90 Day Fiance couple Jenny Slatten and Sumit were ripped out of each other's arms and Sumit was taken away for cheating on his wife, so what ended up happening to this 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple -- did they split after Jenny learned Sumit was married, or are they still together?  

[90 Day Fiance Spoilers Warning: Please stop reading now if you don't want to find out the current status of Sumit and Jenny's relationship after his family ambushed him on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and whether the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple is still together].


Jenny was shown having a complete meltdown after Sumit's family ambushed them at their apartment and took Sumit away since he was married to someone else.

So did Sumit's issues with his family ruin his relationship with Jenny? And would Jenny even want to take Sumit back after he had lied to her about having a wife? Keep reading below to find out the spoilers.

Jenny was a 60-year-old from Palm Springs, CA, and Sumit was a 30-year-old from Delhi, India, when they began starring on the debut season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Jenny, a divorced grandmother who had previously been married for 15 years, revealed on the premiere that she was born in 1957 and Sumit was born in 1988.

Their love story started when Jenny received a Facebook request from a young, handsome and buff man, who claimed to be an English male model named Michael Jones.

After Jenny and "Michael" got to know each other better and developed mutual feelings, "Michael" decided to come clean and admit he had catfished Jenny.

Sumit, who lived with his parents in India and worked in a call center, was in fact posing as Michael all along.

Sumit said he liked talking to women online while he worked, and he told the cameras, "I love white girls."

Although Sumit initially lied to Jenny about his identity, Jenny -- who still thought the real Sumit was cute and "adorable" -- decided to forgive him and move forward with their romantic relationship.

Love then apparently blossomed in a short period of time, despite their huge age difference and the distance between them.


Jenny traveled to India to meet Sumit once before the pair began filming 90 Day Fiance, but the initial four-month trip was cut short when Sumit learned his parents disapproved of the romance and would not allow them to get married.

Sumit's mother was especially upset because of how old Jenny is compared to her son.

However, Jenny and Sumit continued their relationship long distance anyway, and 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way showed Jenny moving to India permanently so she could be with Sumit forever.

Jenny only had $6,000 of life savings to bring with her - which, according to a financial advisor, would only last six to nine months in India. She left behind her three daughters and four grandchildren all in the name of love.

Jenny knew life in India was going to be challenging, but she hoped Sumit and herself would figure it out together.

"Sometimes what you do for love is unbelievable. You're willing to take a risk and you just go for it," Jenny said, adding that she couldn't wait to be in her man's arms again.

"Who thinks they're going to start their life over again at 60? I'm just really hoping I'm doing the right thing."

Sumit then picked Jenny up at the airport in what turned out to be an emotional reunion, and he brought her back to a nice apartment.

Sumit had told his parents he had to move out of their home because of a job opportunity, but he wasn't sure how long he'd be able to keep up the lie.

"I'm lying because if my parents find out Jenny is here, they are going to stop me," Sumit told the cameras. "Now that we are together, I can finally feel the feeling of being happy."


Sumit loved Jenny, but he hated the idea of having to choose between his girlfriend and his parents.

Once Jenny and Sumit got settled into their new place together, they apparently made love and life was a dream -- but the harsh reality of Jenny's new living situation and culture quickly set in when she realized she couldn't even take a hot shower and traditional Indian clothing wasn't her style.

Sumit felt "a lot of pressure mentally" since Jenny had given up so much for a life with him.

Sumit later revealed he had left his job to make arrangements for Jenny's arrival and so he wasn't working or employed at that time.

Sumit quit his job so he could spend more time with Jenny, but she didn't know how they were going to pay their bills and their rent. Jenny needed security and support in India, so the fact Sumit was no longer working left her feeling "terrified."

Not only did the couple need money to get married, but Jenny would also have to wait a while in order to obtain a work permit to start making money on her own. She wished Sumit had involved her in his decision making.

Jenny therefore wondered if Sumit was keeping anything else from her, but he insisted he'd take care of her and everything would be fine.

However, the couple received bad news when they met with an immigration lawyer to discuss the marriage process.

Sumit and Jenny were told they had to apply for marriage under the special marriage act by sending a letter to a registrar, who would issue the notice to "the dwelling place."


Jenny and Sumit had to inform the registrar's office of their permanent address, but that address would have to be the home of Sumit's parents.

"If they find out, everything is going to get ruined. That was the worst thing I ever heard," Sumit told the cameras.

Jenny then asked the lawyer if Sumit's parents could object to the wedding, but the lawyer basically said they didn't have to worry about that.

"Whether [the marriage] will be afforded or not is depending upon law. Then you have the recourse to the court," the lawyer said.

Jenny took that to mean she'd have to fight to marry Sumit and hire lawyers. Jenny knew this process was not going to be cheap, and her heart dropped into her stomach at the idea things may not work out.

