90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured Shaeeda Sween and Bilal Hazzies agreeing to try for their first child, Kim Menzies explaining her split from Usman "SojaBoy" Umar, Liz Woods calling out Ed Brown for an active dating-app profile, and Jenny Slatten finally receiving approval from part of Sumit Singh's family during the Tell-All: No Limits Part 3 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

For the first time in the show's Tell-All history, cameras followed the cast members inside and outside the New York City studio for four days "around the clock," according to host Shaun Robinson.


The Tell-All of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s seventh season starred Jenny, a 63-year-old from Palm Springs, CA, and Sumit, a 33-year-old from New Delhi, India; Jovi Dufren, a 31-year-old from New Orleans, LA, and Yara Zaya, a 27-year-old from Ukraine; and Usman, a 33-year-old from Nigeria, and Kim, a 51-year-old from San Diego, CA.

The two-hour broadcast also featured Bilal, a 43-year-old from Kansas City, MO, and Shaeeda, a 37-year-old from Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago; Ed, a 56-year-old from San Diego, CA, and Liz, a 29-year-old from San Diego, CA; Angela Deem, a 56-year-old from Hazlehurst, GA, and Michael Ilesanmi, a 34-year-old from Nigeria; and Elizabeth Potthast, a 31-year-old from Tampa, FL, and Andrei Castravet, a 35-year-old from Chisinau, Moldova.

The cast gathered in New York City and taped the Tell-All with host Shaun Robinson, who asked the reality TV stars for relationship updates, explanations, and the truth.

Below is what happened on the third part of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell-All.

ED and LIZ

Before Part 3 of the Tell-All began filming, Angela told Ed that she was "very disappointed" in him after his fight with Liz, and she asked him to imagine how Liz felt. Angela told Ed that he's a good guy but what he was doing was wrong.

"I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her, but I don't know how to do it. I don't know how to be in a relationship," Ed explained.

The group told Ed that if he loved Liz, he just needed to let her go.

Ed asked how he could fix it, and Jovi advised him to apologize and speak from his heart, without saying any mean things or mistreating Liz again. Bilal also told Ed not to flip the script on Liz during his apology and blame her for his mistakes.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Kim told Liz that she deserved so much better. Liz said Ed couldn't handle her explaining why he hurt her and she allegedly always had to coddle him and hold him when he cried.

Backstage, Ed confirmed to cameras that he wasn't going to give Liz her engagement ring back and he didn't know what he was going to do.

Ed announced to the group how he had apologized to Liz the night before, but Kim accused him of a "fake-ass apology." Ed accused Kim of being so quick to judge him, but Kim said Ed wasn't owning his behavior or taking accountability. Ed told Kim that she was being rude, snippy, and disrespectful to him.

Shaeeda told Ed that if he wanted loyalty from Liz, he needed to be loyal to her. Ed said he needed to accept Liz for who she is if they were going to make things work but he simply didn't accept who she is.

Liz then told the cameras that Ed apologized to her, only to take it back. Ed allegedly accused her of performing towards the end of the argument once she started crying. She claimed Ed got upset after she brought up his alleged activity on an Asian dating app.


Once the Tell-All commenced, Liz announced how Ed had given her "a half-ass heartfelt apology."

Liz had a temporary ring on her left hand, saying she felt weird without her engagement ring.

Ed told Liz that when he was drowning earlier at the Tell-All, when the cast was scolding and yelling at him, she stepped on his head. Ed still denied that he was ever on a dating app.

Jenny said she didn't get his relationship, and so Ed called her "rude" and asked her to stay out of his business. With that being said, Jovi snapped at Ed to be polite and not talk to women that way.

Shaeeda advised Liz, who had walked away from Ed, to set a boundary for how she'd like to be treated and demand that behavior from Ed. Liz, however, just wanted to be alone. She was in tears.

Suddenly, Liz stormed into the waiting room and reminded the cast how Ed had said he wasn't on a dating app for a year. Liz apparently found his profile, but Ed said the account wasn't active.

"Prove it was me," Ed dared Liz.

"It says, 'Active two hours ago,'" Liz complained.

Ed insisted that wasn't him, and he asked her to show him his messages. Ed said he had created that a year-and-half ago and wasn't active.

Liz called Ed out for lying and asked to see his laptop in order to prove to her that he was telling the truth.


Before Part 3 of the Tell-All began filming, Shaeeda was planning to confront Bilal about their trust issues.

Shaeeda told Yara that he tended to put up walls and she had given him a nine-month ultimatum to try for a baby or else she'd leave. Yara promised Shaeeda that she'd have her back if Ed or anybody else attacked her and took Bilal's side.

Bilal revealed that after the couple's previous trip to New York, he agreed to move forward and try for a child with Shaeeda.

"Nine months hasn't passed fully, but we tried. We tried a couple times," Shaeeda said.

