90 Day Fiance star Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima had an emotional breakdown after learning the GoFundMe account she had created to raise money from her fans was shut down by the funding service.

In an Instagram Live session with her followers on Sunday night, Larissa cried about how the $3,000 GoFundMe account she created to help her get out of jail after her recent domestic violence arrest and pay lawyers to deal with her mounting legal issues was closed.


"I'm not happy about it," Larissa, 32, said in tears during the video, according to Us Weekly, and urged her followers to donate their cash in other ways instead.

"I'm not proud about it, but it's something that I need your help with now."

Larissa reportedly called out her "haters" for reporting her GoFundMe account to the service, leading to its cancellation.

In addition to using the money to pay the bond that allowed her to be released from jail on Saturday, Larissa said she needed the GoFundMe cash to hire three attorneys -- one for her domestic battery case, one who specializes in immigration, and a divorce lawyer.

As 90 Day Fiance fans are well aware, Colt filed for divorce from Larissa on Friday after the pair had another explosive argument in their home late Thursday night, resulting in Larissa's arrest.

And since Larissa was originally permitted into the United States on a K-1 spousal visa and Colt has filed for divorce, Larissa may now also be deported to her home country of Brazil.

"I am so thankful for all of the donations. Unfortunately, I wont get the money," Larissa continued in her Instagram Live session, according to Us, before sharing her Paypal, Venmo and Zelle usernames as alternate ways for people to send her money.


"I cannot work and for now just to have my friends help me with the situation, so I really need it," she said, E! News reported. "To come here to beg—it's really sad, really sad for me."

The reality TV star also reportedly promised all the GoFundMe donations will be refunded to the donors since the account had been shut down by the service.

Larissa's video concluded with a friend saying on her behalf, "She came with good intentions. She's not perfect. She has issues... but she's not a mean person," according to Us.

Colt filed for divorce from Larissa in Clark County Court on Friday, according to court records obtained by Reality TV World. Colt's filing did not list an attorney and was filed "Pro Se," which means he is currently representing himself in the case.

Colt's mom Debbie Johnson -- who ironically, had just publicly gushed about Larissa a few days ago -- is also listed in the court records as having paid the filing's $299.00 court fee.

According to Larissa -- who updated her Instagram followers as well as 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates via text messages on Thursday night in real time as her fight with Colt was transpiring -- the disturbing incident began when she allegedly found email receipts for pornographic videos Colt had purchased.


Larissa posted screenshots of one receipt in particular on Instagram, trying to prove Colt had bought a "Jacuzzi Sex" video for $59.99.

Colt's alleged purchases sparked an argument, which then escalated into bloody injuries -- including a large gash on Larissa's cheek, scratches on Larissa's torso, blood smears on Larissa's face, and a cut on the inside of Colt's lip -- and Larissa's eventual arrest.

"Colt called the cops on me we argue," Larissa posted Thursday night on her own Instagram account alongside two photos of her face which had a nasty scratch down her cheek.

In an Instagram Stories video, Larissa showed off her injuries and admitted she scratched Colt, but only in alleged self defense.

"Colt called the cops on me. I am going to be deported. I just scratched him because he was hurting me. As you see, I am really hurt," Larissa said. "But he called the police first."

Larissa continued on Instagram Stories, "Colt argued because many vids he tortured me I need one attorney he called the cops. Please help me he will lie."

Larissa later deleted most of the material she had posted about her altercation with Colt.

Larissa apparently wanted 90 Day Fiance fans to know her side of the story because she also begged John to publicly share information she had provided him with.

"The cops are here. Please let people know," Larissa apparently told John in a text message.

John said Larissa asked him to post their private text messages.

"I found him buying pornography. John he's pedophile too," Larissa apparently told John in a text. "He cut off my [signal]."


John also received a photo from someone claiming to be Colt's friend. The picture showed Colt holding his lip down and showing a bleeding cut on inside his mouth.

John then shared a video on Instagram in which Larissa said she was recording herself to prove Colt had sprayed shaving cream all over her arms and clothing.

Larissa alleged in the video Colt had sprayed her with the shaving cream in order to provoke a reaction and make her "crazy." She called him "abusive" as Colt stood in a doorway and repeatedly asked his wife to "stop."

Larissa eventually told John that she had left her shared home with Colt and found safety at her close friend Carmen's house, where she received medical treatment from an EMT.

John revealed Carmen later informed him that Larissa had been arrested. Carmen then setup the GoFundMe account on Larissa's behalf and posted messages on Larissa's Instagram account asking her followers donate to it.

On Friday, TMZ reported, citing law enforcement sources, that police initially visited the couple's Las Vegas home around 11PM on Thursday night after Larissa called the police. However Colt was no longer at the home when they arrived.

Officers then reportedly returned to the scene a couple of hours later and spoke with both Colt and Larissa and determined she had a single deep cut and blood spatter on her face.

However, Colt reportedly denied being responsible for the scratches on Larissa's torso and claimed to be a nail-biter and showed the officers his fingernails, resulting in the police deciding Colt could not have caused the scratches and they had been self-inflicted by Larissa.

Then, after also seeing Larissa already had two previous domestic violence arrests, the officers arrested Larissa.

Before her arrest, Larissa actually took to Instagram and wrote, "I was nervous thinking that I would be arrested today because when I tried to call the cops, Colt [took] my phone and called the cops on me. Thank God, this life of abuse and manipulation is over. I received medical help and I am safe at my friends house."

In addition to the new altercation, John released some disturbing screenshots of alleged text messages between Colt and Larissa on Instagram. Although it's unclear when the messages were exchanged, they show how unhealthy the couple's relationship was.

Colt allegedly told Larissa that she had no control over what he did or whether he cheat on her. Colt also allegedly swore at Larissa and called her a "c-nt" and "piece of sh-t" among other horrible names.

As 90 Day Fiance viewers are well aware, Larissa previously accused Colt of cheating on her and flirting with multiple women on social media. Colt subsequently owned up to his mistakes and claimed he was going to try to be a better man and fight for his marriage.

Larissa said she will likely be deported back to Brazil because she had already been arrested twice before during her time in the United States.

Larissa was taken into custody back in November 2018 for domestic violence after another huge fight with Colt.

Larissa had also been arrested in June 2018 for domestic battery under similar circumstances -- an off-screen incident that Colt was shown mentioning in the final minutes of 90 Day Fiance's sixth-season finale when it aired on December 30.

While Larissa was charged in the June 2018 incident, the charge was eventually dismissed in October 2018.

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