All-Star Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump fired Claudia Jordan from the franchise's first-ever all-stars edition during Sunday night's fourth episode of the celebrity reality competition's sixth season on NBC.

Trump fired the model after her "Power" team lost the season's fourth task, which required "Power" and the opposing "Plan B" team to each create an interactive marketing campaign using a glass truck for hair care's Farouk Systems that would be presented to the public outside.

"I wasn't afraid of going up against [Omarosa Manigault]. That's not the issue. I do think she played a little jedi-mind trick on me as well, but I won today. I won. We made people happy today and feel beautiful, and there's no way you can feel sorrow about that. So, I'm in a good place," Claudia said following her ouster, referencing how she refused to bring Omarosa back into the boardroom with her when Trump ultimately insisted she should have.

Claudia and actress Marilu Henner opted to serve as their teams' project managers this time around.

The teams were judged on creativity, brand messaging and overall experience.

Trump revealed the winning project manager would receive $20,000 for his or her charity, but then Farouk Systems executives noted they'd add $30,000 to that total. For every "like" on Facebook the product earned following the presentations, that team's project manager would earn one dollar up to an additional $50,000.

Throughout the planning and executing process, actor Stephen Baldwin suggested his "Plan B" team use the slogan "Live life luscious," but country star Trace Adkins opposed the idea and wanted to utilize "Experience silk" instead. Stephen and Trace argued over it for a bit and Marilu ended up going with Trace's idea. Actor Gary Busey served as their accountant, which also created a slight problem.

As for Claudia's team, Omarosa and Dennis were sent to retrieve necessary items for their presentation. Claudia said they were gone four hours and still failed to bring back every item she had on her list.

Once in the boardroom, Donald Trump Jr. and fellow advisor Arsenio Hall -- who won The Celebrity Apprentice's fifth season -- revealed the Farouk Systems executives loved the entertainment value of Marilu's team but disliked their "plain and generic" slogan.

Marilu then announced that if her team was to lose the task, she'd bring Gary and Trace back into the boardroom with her. She'd select Gary because he was overall the weakest link on the team and Trace because he had fought for his slogan.

The executives loved rapper Lil Jon in Claudia's team presentation. They also really liked their slogan and patriotic theme. However, the big negative was how they had failed to really utilize their glass truck. Claudia also deemed former Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick her team's strongest member.

In the end, Marilu's team won and all the money would go to the Alzheimer's Association.
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The product was unfortunately not the focus of Claudia's team's presentation. Omarosa had suggested doing hair makeovers inside the truck rather than outside it, but Claudia took a different route. Claudia then revealed she wanted to take Lil Jon and retired NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman back into the boardroom with her.

Trump told Claudia it was a "stupid decision" because the executives had called Lil Jon the presentation's star. Everyone agreed they thought Claudia was avoiding bringing Omarosa back with her because of her villain reputation and aggressive boardroom approach.

Claudia seemingly followed in the footsteps of LaToya Jackson, who got fired during last week's broadcast when Trump admitted she should've battled it out with Omarosa -- who most likely would've been the one fired had LaToya stepped up to the plate.

Claudia then tried to fight for herself, calling Lil Jon their "marketing genius" and therefore placing blame on him for losing the task. However, Donald Jr. said the executives thought her team had nailed brand messaging. Dennis was on the chopping block because Claudia and Lil Jon agreed he just did less and put in less effort than everyone else.

Claudia noted that she wasn't afraid to bring back Omarosa and opted to fight against Dennis in the boardroom because he didn't even participate in the team's initial brainstorming exercise. Despite Claudia's arguments and choices in the boardroom, Trump apparently had his mind made up pretty early on.

"In all fairness to you Claudia, I have to defend you now. If Omarosa was brought back, it wouldn't have mattered. You were the project manager. You failed," Trump began.

"But!" Claudia interjected.

"But you have a great future. Claudia, I'm sorry, you're fired," Trump said.