"I think we were both shocked," Jenny noted.

Jenny feared Sumit's parents would come storming into their apartment upon receiving the marriage notice and flip out. Sumit told Jenny to keep her faith because he didn't want her to leave him.

Jenny considered this news to be a major blow and cried in a confessional, "Everyone needs to understand why. We love each other. Nobody can keep us apart. Whatever we need to do, I'll do."

Sumit told Jenny if sending a notice to his parents' house is the only way they can register to get married, then they'd have to do it.

Sumit claimed he was willing to face his parents' objections and be strong for the love of his life.

Time was also running out on Jenny's visa. She only had six months to get married in India or else she'd have to return to America.

"I can't imagine [Sumit] letting that happen," Jenny told the cameras.

"I am not going to back down," Sumit promised Jenny.


Later on, Sumit felt forced to go home and spend time with his parents in order to satisfy them and address their concerns. He felt he had to make things right at home in order for his parents to not cause issues between Jenny and himself.

Sumit didn't know how long he had to stay with his parents, but Jenny found being alone in India unacceptable.

Jenny admittedly depended on Sumit for everything in India given she didn't know the language and didn't even know how to secure a rickshaw for herself to get around.

Jenny complained life would be "impossible" without Sumit, and so she was angry he couldn't give her a straight answer. Jenny didn't even feel comfortable staying in their apartment alone.

"Once again, I am let down and I am hurt. I am in shock, actually! I don't know how to feel about this, and I don't know what to do next," Jenny complained.

Sumit told Jenny to stay home, watch TV, and he'd make sure that he would get her a supply of food. Sumit didn't want his parents to ruin his relationship, so he said he had to go home and they had no other option.

Jenny was upset because he had already broken a couple of promises to her, but he promised to return home to her soon.

"My heart is broken. I put all of my trust and faith into him. I came to India to be with him; I didn't come to India for him to go back home to his parents' house. That wasn't the deal," Jenny vented in a confessional.

Sumit was sad to leave Jenny alone, but he insisted he was doing this for her and their relationship.

While Sumit stayed at his parents' house for several days because they were suspicious of his whereabouts, Jenny attempted to venture out on her own in search of an employment agency. However, she didn't even know how to peg down a rickshaw.


Jenny hoped to secure a job, but a representative at an employment agency informed her she needed a work visa and it would be illegal for her to work unless she's married to someone in India.

Sumit was angry when he found out Jenny had left their apartment at night because it was "very serious" and he was worried for her safety and security. Jenny said she wouldn't need to do such things if Sumit stayed home with her.

"I feel like your mistress... or something because you're hiding me from everybody," Jenny said. "It feels horrible, like, I'm supposed to be the woman you're in love with."

Sumit insisted it wasn't like that, but Jenny said Sumit needed to come home or else he'd push her to return to America.

Sumit had to stay with his parents for two weeks to calm the waters, and he was well aware Jenny was mad.

Sumit therefore decided to take Jenny to a holy place where they could talk and he wasn't allowed to lie.

Jenny said she had two months left on her visa and wanted to get married -- or else she'd have to leave the country -- and so she couldn't wait much longer. Jenny doubted whether Sumit would put her first because his family apparently had a lot of power over him.

"They yell at me, threaten me. I can't tell my parents because they're going to say something to Jenny," Sumit told the cameras, adding that he didn't want them to scare Jenny off.

Sumit insisted he'd never stop loving Jenny and he wanted to marry her. He therefore suggested they have a ring ceremony, which would mean they're engaged.

Jenny cried because this was everything she had been waiting to hear; however, she didn't know how Sumit was going to get past his family.

"It's going to happen for us. I love you," Sumit told Jenny as the pair embraced.


Jenny and Sumit planned to have their ring ceremony in a few days, so the pair went to a local market and Jenny wanted to show she cared by cooking him his favorite Indian meal. Jenny wanted to show Sumit she was trying and adjusting to life in India.

Sumit said it was "so nice" of Jenny and made him emotional that she was putting so much effort into their relationship.

Jenny's daughter Christina and her wife Jen later surprised Jenny in India.

Jenny and Sumit were shown taking the couple out to a nice dinner at a restaurant. Sumit was so happy to meet Jenny's child, and Sumit gushed about how much he loved Jenny.

Christina asked Sumit to share his long-term plans, and Sumit said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jenny. Sumit said he thought about Jenny even when they were in different rooms in their same apartment.

Sumit explained he and Jenny would have a ring ceremony to solidify their love, meaning they had every intention of getting married.

But due to his family's disapproval, Sumit admitted none of his family members would be attending the ring ceremony. Sumit didn't want his family to put a stop to the ceremony.

