90 Day Fiance couple Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee were just shown getting married on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, but are they still together or did they end up splitting?  

[90 Day Fiance Spoilers Warning: Please stop reading now if you don't want to find out whether Deavan and Jihoon are still together and married and together or have separated -- or maybe even divorced! This article also reveals where Deavan and Johoon are each currently living].


Deavan from Salt Lake City, UT, was 22 years old when she met Jihoon, a 29-year-old mobile phone dealer from South Korea, on a dating app.

Deavan was Jihoon's "fantasy" given she's an American model, and she fell for Jihoon quickly.

The pair used translating apps to have conversations and apparently began talking to each other every day for three months, and so that's when Jihoon made plans to travel to America and meet Deavan in person.

During that trip, Jihoon also met Deavan's "rambunctious" three-year-old girl named Drascilla, who was born in August 2015, according to Starcasm.

The trip must have gone well, because Jihoon and Deavan apparently slept together, which resulted in Deavan getting pregnant with her second child. (Deavan has yet to divulge any information about Drascilla's biological father other than the man was allegedly abusive during their relationship).

Jihoon and Deavan found out they were expecting after six positive pregnancy tests confirmed their suspicions on the day he was leaving to return to South Korea in 2018.

After Jihoon returned to South Korea, he told Deavan they should get married.

Deavan then visited Jihoon in South Korea for about a week in November 2018 to meet his parents, Hong Ju and Jung, to try to gain a better understanding of Korean culture.

However, Jihoon's parents apparently weren't happy when they found out she was pregnant, as Deavan was a single mom with tattoos who never graduated from college.

"I don't know if his parents were avoiding me, but we never had time to sit down and discuss anything, so I never got their blessing. I just left Korea feeling like I'm not good enough for their son in their eyes," Deavan explained.


In her 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way introduction, Deavan explained she was seven months pregnant with Jihoon's baby and planned to move to South Korea with Drascilla once the new baby was about seven weeks old so they could all be together.

Jihoon, however, hadn't formally proposed yet because they needed to prove to his parents they were truly in love. If Jihoon's parents determined Deavan wasn't good enough for their son and didn't like her, Deavan said she wouldn't be able to marry Jihoon.

Later on in the season, Jihoon returned to America with his parents for a one-week stay in order to get to know Deavan better while they all stayed together in a rental house she had found for them in Las Vegas.

Deavan hoped the meeting would result in Jihoon's parents giving their blessing to the marriage, because she said she wouldn't move to South Korea without a commitment.

"In Korean culture, having a baby out of wedlock can bring dishonor to Korean culture. And if we're not able to get married, I can't obtain a spousal visa. Therefore, I couldn't live in Korea," Deavan explained to 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's cameras.

When Jihoon's parents arrived, there were some bumps in the road, but Deavan insisted Jihoon and her family were her priority and she had Jihoon's best interest at heart.

Jihoon's parents therefore warmed up to Deavan and eventually gave Jihoon a green light to propose.

"We had a good time with you," Jihoon's father said. "Don't worry, we like Drascilla."

Before Jihoon left the United States, he proposed marriage during a romantic lunch in Las Vegas. Jihoon made some mistakes and was a bit clumsy, but Deavan insisted the moment was everything she had dreamed of and more.

Jihoon planned to return to America in two months, but Deavan hoped the baby wouldn't be born sooner than that so she could have her fiance by her side.

Jihoon felt "tremendous remorse" for leaving his pregnant fiancee behind, but there was nothing he could do about it.


Jihoon then booked a flight back to America for Deavan's scheduled section; however, Deavan learned the baby had to be delivered early because her blood pressure was really high, in the 170s, which was "extremely dangerous."

Deavan explained the baby needed to be taken out early or else she could die -- and the baby could die as well.

Deavan asked Jihoon to change his ticket and fly back to the United States earlier, but he admitted it was too expensive and he couldn't make that happen.

Jihoon therefore refused to purchase a new ticket, which frustrated Deavan because she had previously asked him not to buy a ticket at all in case the baby came early.

Deavan was upset because Jihoon was going to miss the birth of their son. She expected him to be there for such a huge moment in her life and therefore began to question his commitment to their relationship.

On the morning of Deavan's C-section, she was feeling extremely nervous and anxious, especially because Jihoon couldn't be there.

