90 Day Fiance premiered and introduced fans to five new intriguing couples during Sunday night's Season 6 episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance features couples separated by land and sea preparing to bring the foreign fiances to the United States so they can tie the knot within 90 days. Otherwise, the American individuals would risk losing love and having their significant others return to their home countries.


Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance stars Kalani Faagata, a 29-year-old from Orange County, CA, and Asuelu Pulaa, a 23-year-old from Samoa; Eric Rosenbrook, a 40-year-old from Baraboo, WI, and Leida Margaretha, a 29-year-old from Indonesia; and Jonathan Rivera, a 32-year-old from Lumberton, NC, and Fernanda Flores, a 19-year-old from Mexico.

The remaining couples are Ashley Martson, a 31-year-old from Mechanicsburg, PA, and Jay Smith, a 20-year-old from Port Maria, Jamaica; and Colt Johnson, a 33-year-old from Las Vegas, NV, and Larissa Christina, a 31-year-old from Brazil.

90 Day Fiance's sixth season is also supposed to star Steven Frend, a 20-year-old from Bowie, MD, and Olga Koshimbetova, a 20-year-old from Russia, but they did not make an appearance in the debut episode.

Below is the latest on each couple, according to the new 90 Day Fiance episode.



Ashley, a bartender and mother of two, was previously engaged twice but called off both engagements because the men had cheated on her. Ashley therefore took a break from men and continued to be a strong independent woman, but then she met Jay at a bar during a vacation to Jamaica. 

Although they parted ways after spending time in Jamaica, Ashley revealed Jay contacted her on social media once she returned to the United States.

Ashley called Jay "the life of the party." While he's young, she believes he's mature for his age. Ashley subsequently went back to Jamaica, and after eight days, he proposed marriage to her. Ashley said Jay brings light to her life.

"Jay is very attractive so he gets attention everywhere we go, and people will say I'm crazy that typical Jamaican men run through women and are very smooth and going behind their girlfriends' back with other women and stuff," Ashley told the cameras.

"I'm pretty sure that's how he used to be, but I'm hoping he's changed his ways."

Ashley applied for the K-1 visa and Jay only had one more step before getting approved -- an interview.

Ashley then met her friend Natalie for coffee to discuss her relationship with Jay. Natalie was "terrified" by the relationship because she had heard Jay cheated on Ashley. When the girls visited Jamaica together, Natalie allegedly overheard Jay saying he was having sex with two other women at the time.

Despite Natalie's concerns, Ashley didn't really care about what Jay did in Jamaica when she wasn't there.

"I can't expect Jay to be 100 percent behaved while he's living in Jamaica... honestly, if Jesus came down from heaven right now and said he cheated on me, I wouldn't do anything about it... But if Jay cheats on me here in the U.S., I'd have to send him packing and send him back home," Ashley explained.

Jay then opened up about his wild past, how he's a tattoo artist with many girlfriends. Jay even once stole the woman his father had been dating from Florida and used her from money. However, Jay said he really loved Ashley and "prayed to God" he was ready to be a husband.

Jay lived with his pregnant sister Poochie since their mother is actually in the United States working. Jay said Natalie came up with "a crazy-ass lie" about how he had allegedly cheated on his fiance, so he was a bit concerned about becoming a member of Ashley's social circle.

Jay insisted he stopped messing around after meeting Ashley and he's "a lover," not "a cheater."



Colt, a software engineer, lives with his mother, Debbie, and two cats, Cookie Dough and Sugar. Debbie cooked and cleaned for Colt, and she even drove him to work every day because they shared a car.

Ever since Colt's father passed away, they grew very close and began living together. Colt called himself a "mama's boy" and said he adored her.

Colt revealed he spends most of his free time with his cats and he's definitely an introvert. After striking out a few times trying to date American girls online, he decided to look outside of the country, and that's when he met Larissa from Brazil.

When Colt met Larissa in Cancun, Mexico, it only took five days for him to realize he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Colt therefore proposed marriage, and she said "yes." Colt found Larissa to be beautiful and intelligent, and he admitted she was okay with the fact he lives with his mother.

Larissa was waiting for her visa to travel and asked Colt to put off the flight by several hours, but Colt wasn't wiling to pay a fee and be reckless with his money. Colt said Larissa had a "false" idea of life in America, as she seemed to think he was a millionaire.

Colt acknowledged Larissa was more emotional and he's more of a rational person so it could present problems for them down the road.

Colt then met with his two cousins, and they hoped Larissa wasn't using him to come to the United States. They feared he may get hurt or used, but Colt said he would come to regret never taking a risk on love.

After not speaking with Larissa for a couple days, he video chatted with her and explained he had booked her a flight for two weeks from that day, and in the meantime, he was anticipating her visa would arrive.

