90 Day Fiance couple Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren are struggling to see eye-to-eye and live the same lifestyle on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, so did the couple decide to go their separate ways and break up, or are Jovi and Yara still together? What do the 90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal about Jovi and Yara's current relationship?


[90 Day Fiance Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers revealing if Jovi and Yara are still together now or if the 90 Day Fiance couple split up after 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth-season finale.]

Jovi, a 29-year-old who works in underwater robotics from New Orleans, LA, met Yara, a 25-year-old makeup artist from Kiev, Ukraine, through a travel app.


The couple began traveling the world together, and Yara got pregnant six months into their relationship.

Jovi admitted he was "dumbfounded" at first about the pregnancy and worried Yara was trying to "trap" him in pursuit of a Green Card, but he eventually liked the idea of becoming a father and said the pregnancy actually brought him and Yara closer together.

Jovi therefore proposed marriage to Yara during a trip to Cuba and subsequently applied for a K-1 visa so she could move to America to be with him. However, Yara unfortunately experienced a miscarriage.

Once Yara arrived to America, she and Jovi argued a lot over his partying and drinking habits. Yara even heard that Jovi was a regular at a stripclub and had hooked up with exotic dancers.

Yara wanted to feel loved and respected, and she also wanted Jovi to prove she'd be his top priority in life, especially since she left everything behind for their relationship.

Yara then discovered she was pregnant again and vented in shock to the cameras, "I am not ready yet. I don't even know if I want to get married and live here."

She later added, "I honestly don't even know if [Jovi] wants to settle down with me and [stop] partying all the time. It just makes me feel crazy."

But Jovi pulled it together and shaped up once Yara gave him an ultimatum to either be a better man or watch her move back to Ukraine with their child.

After the couple got married, 90 Day Fiance: Jovi and Yara's Baby Special in early April showed Yara giving birth in a hospital to a daughter, Mylah Angelina, who was born weighing seven pounds and nine ounces.

On 90 Day Fiance's Season 8 Tell-All special, Yara said Jovi had become a loving and caring father, but that doesn't mean the couple was getting along great.

When the couple appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth season, Jovi and Yara were shown disagreeing over parenting techniques, with Jovi calling Yara a "control freak."

Jovi also suggested the romantic side of his relationship with Yara was slipping away, as the pair couldn't have sex and Yara was always focused on the baby rather than on his own needs.

The pair then had to spend a few months apart due to Jovi's job in underwater robotics, and Jovi missed Christmas with his family.

While Jovi was gone, Yara moved into an apartment about 45 minutes outside of the city of New Orleans without Jovi even seeing pictures of the place.


Yara said she wanted her baby to grow up in a safe and quiet neighborhood where people weren't drinking and partying all the time.

"Before, I was doing everything that Jovi was telling me to do," Yara said.

"I know Jovi won't like that I'm moving so far away from New Orleans, but honestly, I don't care. I sacrificed a lot to be here in America with Jovi, and if he will need to go to work all the time, then he [needs] to sacrifice for me and Mylah."

Once Jovi returned home from work, he was unhappy to learn his new apartment was "in the middle of nowhere" and only had one restaurant and one bar nearby.

"Yara did not consider my opinion. She did not consider my preferences. I understand she moved on her own, but of course I want to live where I want to live too!" Jovi complained.

Jovi worried about being bored in their new location, and he could see Yara changing before his eyes.

"This isn't the marriage I expected, and I think it's going to be really hard to adapt to everything [Yara] has changed now," Jovi admitted.

Yara also disappointed Jovi again when she invited Gwen and his cousin over for a Ukrainian Christmas on January 6 and essentially kicked them out a couple of hours into dinner.

He also wanted Yara to stop having Mylah sleep in their bed.

"Jovi came home from work into Yara's world," Gwen complained.

"He doesn't have any say so at all, so I think that she needs to cut him some slack because it's totally ridiculous that you're going to kick people out. I think that's kind of rude."

Jovi called Yara "f-cking rude" and later complained about how she had become a totally different woman since having a child. Jovi missed going out with "the old Yara," who was supposedly a lot more fun, until 4 or 5AM.

Yara wished Jovi would realize she was raising a newborn and so life naturally had to change.

Jovi, feeling stressed out and under appreciated, planned a romantic trip with Yara to Miami, FL, to hopefully address the tension between them. They also invited Gwen so she could watch Mylah and give the spouses some time to themselves.


"The more fighting we do, the less sex we have and the worse our relationship gets altogether," Jovi complained.

When the pair went out in Miami together, Jovi said his wife looked "hot" but Yara seemed tired and quiet, which made Jovi note how things had "drastically changed" between them.