The pair had agreed to video chat so Jihoon could at least see the birth of his son, but it was hard and "heartbreaking" for Deavan.

"I'm not there. I'm a very bad father," Jihoon told the cameras, adding that he wished he could hold Deavan's hand through the surgery. "I'm just very freaking out."

The surgery took about six minutes total and the doctors said Deavan and Jihoon's baby was "big," "handsome" and "so perfect."

"No language in the world can interpret what I'm feeling right now," Jihoon said in tears. "I'm happy but heartbroken at the same time. I regret not being there."

Jihoon's parents were thrilled to be grandparents, and Deavan noted she felt an immediate, overwhelming sense of love when she saw her son for the first time.

Two weeks after her son Taeyang was born, Deavan found it extremely tough without having Jihoon around.

Parenting also started out rocky because one of Taeyang's lungs wasn't fully developed at the time of his premature birth and so he spent some time in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Deavan said it was "so hard" not being able to hold her son when he was being treated and she really needed Jihoon there.


However, Jihoon was on his way to the United States and was so excited to finally meet his baby. Jihoon hoped he'd be a good father, but he didn't really know what to do or expect.

When Deavan and Jihoon were reunited, Jihoon held his son for the first time. He apologized to Deavan for not being around and felt guilty for having stayed in Korea as long as he did.

Deavan said there were times when she was "extremely angry" at Jihoon for missing the birth, but when her family was finally together, she just enjoyed the moment.

Jihoon had a lot to learn when it came to taking care of a newborn, considering he had never even changed a diaper before.

"I think he's in a reality check," Deavan noted. "He hasn't proven to me yet I can depend on him, but I want Taeyang to have a father in his life. So I need to [move to South Korea] for my son."

Deavan planned to move to South Korea about six weeks later so she could obtain a passport for him. Deavan hoped Jihoon would make all of the necessary preparations in the meantime.

Deavan said when she first got pregnant, Jihoon offered to send her money to help, but that never ended up happening. Deavan said the financial burden fell on her shoulders and she wasn't sure whether she could rely on him to support their family financially going forward.

While at the park with Drascilla and their newborn, Jihoon, however, revealed to Deavan he had quit his job. Jihoon explained he wanted to make more money and his financial situation was not good.

Jihoon apparently had a lot of credit card debt from when he was younger, and Deavan was extremely worried and "pissed off." Deavan thought about canceling her plans to move to South Korea, but it wasn't even possible because she had already quit her job and made arrangements.

Jihoon's "lack of financial responsibility" really worried Deavan, especially since he had nine months while she was pregnant to save for a baby.

Jihoon told Deavan not to worry and their future would be bright, but Deavan was sick of hearing "trust me" and said she needed things to happen.

"I am leaving so much behind. Everything I have established here in America is going to be gone when I move to South Korea [in a month]," Deavan said in a confessional.


Jihoon could tell Deavan no longer trusted him, but he was confident he could make a lot of money. He was an optimistic guy and had high hopes for their future.

Deavan truly loved Jihoon but worried he wasn't grown up enough to realize how serious everything was.

The time then finally came for Deavan to move to South Korea and start a new life in a completely different world.

Deavan didn't bring her daughter Drascilla just so she could make sure their family would be settled and Jihoon would be working and able to support them.

Deavan expected Jihoon to have landed a full-time job and an apartment for them, but he was still living in his parents' house and knew Deavan would be disappointed in him.

In addition to that, Jihoon was late picking up his fiancee at the airport.

Deavan thought they'd be staying at his parents' house for one night, but then Jihoon broke the news they'd be staying there for a few months. Jihoon said he was working a "delivery" job but needed more time to save money.

Deavan was so upset Jihoon was unprepared, as he had months to plan for her arrival and save money. She said Jihoon's behavior was "unacceptable."

Deavan couldn't believe she'd be forced to stay in Jihoon's parents' home considering it only had one bedroom and his parents slept on the couch. There wasn't enough room for Deavan, her baby and Drascilla, and Deavan told the cameras this situation wasn't fair to Jihoon's parents or to herself.

Even Jihoon's parents demanded he find a new place of his own and grow up.

But Jihoon still considered himself "a childish boy." He let Deavan sleep in his bed and said he'd sleep on the floor, but Deavan noted that's exactly why they couldn't stay there.

Deavan didn't understand why Jihoon didn't have any savings.