"So if they come and you see them start crying -- like your mom and your father -- you're going to say, 'Sorry, Jenny, I can't do this,' and then go back to your family?" Jenny asked.

Sumit nodded his head, and Jenny was pissed off and noted, "Interesting."


Christina told Sumit if he took his parents' side, he's "not a strong man." Christina wanted Sumit to "man up" and choose to be with Jenny through thick and thin.

Sumit insisted he wouldn't end his relationship, but Christina's wife pointed out Sumit clearly didn't know what he wanted. Sumit explained it's difficult for a man to work around his parents' parameters in India, much unlike the culture in the United States.

Christina wasn't in India to judge Sumit, but she advised him to stand up to his parents and face the problem head on -- because sooner or later, he'd be forced to face it.

Christina warned her mom when she was leaving India that Jenny might be coming home in two months if Sumit couldn't figure things out with his parents.

Jenny loved Sumit, but Christina was tired of her mother giving Sumit so much time -- seven years to be exact -- to make things right. Christina feared Jenny was "under a spell."

But Jenny had faith Sumit loved her and wanted to marry her. She chose to believe's Sumit's words and promises, and she just hoped Sumit would tell his parents about their relationship in time.

Sumit later told Jenny that he'd have to talk to his parents before going through with the ring ceremony. Jenny was upset because she wasn't sure Sumit ever intended on having the ring ceremony or marrying her.

Sumit even admitted he had yet to buy her a ring.

"Do what you say you're going to do!" Jenny yelled at Sumit.

Sumit asked for more time, but Jenny didn't think he deserved more time. Jenny had left her job, car, and kids behind because she had chosen to trust Sumit.

Sumit felt awful for making Jenny think he's not a trustworthy person. Jenny said she wasn't going to stay in India while Sumit tried to make up his mind about how or whether to tell his parents about their romance.

Jenny threatened to return to America and never come back again, accusing Sumit of making her look like "a fool."

"Does he not understand I can't stay in India without being married to him? What is he not getting?!" Jenny vented in a confessional.

Sumit told Jenny he loved her, but Jenny demanded he "make a damn decision" between her and his parents.

Sumit, however, then told the cameras he had been keeping a big secret from Jenny.

And that's when Sumit dropped a huge bombshell on viewers and revealed he was married at that time!

In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, producers apparently received a "frantic call" from Jenny and so they took the earliest flight to India to cover the events as they were unfolding.

Jenny said what happened was "worse than anything" she could have ever imagined and it was a nightmare. Sumit visited his parents' house, and when he got back to the apartment, Sumit's phone was ringing and he told Jenny to lock the door.

Jenny thought his parents had arrived and were going to flip out, but a couple of minutes later, there was a knock on Jenny's door and a man was standing there with Sumit.

Jenny recalled the man saying, "Hi, Jenny, how are you? I am Sumit's wife's father. He's been married to my daughter for the last two years. He's married to my daughter."

Jenny said she was shocked and thought the situation was "wild," and she didn't know how to react or what to do.

"Why did he marry someone if he loved me, if he's telling me he loves me all these years, every single day? How did he marry someone else? How is it possible to do that?!" Jenny vented.

Jenny said Sumit's father-in-law -- who apparently followed Sumit home on his motorcycle -- entered the apartment and had called Sumit's parents so they could meet her as well.

Jenny feared everyone was going to be angry and go after her. Sumit apparently tried to convince his father-in-law nothing was going on, and Jenny was scared.

Jenny then heard a crash in her living room, and that's when the rest of Sumit's family showed up -- including his wife. Sumit's mother apparently picked up her son's shrine and threw it on the floor and broke it.

Sumit stood in a fighting stance against his entire family, who gathered together in a circle in the living room.

"His mother looked at me, and if looks could kill, I would probably have dropped dead at that moment. She looks at me, like, 'You better get back!' So I backed up," Jenny recalled.

"She looked like she was going to hurt him bad. I was scared. I didn't know how to help him. They were threatening to put him in jail."

The family also threatened to tell the police on Jenny because she was living with a married man, but she broke down into tears about how she had no idea Sumit was married. Jenny didn't know Indian laws or what would happen.

Sumit, however, told his entire family that he loved Jenny, and then his father-in-law filed a complaint with the police. Sumit's father-in-law apparently took Sumit's passport, license and more.

"They were leaving and they took him. They took Sumit away from me... and I haven't seen him since!" Jenny cried.

Jenny was left in India alone and she didn't know what to do.

"Why is this happening?! Why is this happening?!" Jenny cried, getting more and more hysterical.

Jenny didn't have a plan and noted, "I don't belong here."

After a few days of being alone in her apartment, Jenny called her daughter and shared the news that Christina had been right all along.

