pick two people but Penn should not be fired. Trump immediately agreed and dismissed Penn from the meeting.
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Although Gary signed off on everything in the task as project manager, Trump didn't like the fact Stephen had said Gary did an "amazing" job as his team's leader. Stephen corrected Trump, saying that he meant Gary's work was amazing for Gary's potential and he did the best job he's done to date. But Trump wasn't buying it.

"I wouldn't have said it, but I think you're being very honest when you said it," Trump noted.

"I agree," Stephen said.

"I have found this very difficult. The good news, it's between the two of you. I have no question in my mind that I think you are both outstanding. I didn't like the 'amazing' and you were the director. You should've put the product in. Stephen, you're fired," Trump explained.

"Not easy. This was a tough one, I'll be honest, Stephen. You did a really good job and you should be proud of yourself. You should be very proud of yourself. Gary, get out of here! Go!"