Mary felt like Mark Philippoussis never took the chance to get to know her, and she was apparently right, as the 31-year-old Australian professional tennis player decided to eliminate the 24-year-old hemodialysis technician from Albuquerque, NM during last night's broadcast of NBC's Age of Love reality dating series, leaving two 20-something "Kittens" and three 40-something "Cougars" remaining in the competition.

Age of Love's fifth episode began with Mark learning that he would have the opportunity to take the three remaining Kittens -- Mary; Megan, a 21-year-old Loyola University student from Chicago, IL; and Amanda, a 25-year-old financial planner's assistant from Nashville, TN -- as well as the three remaining Cougars -- Jayanna, a 38-year-old mortgage loan officer from Newport, CA who has been married once before; Jennifer, a 48-year-old executive assistant for the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers from Carson, CA who has been married twice before; and Maria, a 42-year-old photographer from Playa Del Rey, CA -- on dates centered around activities he enjoys.

For the first date, Mark chose three women who would accompany him on a day at the beach, where they would enjoy some surfing along the California coast, one of the Age of Love bachelor's "big passions."  Mark said he picked Megan because she's "been dying to get to the beach;" Maria because she's an "outdoors person;" and Mary because he hadn't gotten the chance to spend time with her.  Amanda -- who believes she has the best connection with Mark -- was "disappointed" she wasn't invited.

The next morning Mark picked up the three ladies in a wood-paneled station wagon for their trip to the beach.  Mary said she was "really excited" because she's "usually the one sitting at home."  After a quick surfing lesson, Mark and the women took to the water.  Megan took the most lumps, but also caught the most waves.  Back at bachelorettes' apartment, Amanda tried to keep busy with everything from housework to reading.  Jayanna commented she thought Amanda's feelings for Mark were "not balanced," meaning she felt Amanda likes him more than he likes her.  Jen and Jayanna also wondered if they should tell Amanda they've both made-out with Mark.

Mark shared a picnic lunch on the beach with the three women, and Mary said she felt "a lot more attracted" to the Age of Love bachelor now that she was finally getting to spend some time with him.  However it was short-lived as Mark took Megan for a walk down the beach, leaving Mary and Maria to share some quality time with one another.  Mark commented how conversation with Megan was "easy and relaxed," and added overall she was "fun to be around."

Mary decided to run interference and met Mark and Megan during their walk, while Maria didn't follow because she felt she didn't need to "chase" after the bachelor.  Mary quickly felt out of place when Mark continued to pay more attention to Megan instead of her.  Maria also realized most of Mark's attention was focused on Megan.  When the girls returned to the apartment, Megan was quick to gush about her one-on-one time with Mark, which Amanda said was "not easy to hear."  Megan said she was developing a "little crush" on Mark.

For the next date, Mark invited Jayanna and Amanda to join him that night to watch a movie.  However prior to the movie, Mark took Jayanna for some drinks and left Amanda by herself.  Mark said he finds it "sexy" that Jayanna knows what she wants in a man.  "I can't see him not choosing me, I really can't," commented Jayanna.  As the three started to watch the movie, Jayanna commented she thought Mark's body language was directed towards her, while Amanda thought it was directed at her.  Mark then walked Jayanna to the waiting limousine to spend some more time with Amanda, and the two did some smooching after some brief conversation.

"I guess I'm just scared to use the word, but I'm definitely falling," said Amanda.

The next morning, Jen said she was "anxious" since she was the only remaining suitor who didn't have a date with Mark the day before.  However her worries quickly vanished when Mark arrived on a Harley Davidson to take her on a motorcycle ride along California's coast.  As Mary continued to feel "jealous" over the attention Mark was paying to the other women, the Age of Love bachelor took Jen to a Los Angeles lookout, where they kissed at length.  Both commented on the softness of each other's lips.

Mary continued to cry to Amanda and Megan about her lack of a connection with Mark, who took Jen to a bar to play some pool, have some drinks and make-out some more.  Mark said he enjoyed the "naughty flirting" between Jen and himself, and added he "felt comfortable" around her. When Jen returned to the bachelorette's apartment she gushed about the good time she had with Mark, further aggravating Amanda.

Mark then revealed that instead of sending home a Kitten and a Cougar at the upcoming elimination, he'd only be eliminating one girl overall.  Mary continued to question if she could handle being in the competition anymore -- and once the poolside elimination ceremony commenced -- it became apparent Mark had no intentions of keeping her around. 

The only problem was that -- for the second time since Age of Love began -- Maria ran her mouth about telling Mark how she planned to withdraw from the competition since he wasn't paying enough attention to her.  With Amanda, Megan, Jayanna and Jen all safe, Mark's decision came down to Maria and Mary.
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"Have I opened up in showing you who I am?" Mark asked Maria, wondering if he had followed through on his promise to her after she previously stated he needed to be more attentive. 

"You know Mark, I just have to say that the beach was just a great opportunity for us to really connect, but I just didn't feel like you invested enough in getting to know me," she answered.  Mark then explained that was "the first time ever" Megan and Mary went on a date with him. "I already know you a lot and I love who you are," said Mark, an answer that was apparently good enough for Maria who accepted Mark's invitation to stay.

"I'm a little confused," said Jayanna.  "She told us, 'Girls, I'm leaving.  I'm gone.'  If Maria were to stay, it just would bug me."

Maria said it felt like she was in "couples therapy" even though she and Mark aren't even a couple yet.  She then requested Mark pay more attention to her since she's staying.  Mark then turned his attention to Mary.

"This is not easy for me at all..." said Mark to Mary, who responded, "You can look me in the face.  It's okay."  Mark then continued, "I don't feel like I've gotten to know you as much as I'd like to."

"I don't necessarily feel like that's my fault," she answered.  "I did open up to you.  But if it's not something that you want or that you feel from me, there's nothing I can do about that... You're really missing out because there's a lot to know about me.  Just treat [the five remaining girls] the best you can and really get to know who they are.  Maybe you can do it a little bit different this next round.  Good luck.  You need it."

Mary then began to sob heavily and embraced Megan and Amanda.

"I gave it all that I have," she said.  "You know what?  Sometimes when you find love you have to make yourself vulnerable to be hurt.  I'm going home with dignity.  I'm not gonna go home looking stupid.  Nobody's gonna look stupid for trying.  The one things that sickens me is that Jayanna and Jen are gonna be here longer than I am."

Age of Love's sixth episode will air Monday, July 23 at 9PM ET/PT on NBC.