Ali Fedotowsky and Catherine Giudici have very different approaches to pregnancy, even when it comes to having sex with the dads-to-be.

Fedotowsky, who starred on The Bachelorette's sixth season, loves her fiance Kevin Manno but wants nothing to do with making love right now, while Giudici -- who competed for now-husband Sean Lowe on The Bachelor's seventeenth season -- simply can't get enough.

"I don't want to have sex at all," Fedotowsky, 31, told Fit Pregnancy and Baby for the cover story of its June 2016 issue, which she's sharing with Giudici, 30. "Mentally, I can't get past the fact that something so adult is happening in the presence of my little baby."

And the fashion blogger revealed Manno, a 32-year-old MYfm radio co-host, feels the same way.

"I mean, we'll be intimate once in a while, but it's not the same," Fedotowsky noted. "All I think about is the baby. And when I was sick during the first trimester, I was like, 'Get the hell away from me. If you come near me with that thing, I will strangle you.'"

Fedotowsky and Manno's first child together, a baby girl, is due on July 13.

Meanwhile, Giudici admitted she loves being intimate with Lowe, 32, despite her big belly bump.

"I've always wanted sex with my husband, and that's not changed one bit," Giudici shared. "I'm grateful Sean isn't scared to do it with me, and he tries to be gentle. We're obviously not doing crazy stuff, but you can still do the same stuff you were doing before."

The two women also have opposing birth plans, according to Fit Pregnancy and Baby.

"I'm scared of pushing a baby through my vagina, so, yes, I want the epidural as soon as possible," Fedotowsky confessed.

But Giudici's plan is a natural delivery with no drugs -- as long as she can get through it.

"But I'm not against it," Giudici said. "If I need something, I'll have a safe word to tell Sean."

Although they are very close friends, Fedotowsky and Giudici pretty much have nothing in common pregnancy-wise.
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Fedotowsky wanted a baby badly and therefore tried to get pregnant, while Giudici's pregnancy wasn't planned and -- while watching an episode of Family Guy with Lowe the night she discovered a positive test -- she thought to herself, "Oh, crap, we've got to be adults now."

In their first trimester of pregnancy, Fedotowsky experienced exhaustion and nausea. She lost eight pounds because she could only stomach rice, toast, bagels with cream cheese and clementines. As for Giudici, she was "really blessed to have no symptoms." Other than seeing the proof of her growing belly, Giudici would even forget she was pregnant at times.

However, Giudici complained her boobs are "out of control," while Fedotowsky insisted she feels "sexier than ever."

When asked whether they are ready to be parents, Fedotowsky gushed how she's "so ready" for the baby's arrival. Giudici, on the other hand, admitted she hasn't done "a single thing to prepare" and there's "not one ounce" of her that's ready. For instance, Fedotowsky is taking classes and Giudici is just considering the possibility.

And while Fedotowsky learned she is having a daughter, Giudici and Lowe want to be surprised by the sex of their baby. However, the couple has a gut feeling that a boy is on the way.

Giudici and Lowe are expecting their baby on July 5, ironically just one week before Fedotowsky's due date.