Yara admitted she was worried about her baby at the hotel and whether Mylah was hungry, and Jovi said Mylah was basically "a barrier" between them and that Yara should want him to be happy and feel fulfilled, desire, and satisfied.

Jovi flat out told Yara that if they continued to have problems once they returned to New Orleans, their relationship was never going to work.

"Jovi, I'm so over. I'm done," Yara lamented, adding, "We're not girlfriend and boyfriend anymore. We are husband and wife and father and mother... Everything is different now."

Yara told Jovi that he was "selfish" and needed to be more responsible.

Jovi said he'd try to make Yara happy but she needed to meet him halfway and they only had a few more days in Miami to enjoy their time together.

Yara began to worry that she and Jovi had married without really getting to know each other first. She told Jovi that she was just being herself and he needed to accept her for who she is.

Jovi then brought Yara to a fancy Russian restaurant, and while they laughed and had fun, she didn't want Jovi to bring her to a stripclub. However, Yara eventually came around to the idea, as long as Jovi wouldn't touch any of the dancers.

Yara wanted to prove she's still fun, but she felt awkward when a naked woman was dancing in front of her husband, and after a little while, Yara said she wanted to leave and deserved better from Jovi.

Jovi, however, wouldn't budge and didn't want to go home, which resulted in Yara slapping her husband and storming out of the stripclub.

Jovi said Yara went from smiling and laughing to "crazy," but Yara said it wasn't okay to blow kisses at another woman or spend all of their money and that Jovi had acted so selfishly.

"I give you a small bite and then you f-cking bite off my hand!" Yara yelled, adding that she didn't feel respected at all.

Jovi was upset and told his wife, "You have to ruin every night!"

"F-ck you," Yara replied.


On the finale of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth season, Jovi and Yara apparently slept apart, in different hotel rooms, after their fight at the Miami stripclub.

Yara told Gwen the next morning that she had been trying to make Jovi happy but he ultimately destroyed her night.

It was apparently Jovi's idea to sleep in a different room so Mylah wouldn't see her parents fight, and Gwen told Yara that she never should have agreed to go to a stripclub to begin with. Gwen was also upset her son had behaved that way, saying he had more growing-up to do.

Jovi told Gwen that Yara had slapped him in the face, and Gwen advised the couple to talk things out and "talk a lot." Gwen liked Yara and thought she had good intentions, and so she wanted the couple to work things out.

"Now I'm starting to worry that Jovi wasn't the one who's ready... Grow up, Jovi," Gwen scolded her son before leaving the couple alone to hash things out.

The couple then walked to the beach, and Yara said she wasn't sure whether her husband wanted to be single again.

Jovi told Yara that she seemed to want to make a fight out of everything and she didn't seem happy in America. Jovi said Yara had failed to make friends and never seemed to be in good spirits or excited when he arrived home from work.

"Everything changed when you got to America," Jovi said.

Yara explained that everything was new to her and she was in a brand new country -- so of course things changed. The new mom also said if Jovi didn't accept her for who she is, he should leave and go find someone else to be with, someone who could make him happy.

"I don't want to be with anyone else. I want to be with you. We have a daughter to raise together now. I want to make changes. I want everything to be good," Jovi said.

Yara said Jovi needed to stop partying and going to the club as a result, but Jovi wasn't about to change his whole personality for his wife.

Jovi hoped to compromise because he didn't want to give up everything about himself for the sake of keeping his relationship going. Jovi wanted to raise Mylah in a healthy and happy family.

The couple agreed to try to make things work, but Yara said Jovi needed to try harder to make her happy. Yara didn't want Mylah to see her sad and crying all the time.


"If Jovi doesn't change, then I will need to put my happiness first and take Mylah back to Ukraine. Because if [I'm] there, my life will be much [easier]... I will [not be] stressed... My life in America is really a challenge," Yara explained, adding, "Who wants the Green Card when you live like this?!"

Yara had to leave her family and friends behind in Ukraine to be with Jovi in New Orleans, and so she said Jovi needed to show her that he could love and respect her and not be so childish.

So are Jovi and Yara still together and married or did the 90 Day Fiance couple break up?

Jovi and Yara are still together and seem very happy based on their social-media activity.

Yara wished Jovi a "happy birthday" on August 13 as they were driving in a car together on her Instagram Stories and she called him "the most important person in my life!"

"Love you," she wrote on the video, along with multiple red-heart emojis.

Yara also posted a cute video of Jovi, Mylah and herself singing in the car a few days earlier.

At the end of July 2021, Jovi posted a picture of himself and wrote in part, "I hope everyone is enjoying our story, and watching us change so fast from being carefree to starting our little family!! #tlc #90dayfiance #joviandyara #discovery #discoveryplus #happilyeverafter #worldtraveler #worldtravel #90dayfiancehappilyeverafter."

