Ali Fedotowsky's search for Mr. Right will take her halfway around the world.

ABC has announced that Fedotowsky will travel to Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, Iceland, Istanbul, Lisbon and Tahiti for "intimate dates" during The Bachelorette's sixth season, which will premiere Monday, May 24 at 9PM ET/PT.

Despite the various locations, The Bachelorette's sixth season will begin at a familiar setting with the 25-year-old former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette arriving at the same Malibu mansion where she first met Jake Pavelka.

She'll then be introduced to her 25 suitors, including an outdoorsman who literally tries to reel her in, a "hunky skier" who does a death-defying back flip off the limo, and a man who immediately gets down on bended knee and proposes.

Once inside the mansion, the competition to impress Fedotowsky only intensifies, as an aspiring writer shares his "very inspiring story," another man presents her with a sentimental scrapbook he made specifically for her, and a "clever guy" steals her attention with "a heart-felt, hilarious song, accompanying himself on a ukulele."

However the mood returns to serious when host Chris Harrison arrives and reveals it's time for Fedotowsky to present one of the men with a first impression rose -- causing "a sexy Latin bachelor" to take her outside and teach her some salsa steps, a "handsome suitor" to rip his shirt open and reveal his professional wrestler alter ego, and "a rugged country guy" to give her a hand-crafted wood necklace.

In addition, one of the suitors uses his one-on-one time with Fedotowsky to express his concerns about one of his fellow bachelors, explaining he might be there for a reason "other than love."

Similar to other recent The Bachelor and The Bachelorette editions, Harrison will also give each suitor the chance to vote for a bachelor they feels isn't there for the right reasons -- causing tensions to rise and tempers to clash.

After Fedotowsky presents her first-impression rose, the votes from all the suitors are revealed and one bachelor receives "an overwhelming" number of them -- however he uses some alone time with her to try and "convince her that his intentions are sincere," according to ABC.

The premiere will conclude with Fedotowsky whittling her 25 bachelors down to 17.

According to ABC, some of the U.S-based dates Fedotowsky and her bachelors will embark on include sneaking up to the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles; jetting to a Las Vegas resort for a private performance by popular English jazz-pop singer Jamie Cullum; seeing the Barenaked Ladies perform; and spending a night on Broadway to see The Lion King musical and enjoy a private concert by singer-songwriter Joshua Radin and the Harlem Boys Choir.

Fedotowsky's globe-trotting dates will include taking a helicopter ride over Iceland's active Eyjafjallajokull Volcano days before it erupted; watching her bachelors grapple with Turkish olive oil wrestlers in Istanbul; and enjoying a romantic evening at the Castle Sao Jorge and the town of Obidos in Lisbon.

The Final 3 men will vacation with Fedotowsky to Tahiti, where the sixth season's finale Rose Ceremony will occur.

Following its premieres, two hour The Bachelorette sixth-season episodes will begin airing in its regular Mondays at 8PM ET/PT broadcast on May 31.
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.