"Maybe two or three times," Bilal confirmed, joking about how he had plenty of sperm.

When asked what made him change his mind, Bilal explained how he wanted to be with Shaeeda for the rest of his life and it bothered him when Shaeeda became very emotional about the idea she may never be a mother. Shaeeda said Bilal's decision "completely shocked" her because he's Mr. Cautious.

The cast then watched a never-before-seen clip of Bilal and Shaeeda visiting an herbalist, who shared information with Bilal about sperm count and what potential medications could allegedly help them.


Bilal said having children supposedly meant the world to Shaeeda but then she "flip-flopped" on him.

Everyone seemed shocked.

"I'm finally finding myself and it feels amazing. I want children, just not immediately right, right now," Shaeeda shared. "It came at such a time when things started to blossom in my life in America in terms of opportunities and my business."

Shaeeda therefore confirmed she's the one who asks Bilal to use protection when they have sex.

But her career isn't the only reason why she's not ready to have a baby her. Shaeeda claimed Bilal was not open with her about his finances and had refused to open a joint bank account with her.

Bilal claimed Shaeeda was misinterpreting what he had said. Bilal said when he gave Shaeeda money, she spent it quickly.

"In terms of his finances, he keeps me out of the loop completely," Shaeeda noted, adding how she doesn't even know Bilal's salary or sources of income.

Yara said Shaeeda clearly didn't want to have a baby with a man who didn't seem to trust her. Bilal said he wanted to teach her about spending and saving but then Shaeeda would accuse him of lecturing her or "mansplaining."Yara said Shaeeda is a grown-ass woman who doesn't need to be taught anything.

Shaeeda said Bilal didn't even buy her popcorn at the movie theater.

Bilal's friend Christopher, a pal from college of 20-plus years, then Zoom chatted with the group.

Christopher said Bilal has a really good sense of humor and Bilal just wanted to give his wife the best chance to win. Bilal agreed that even adults can learn new things and he just wanted to teach his wife about money.

Shaeeda's best friend Eutrice also joined the conversation, and Eutrice said Bilal micromanaged their relationship. Christopher, on the other hand, said Bilal just wanted to be the leader of his family and take care of business.

Yara asked Bilal to open a joint account and give Shaeeda a chance to have a little independence, but Bilal insisted that Shaeeda got everything she wanted.

Chris and Eutrice then went at it, with Chris saying nobody took Bilal's perspective into account and men seemed to get a bad reputation for no good reason.

Bilal then said it "wasn't cool" when Eutrice had told Shaeeda to stop taking her birth control behind Bilal's back. Kim agreed that was a "shady" move, and Christopher said tricking a man into having a child was a terrible thing to do.

Eutrice said she was just trying to defend Shaeeda and be there for her best friend.

"Bilal will sabotage his marriage all on his own. I don't need to do anything," Eutrice snapped.


Eutrice said Shaeeda was going to make her relationship work but she wanted to see her best friend happy and content.

Getting back on the topic of having children, Shaeeda said she and Bilal were going to wait.

Bilal then said that when they thought about New York, he didn't want them to think about their previous fight.

"So I want to ask you," Bilal began, getting down on one knee. "Would you have my baby? Will you go half on a baby?"

Bilal gifted Shaeeda a onesie, and Shaeeda cried and said, "Yes."

Shaeeda said this would probably change the timeline for her, and she was very emotional.

"I just hope I'll be able to be a mom and not have to wait too long," Shaeeda said in tears.

"You'll be an amazing mom," Bilal told his wife.

The couple then determined they would start trying right away, while they were still in New York. Shaeeda hugged and kissed her husband, saying this is all she ever wanted.


Before Part 3 of the Tell-All began filming, Kim revealed she had broken up with Usman and let go the love of her life.

Once the Tell-All commenced filming again, Kim told Shaun that she and Usman were no longer together but she still loved him and talked or texted him every single day.

"We have a connection like nobody understands," Kim declared.

Usman agreed that he loved Kim but things just didn't work out because they couldn't have a child together. Usman said his own happiness needed to come first, and Kim said she just needed to let her man go.

"She took off her ring, I [kept] it, and that's it," Usman shared, confirming Kim had ended their engagement.

Kim explained that she didn't want to deny Usman having a child and developing a bond like what she has with her son Jamal.

Jamal then told the cameras backstage how Usman "psycho guilt-tripped" Kim and "put all this baggage on her." Jamal hoped the world would see that Usman is "selfish and narcissistic," a person who supposedly didn't have his sh-t together.

Jamal then joined his mother onstage while Usman was participating via Zoom.

Jamal said Usman had hurt his mother and he was picking up the pieces. Jamal said he had always been skeptical of Usman, who said he wanted a kid and then contemplated adoption.

"If anything, he guilted her into breaking up," Jamal told the group, adding, "He pushed you to do it and so now he doesn't look as bad. He loved her for what she could do for him."


