90 Day Fiance couple Jay Smith and Ashley Martson's marriage has been on the rocks ever since she caught him on Tinder, but Jay is apparently following through with his vow to love his wife in sickness and in health.

Jay took to Instagram on Tuesday and posted a photo in which he was holding Ashley's hand by her bedside. Ashley's hospital bracelet was visible in the photo as well as an iPhone showing a photo of Ashley and her children on its lock screen.


"I may have hurt you. I may have not been a good husband. Jumping on a plane the second I found out you was in the hospital was something I didn't even think twice to do," Jay captioned the photo.

"We have our differences but as long as I have life I will never let you sit alone and suffer. I love you and nothing will ever change that. Thank you for having me here to support you."

Ashley was hospitalized on Sunday morning after she was found unresponsive in her home.

Ashley shared an Instagram photo of herself lying in a hospital bed this past weekend, shortly after an unidentified friend or family member had shared on her Instagram Stories the reality TV star's battle with lupus had "put her into kidney failure" and she was being treated in the ICU.

Ashley's health crisis comes at a make-or-break time in the relationship of the couple, who appeared on the just-completed sixth season 6 of 90 Day Fiance

As shown on 90 Day Fiance, the couple's marriage has been in turmoil ever since Ashley discovered Jay was flirting with women on Tinder just a couple of days after their Las Vegas wedding.

Ashley was completely devastated and has been struggling to decide whether to leave Jay -- and send him back to his native country of Jamaica -- or give him another chance and allow him to stay in the United States.


Jay recently promised to treat Ashley right and never hurt her again, but all trust has been lost in their relationship. 

Ashley said on 90 Day Fiance's sixth-season Tell-All special that aired on Sunday night she's not sure whether the couple can ever bounce back from Jay's betrayal.

"I'm just really unhappy in my marriage right now and I really don't know if I want to continue it," Ashley told the cameras. "I still have not filed his paperwork for him to stay here and get a green card."

In a Tuesday update on Ashley's condition, her Instagram account revealed she underwent surgery in which doctors placed a catheter in her abdomen to serve as the access site for peritoneal dialysis.

"Doctors are hopeful that dialysis will be temporary and that it will aid in helping her kidneys repair themselves," the Tuesday posting stated.

"There is a chance [Ashley] can go home tomorrow and be looked after by home health care nurses. Please continue to pray that this works and that Ashley will not need a kidney transplant. Either way Ashley will be down for quite some time. Please continue to pray for Ashley."

A GoFundMe account was started up to allow donators to help Ashley pay for her medical and hospitalization bills.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Ashley's GoFundMe page raised over $2,200 for the 90 Day Fiance star.
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