And Yara commented, "My sexy men," along with heart-eyes emoticons and fire emojis.

About one week earlier, Jovi conducted a Q&A on his Instagram Stories and one huge fan wrote to Jovi, "I want to tote your next baby."

Jovi wrote in reply, "Easy now, I'm married."

In mid-July, Jovi posted photos with Yara and Mylah in which they were wearing matching outfits.

"Matchinnn. Too cheesy? Love these girls. #polobear #tlc #90dayfiance #happilyeverafter #joviandyara #discovery #discoveryplus #worldtravel @yarazaya @mylah.angelina," Jovi captioned the picture.


And Yara gushed about her family in a July 14 post.

"Love my family so much," Yara wrote alongside a photo of both Jovi and herself kissing Mylah on the cheek.

"After Mylah was born, everything changed, it was as if an ocean of love appeared inside me. ( I never thought that I would love being a mom so much )how many moms I have here?
yall guys have kids? or planning? #90dayfiance #tlc #hollywood."

Back on June 26, Yara posted photos of Jovi holding their daughter and swimming in a big pool with white balloons surrounding them.

"Family time with [Jovi]," Yara wrote.

Yara also confirmed her relationship with Jovi was still going strong in June on Father's Day.

"Happy Father's Day to everyone. And happy Father's Day to the best daddy in the world @jovid11. You are the best, the nicest dad for our baby," Yara captioned a selfie of the couple.

"I still remember the moment when she was born and together we began to cry with happiness. You are really the best dad, because only a good dad will worry about his child. But please stop going into her room and check if she is breathing -- you wake her up and then I have to feed her."

Yara continued, "It's so funny when I say jovi please don't go into her room she breathes she is all good, he answers. -- I'm just worried about my bulychkaaa. Bulichkaaa is how we call Maylah. Now I love you even more because you are the best."

On June 14, Jovi wrote on Instagram that he "can't wait to get back to traveling and back to Ukraine" with Yara.

And on June 8, Yara gushed about how Jovi had gifted her an Audi SUV for her birthday.

"Ok y'all, now yall can officially call me gold digger," Yara wrote with crying-laughing emoticons.

"No, not you, not my followers, y'all the best. Other people in the groups. Soon it's Jovi's birthday too, we need to figure out what to give him, I want to give him a good gift, he deserves it. #90dayfiance."

Meanwhile, Jovi wrote on his own page, "Happpy Birthdayyyy to my sexxxy baby momma. You don't look a day older than 26. Thanks for being such a good mom to our little angel!! @yarazaya."

In late May, Jovi planned a big surprise party at a restaurant for Yara's 27th birthday, and she posted photos from the event on Instagram.

"My early birthday. My birthday is June 8, but since Jovi and I are leaving for work on my birthday, he decided to surprise me. It was the best and most unexpected surprise. @jovid11 you are the best love you so much," Yara captioned the video and photos.

Yara also shared with fans that Jovi had gifted her a designer Hermes gold bracelet.


On May 23, Yara gushed about being able to contribute to the household without expecting Jovi to pay all the bills and buy their food, and one day earlier, she posted a cute photo of the pair smiling big for the camera with little Mylah.

Around this time, Jovi uploaded an image of Yara and himself sharing a huge cocktail.

And Jovi gushed about "enjoying the day" with Yara and their daughter on May 16, and one day earlier, Yara posted a family photo with Jovi and Mylah on Instagram and captioned it "family" along with a red-heart emoji.

On April 14, Jovi posted a photo of himself holding his daughter and wrote, "I can not commend Yara enough on how healthy she stayed throughout the pregnancy, and how much of a good mom she has been to my baby girl. I could not ask for anything better!"

The couple haven't been shy about sharing their love for one another on social media for months now.

Yara, for example, posted a picture of a bedside table decorated with candles and flowers in March. It appeared Jovi may have served Yara cake and coffee in bed in honor of International Women's Day.

"Happy International Women's Day, my girls, I hope you made your man buy you flowers," Yara captioned her post.

"In my country, March 8 is a great holiday when women are treated like queens. Women, be sure your man treat you the right way, buy for you flowers, take you to dinner. I do not feel like this is celebrated enough in America."

Jovi simultaneously shared a picture of himself on the same day and advised men to treat their girlfriends or wives the way the women deserve to be treated.

According to a screenshot posted by 90 Day Fiance Instagrammer John Yates, Jovi and Yara obtained a marriage license on February 13, 2020, In Touch Weekly reported.

Yara and Jovi reportedly exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, NV, that same month.

Jovi and Yara reportedly welcomed their first child together only a few months before Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance premiered on TLC in December 2020, according to In Touch.

Yara delivered the couple's child in September 2020.


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