Ed said Usman appeared to be an opportunist who only cared about his reputation and furthering his career, but Usman insisted he had loved Kim for three years and wouldn't have used someone for that long.

Usman said he's not a "scammer," but Andrei disagreed. Ed also noted Usman had used Kim, and Jenny, Shaeeda and Yara all appeared to agree.

"I didn't push Kimberly to break up with me," Usman said.

But Jamal thought Usman had worked Kim, who was smitten with him since Day 1, and broke her down into pieces.

"I think Usman used her to stay relevant," Jamal said. "I think Usman low-key played the f-ck out of my mom."

The cast openly agreed with Jamal, which left Kim -- who initially defended Usman to the ground -- sitting in her chair silent.

Kim then argued Usman never played her because he'd be an Oscar winner to fake all of their interactions and pillow talk. Shaeeda told Kim that she was in denial and Usman only loved her like a friend -- but he wasn't in love with her.

Usman said he had sex with Kim, which was supposed to prove that he loved her.

Usman explained how he can't sleep with a woman whom he doesn't love. Usman claimed that if he had a second wife, with whom he'd try to have a child with, he'd be in love with her as well. Usman explained how the cast didn't seem to understand their cultural differences.

Footage then flashed back to Usman's meeting with his potential second wife in Nigeria, Fareedet.

Usman had asked the woman for her phone number, thinking they'd be a good match, and Kim revealed that she had no idea Usman had asked for her phone number.

Jamal called the situation "ridiculous" and Liz told Usman to shut up. Usman then yelled out, "I don't need to shut up. I don't f-cking care!"

Usman said he met with Fareedet at his mother's request. Kim cried about how she had to prove herself to Usman and his family time and time again -- only to feel "so dismissed." Kim said she wasn't going to let anyone make her feel that way again.

Kim claimed there was no hope of rekindling her relationship with Usman. She wished him well and said she'd always support him and his music.

"I'll always be a Super Fan, and we'll see what happens later on. I met walk out of this f-cking door today and meet the man of my dreams. But I must say that I love him. This is just really, really hard," Kim cried.

Jamal then hugged his mom and reminded her, "It's me and you, okay?"


Jenny gushed about how she loved Sumit and hated being away from him, and she owned up to the couple being co-dependent on each other.

"He does everything for me," Jenny gushed.

Sumit said he depended on Jenny for his happiness on a daily basis and making Jenny happy, by cooking for example, made him happy.


Jenny then watched back footage of Sumit telling his family that he was going to have a child in the future, by adoption. Jenny said Sumit was "crazy" because she didn't want to have a kid. Jenny said Sumit never would've said that because it wasn't going to happen.

Sumit said he thought about having a kid to make his family happy and please them. Sumit, however, said he doesn't want to have a baby, and so the cast gave him a hard time for lying to his family and playing them.

The cast thought Sumit was afraid to tell Jenny what he really wanted.

Sumit's father Anil, brother and sister-in-law then Zoom chatted with the group and Sumit's sister-in-law said the family's relationship with Sumit had improved but their dynamic with Jenny remained the same. Sumit's mother refused to participate because she apparently still disapproved of Sumit and Jenny's Union.

Sumit's family said Sumit's marriage completely shocked them and put more of a strain on Sumit's relationship with his mother, who felt "betrayed."

The trio apparently thought Sumit's mother wouldn't have interrupted or ruined the couple's wedding, but Sumit wasn't buying it. Sumit said he wanted acceptance but would defend his wife and have her back.

Now that a year has passed since Jenny and Sumit got married, Sumit's family still couldn't say they were happy for the couple, but Anil said the couple had "blessings" from him because there was nothing he could do to break them up. Anil said he was happy that his son was happy.

Jenny was not going to be invited to family events because Sumit's mother was still against this marriage, but Jenny said she was okay with that because she didn't want to feel uncomfortable and make Sumit's mother feel uncomfortable.

Sumit said he was never going to stop trying to win his mother's approval.

Jenny revealed she hadn't filed for a spousal visa yet because Sumit had yet to agree to move to the United States. Sumit explained how he'd like to visit America and spend time with Jenny's family -- but not move there permanently.


Jovi said he found an Instagram account that appeared to belong to Michael, but Angela said she looked at it and believed Michael when he said it was run by "an imposter."

Angela said she knows how Michael talks and types, explaining that the language on the Instagram profile didn't belong to Michael.

Angela acknowledged Michael could have a friend running the page for him, but Michael strongly denied the allegation.

Angela then announced how she never wanted Michael to hang out or talk with Usman, who screamed at Angela for having the wrong opinion about him.

Angela didn't like the idea of Michael and Usman staying in the same hotel that evening.

Michael assured Angela that he wasn't going to see Usman, but the episode concluded with Michael trying to track Usman down at the hotel for a conversation.


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