"I'm keeping big secret about my money management. If I tell Deavan, the relationship [will be] over and Deavan [will] leave me," Jihoon told the cameras.


Deavan said her first night in Jihoon's parents' house was "extremely cramped" and didn't come close to reaching her expectations.

Not only did Jihoon fail to wake up to help Deavan with their son, but she woke up to him cuddling on the couch with his dog instead. Deavan wanted Jihoon to care more about his son than his dog.

Deavan said Korea is completely different from Utah, especially the bathroom, which had no real shower or shower curtain. Water also leaked all over the floor and Jihoon's toilet featured a bidet that squirted water and made Deavan uncomfortable.

Deavan didn't look forward to staying with Jihoon's parents for a few months, especially because there was a language barrier and so she didn't know what his parents thought about her half the time.

Deavan wondered if she was stuck at Jihoon's parents' home because he was struggling financially, and she was desperate to learn the truth.

Jihoon then took Deavan to the fish market and she was really excited to get out and get some fresh air.

While enjoying lunch, Jihoon insisted he was making money -- about $4,000 a month -- but he was new at his job.

Deavan said that's plenty of money to rent an apartment, but then Jihoon revealed he had absolutely no money saved.

Deavan wondered how that was possible, and that's when Jihoon shared how he was in debt from doing an "illegal thing" a few years ago. Jihoon apparently owed $30,000 at first, but at the time of their conversation, he had his debt down to $5,000.


Jihoon said he used to sell used and lost phones, but Deavan pointed out if a phone was lost, that's stealing. Police therefore fined Jihoon $50,000. He took out a loan to pay the fine and said because of interest, the amount had doubled.

"If I told you, you would not marry me," Jihoon told his fiancee.

Deavan said Jihoon should have told her this before she had made the decision to move to South Korea. Because of Jihoon's illegal activity and his lying about it, Deavan immediately lost all trust in him.

"That's not the ideal life or dad I wanted for my children," Deavan said in a confessional. "For him to not take that seriously, I think I made a big mistake."

In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Deavan was shown meeting Jihoon's friends in South Korea.

Jihoon's friends were fascinated he was dating an American girl, and the group appeared to have fun and get drunk together. But Jihoon's friends said he was like a child because he had no cares or worries in the world.

"Once he has money, he just can't keep it in his pocket. He has to spend it on something that day," one of Jihoon's friends told the cameras.

Jihoon's friends told Jihoon to address Deavan's doubts, and then Jihoon revealed he had been selling used phones in China. The news disturbed Deavan because it meant her fiance had been involved in an international crime.

Jihoon's friends had warned him the business was dangerous, but Jihoon admitted he was greedy and took advantage of an opportunity when it had presented itself.

"I now change jobs. I promise. Next time, I go to jail," Jihoon told Deavan. "I'm not doing illegal anymore, okay?"

The guys told Deavan to trust Jihoon because he had changed, but she wasn't convinced.

Although the couple didn't even have an apartment of their own and Deavan kept learning more and more unflattering information about Jihoon, she still planned to file marriage papers so she could reside in Jihoon's country permanently.

Deavan was a little nervous to make their marriage official because of everything that had happened, so it was a lot to take in -- but she ultimately loved Jihoon.

"I want to make sure everything is going to be okay and you're not going to buy anymore and we'll get the apartment," Deavan said.

"Enough," Jihoon replied. "Too much worry."

"I feel you don't worry enough," Deavan pointed out, adding that she wanted confirmation Jihoon was paying off his debts because they'd soon become her own debt.

Jihoon argued his debt was a personal problem, but she disagreed. Deavan therefore wanted to manage their money so she could figure out where it all goes, and Jihoon obliged, which made her feel better.

Deavan decided to marry Jihoon because he was taking steps in the right direction and she loved him.

"We finally get married. I am excited. I'm happy. It just start," Jihoon gushed.

Deavan wanted to have an actual wedding, but the pair knew that would take some time to plan.

So are Deavan and Jihoon still together, or did Deavan dump Jihoon and to return to the United States?

Deavan and Jihoon appear to still be married and living together!

Deavan has been sharing sweet photos of Jihoon and her family for months now, both while in America and South Korea, appearing to show they are still a couple.

On September 29, Deavan posted a photo and video from her time at Lotte World, a major recreation complex in Seoul, South Korea, showing she's still in Jihoon's country.