"It seems that Sumit has a wife," Jenny told her daughter on video chat, afraid to "look like a fool."

"This is why he has been keeping all of this a secret from his parents. His parents entered him into an arranged marriage... He doesn't want to be married to her. He never wanted to be married to her."

Jenny explained Sumit had gotten married about two years ago and then his family -- 15 to 20 people -- ambushed them in their apartment.

Jenny said she and Sumit just cried together and then he was ripped right out of her arms.

Christina vented about how the situation was so f-cked up but Sumit had put her into danger. Christina said Sumit had an idea of what was going to happen if they were hiding and this was inevitable.

"He straight up lied to my face!... That is so mind-boggling!" Christina yelled.

Christina put all of the blame on Sumit, but Jenny told the cameras she had made her own decisions.

"I don't know. Right now, I am kind of disgusted with him," Jenny said in a confessional.

Jenny wasn't sure whether she could continue on with this relationship, and Christina advised Jenny to come home because she deserved someone who would be honest and upfront with her and lives in the United States.

Jenny had sacrificed and given up everything to move to India to be with Sumit, so she couldn't believe he had done this to her. She had so many questions for Sumit that she didn't even know where to begin.

So did Jenny leave Sumit after finding out he was married? Are Jenny and Sumit still together?

According to Jenny and Sumit's Instagram accounts, they are still together and happy!

The pair apparently live in the city of Gurgaon, which is about two hours outside of Delhi, India.

While Sumit's Instagram page is mainly full of selfies, his profile picture includes Jenny. And Jenny's profile picture on Instagram also features Sumit.

Jenny has posted numerous pictures of herself in India, with and without Sumit. They appear to be happy and in love.


Jenny has shared photos on her Instagram account of the couple and her adventures in India as recently as September 8.

On September 8, Jenny shared a photo of herself standing in front of a food truck, and a few days earlier, she shared images of her daughter exploring India.

Sumit took to his own Instagram account on September 2 and shared a selfie of the couple.

"I feel complete when m with u my love," Sumit captioned the photo.

"#youaretheone #mylove #mylife #jan_frmsen #loveofmylife #everythinginmylife #welove #loveyouforever #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway #90daystheotherway #90daystheotherwayout #tlc #tlchannel #tlcnetwork #tlcshowantv #tlc90daysfiance #Tv #tvshows #tvdrama #dramatv #realityshow #realitytv #realitytvshow #loveislove #longdistancerelationship."

Back on August 26, Jenny shared a series of photos. One featured Sumit in Pune, India; another showed the pair filming at "a cool old house" that definitely seemed to be in India, and Jenny smoking Hooka.

Jenny added hashtags such as #no haters, #real love, and #love wins, which clearly says they are still an item.

And one week earlier, Jenny shared a picture of Sumit and called him "my hero."

Jenny also shared a photo on August 11 of the couple holding hands and captioned it, "Beautiful place in New Delhi, India #90daystheotherway #sumitandjenny #realitytvstars #tlc#mondaynights#90dayfiance #realitytv #ourloveourlife."


That same day, she posted a picture of the happy couple sitting in the grass.

"A day at Lodhi Garden, New Delhi...and I am wearing leggings #sumitandjenny #90daystheotherway #90dayfiance #90dayfiancepillowtalk #realtytvstars #realitytv#tlc #ourlife#blend_it_boo #ourhappiness," she wrote alongside the image.

It appears Jenny has embraced Indian style and culture.

On August 2, Jenny shared a selfie of the couple as well as a photo of Starbucks in India, which Jenny said made her feel like she was back home in the United States. She even added the hashtag #iloveindia.

Back on July 30, Jenny showed off the view from her apartment's terrace in Gurgaon, India and called it "beautiful."

One week earlier, the pair visited The Red Fort in New Delhi and boasted how their love "is real."

"I love this man so much. Don't care what anyone thinks. He's best for me. #SumitandJenny #90daystheotherway #fightforlove #tlc90dayfiance," Jenny reiterated on July 15 when she posted a photo of the couple together.

Jenny had also gushed around that time how their "love will win" on Instagram.

"We love each other," she added in mid-July on her social-media account.

The pair apparently love going out for drinks and beers together.

Back on June 20, Jenny posted a photo of Sumit with the caption, "I love you Jenny" written across the image.

"To the moon and back. Sumit and Jenny," Jenny captioned her post.

All of Jenny's posts are also adorned with heart and kissing emojis.

Jenny, however, confused some of her Instagram followers since some of her posted photos were taken back in the United States. She clarified on May 31, "Have to leave the country every 180 days. So stupid."

Whether the 180 day limit means the couple has not yet married is unclear, as direct evidence of a marriage has yet to surface even though Jenny is still living in Sumit's native country.


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