Adam Levine has denied claims that there's a rift between him and fellow The Voice coach Christina Aguilera.

"This is absolutely false. Adam loves Christina, and they just recorded a song together," Levine's representative told The New York Post, while Aguilera's representative refused to comment.

"All the judges had a party at [Blake Shelton]'s house the other night after the show."

Levine's representative was responding to the Post's claims that tensions have been rising behind the scenes of The Voice amongst coaches Levine, Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Shelton due to Aguilera's diva-like nature, large entourage, and a recent report which claims The Voice is paying her three times the amount of money as her fellow coaches.

Aguilera is reportedly making as much as The Voice's three other coaches combined and being paid $225,000 per episode, while the other coaches are coasting at a $75,000 rate.

According to The Post, Green has steered clear from taking sides for the most part, but Shelton has teamed up with Levine on the issue.

"They are all so annoyed by her," a source told The Post. "Every time she walks away with her entourage, they talk about her behind her back. She holds people up and never apologizes."

Multiple sources have told The Post that Aguilera avoids talking to the other coaches during commercial breaks but acts differently when the show is live.  

"When the cameras are rolling, she literally won't shut up," another source said. "It is all about her." 

The coaches reportedly partied together following The Voice's Tuesday night broadcast. In addition, Aguilera and Levine's song collaboration will be released on Tuesday, The Post reported.