And back on September 22, Deavan shared a picture of Jihoon and Drascilla together, getting ready for Halloween by posing with a big jack-o'-lantern. And she also posted a video of Jihoon and herself eating pizza out with a friend.

Deavan also revealed on Instagram she and Jihoon are starting to sell merchandise together, and an available sweatshirt she showed on Instagram says "Take Me To South Korea."

And Deavan is also pregnant again!

In even bigger news, Deavan has confirmed she is pregnant with her third child!

This baby will be her second with Jihoon after the pair just welcomed son Taeyang Lee into the world in April 2019. (Taeyang's birth, however, wasn't announced until August when the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way episode of his arrival aired on TLC).

News of Deavan's pregnancy leaked earlier this month when a posting she had written in a private Facebook group for Korean residents was shared publicly.

Deavan wrote in the Facebook group, "So I am currently pregnant and do not have health insurance in Korea and I don't know where to start or what to do."

"I just found out my insurance is not international," she continued. "I'm also unaware of how much it would cost to have a child here. And I'm starting to think I should go back to my home country because of this."

Deavan then confirmed she wrote the post and has another baby on the way in an Instagram Stories posting on September 24.

"I was in a private Facebook group that is based in Korea with only Korean based people so it's sad to see my personal stuff being leaked when it's a group I went to for advice on life in Korea," Deavan wrote in an image.

"Just shows you can't even trust people even if it's not even in your home country."

"Please out of respect stop messaging me and asking me I'm not going to speak about it. I trusted this group and it was my safe place for a long time," Deavan added in a subsequent Instagram comment.

"I need time and I haven't even told family because of how early it is so stop messaging me about this topic #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway."

Deavan had also posted earlier Instagram comments reiterating she was surprised her Facebook group posting had leaked out.

"Is it really true you're already pregnant again? I saw screenshots of you saying you're pregnant in Korea," a follower asked on an Instagram posting Deavan had posted.

"Which page," Deavan asked back.

"It's on Reddit," another follower replied. "I DM'd you a screenshot."


Additional evidence that Deavan and Jihoon are still together dates back several months.

On September 13, Deavan posted a photo of a giant ice cream sunday and captioned it, "Date night yummy #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway #datenight #icecream #southkorea #korea."

On August 30, Deavan appeared to post a photo from her wedding day with Jihoon. She captioned it, "Thank you for 100,000 followers we appreciate your love and support so much thank you everyone #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway #southkorea @jihoonlee90dv."

She also shared a photo of Drascilla and Jihoon that day, saying her man and daughter "play a video game together" every night.

However, she clarified the next day she and Jihoon had just participated in a wedding photo shoot and the wedding photo was not from their actual wedding day.

"Hi I'm running out of photos lol time to break out the camera and phone just a photoshoot we haven't had a wedding #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway @jihoonlee90dv," Deavan wrote alongside an image.

On August 17, she posted an Instagram photo for a "Happy 100 Days" party she appeared to hold for Taeyang in South Korea.

About a week later, on August 25, Deavan also posted a photo showing her eating a Korean dinner at a restaurant with Jihoon and tagged it "#Southkorea."

Deavan had also suggested she was in South Korea on August 1 when she posted a photo of a Korean restaurant and captioned it, "Yummy get in my belly." 

On July 22, she also posted a photo of her engagement ring and labeled it "happy engagement day."

She also posted Polaroids of Jihoon and herself in late July, adding heart and flower emojis to her Instagram post.

On July 20, Deavan revealed she and Jihoon set up a YouTube channel for themselves called "Junnyvanny." But she noted at the time they were still long distance.

The couple also apparently had breakfast together on July 10 and took a selfie just a couple of days earlier.

Jihoon has also apparently bonded with Drascilla in the time he's been dating Deavan.

In late June, Jihoon posted a slideshow of photos of Drascilla, suggesting he has taken on a parental role.

Jihoon was seemingly slamming trolls who have criticized Drascilla's rambunctious behavior as shown on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

"#daughter #cutiegirl #baby #stillbaby #tlc #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway
Is there something wrong with the child? Let's not attack the child. She's still three years old, and she's a baby," Jihoon captioned the images.

"She only lived for three years. Can you judge her life? Children should grow up to love only by listening to beautiful words. Children always grow up. I don't think a wise adult would do that. We always thank you for you guys love."


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