Alex Ow is finally opening up about why she had a problem with her former Big Brother houseguest Kevin Schlehuber when they were both still in the game together.

"Kevin was always doing things to me as a 'control' factor. He would purposely ask us the same questions, he would make big deals about nothing just to get under my skin," Alex, 28, told Us Weekly.

Alex was evicted from Season 19 of Big Brother during the Wednesday, September 13 episode, and 56-year-old Kevin was sent packing during the very next episode.

"He never once cooked a meal on his own, he would say snide comments, and mock me. He was very passive aggressive and irritating. He would tell all these gangster stories and tell these 'bad ass' stories. I just saw him as a fake and phony and would call him out on that -- and he didn't like it," Alex explained.

Big Brother featured several showmances this season, but Alex, an eco-friendly marketing representative from Camarillo, CA, didn't get romantically involved with anyone.

When asked whether she had a secret crush, Alex told Us, "That's actually an interesting question -- but no! [Paul Abrahamian] is way too young. [Cody Nickson] is maybe too old? I had no crushes in the house. Outside of the house, I'm into super tall guys."

Paul is 24 years old, while Cody is 32 years old.

Alex suggested she might've been interested in her "handpicked ride or die" and best friend in the house, Jason Dent, but he's completely off the market.

"Jason is tall but he's married and I'm not going anywhere near that! I am not a homewrecker!" Alex exclaimed, before revealing that she "one-thousand percent" trusted Jason more than her other close ally, Paul.

"He sent [Elena Davies] out for me after the Outback veto competition. He was loyal, dedicated and I can't thank him enough for the love and support he gave me the entire game. Jason all the way!"

Jason was blindsided and evicted from the Big Brother house before Alex's ouster thanks to a plan Paul had orchestrated, but Alex left the game still believing Paul should win the $500,000.

Since entering the jury house, Alex has apparently been trying to convince the jury to vote for Paul's victory if he makes it into the Final 2 despite feeling personally betrayed by the returning player as well.

"The one thing people forget to separate in Big Brother, is that it is a game. As much as I didn't like that Paul blindsided and cheated us, Paul played the best game," Alex shared with the magazine.

"I'm going to try my best to tell Jason because he deserves it most out of the people that are left. Paul has played a great mental, physical and social game, and I want to reward that. Whoever did the best deserves to win."

Big Brother's live two-hour finale is set to air Wednesday, September 20 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.