Larissa expected to come to America right away, and so she was upset and disappointed, but Colt vented her expectations about money and Americans were unrealistic and she may receive "a rude awakening" upon getting settled in the United States.



During a vacation to Mexico with his best friend, Jonathan, a real estate broker, fell hard for Fernanda. Jonathan said Fernanda is a showstopper and the world stopped when he met her.

Jonathan said Fernanda brings out the best in him and she's a "fiery Latina" -- not "a yes woman." While there's a big age difference between them, Jonathan was apparently the person in the relationship who was hesitant about leaving his bachelor lifestyle behind.

Fernanda worried Jonathan wasn't ready to settle down and get married, but Jonathan did propose marriage to her after dating for three months.

Fernanda's visa was approved, and so Jonathan was heading to Mexico to pick her up.

Jonathan shared how he helps Fernanda out financially and serves as her provider. Not only did he buy her a Jeep and put money towards her schooling, but he also bought her breast implants.

Jonathan figured family and friends would think Fernanda was using him and just wanted to live in America, but he insisted she was going to be a perfect wife and had absolutely no doubt about that.

Jonathan then met up with his best friend Dani at a bar, saying Fernanda understood their friendship and was fine with it. Dani felt protective of him and attempted to make certain of the fact Jonathan was ready to commit. She was also concerned, however, by Fernanda's young age.

Jonathan was nervous about his family accepting and coming to love his fiance.

Jonathan then traveled to Mexico to help Fernanda pack. They spent five days in Mexico together, and after Fernanda had an emotional goodbye from her family and friends, she headed to the United States to be with her love.

Fernanda was smitten with Jonathan, whom she called handsome. She viewed America as a perfect place with people who have perfect lives, but she anticipated missing her loved ones whom she had to leave behind.

Once Jonathan brought Fernanda home to his apartment, the power was out and they had to sleep together on a couch. Fernanda joked about him being poor.

While looking through Jonathan's dresser that night, Fernanda stumbled upon a pair of black-lace underwear that definitely didn't belong to her. Jonathan was in shock and wondered what else could go wrong.

Jonathan said the underwear belonged to an ex-girlfriend whom he had nothing to do with anymore. Fernanda wanted to trust and believe her fiance, but the panties left her with doubts and fears.

Jonathan acknowledged he "messed up" and his first night with his future wife sucked because of his actions.


Kalani has a five-month-old son named Oliver and said being a single mom is very challenging. However, she loved having a supportive family -- her mother, father, sister and brother. Kalani revealed she was raised Mormon and her father wants her to marry a Caucasian man with a lot of money.

However, Kalani fell for Asuela, a 23-year-old who happens to be Oliver's biological father. Kalani said he grew up in a fishing village and has never left Samoa. She said he feeds pigs and chickens and cracks coconuts and they come from completely different worlds.

Kalani met him when she had traveled to Samoa and Asuelu worked as the activities director of the resort she was staying at.

During Kalani's second visit to Samoa, she decided to lose her virginity, which was a huge deal, and got pregnant. Kalani's family worried Asuelu was taking advantage of her, and her father apparently "flipped out" when he found out she was expecting a baby.

Kalani felt "a looming shame" around her, but she and Asuelu moved forward with a K-1 visa anyway. Asuelu was arriving in the United States within a few days so they could get married and Asuela could become a hands-on father.

Asuelu was "the opposite" of what Kalani's father, Low, wanted for his daughter, but he tried not to ask too many questions. While Low didn't approve of Asuelu's relationship, he noted it was too late to have an opinion and he just needed to protect his little girl and grandson.

Low was concerned about Asuelu's age and the fact he was moving into a very fast life rather than island life. Kalani was nervous for Low to meet her father, as his approval meant the world to her. Kalani needed Asuelu to win over her entire family.

Kalani revealed she's extremely close to her sister, Kolini, who hated Asuelu and didn't approve of their romance. Kolini was told Asuelu had cheated on her sister, but Kalani said their relationship was "off" at the time, and so she forgave him and moved on.

Kalani took responsibility for embellishing the story of Asuelu's cheating at the time, making him look like "an assh-le" because she was upset and needed to vent to someone about the situation. Kolini wasn't sure whether she could buy Kalani's story that she had lied about "a bunch" of stuff.

Kalani left the table crying, and Kolini told their girlfriends she hated Asuelu for coming in the middle of them. Kolini wanted her sister to be happy, so she was going to try to be supportive as possible.



Eric, an avionics technician and former U.S. Marine, was previously married for 20 years but they divorced in 2016. Eric has three daughters, ages 21, 19 and 11, and said it's a very tough job but he loves them very much.

Eric said he attempted to date in America but things didn't work out.

After determining he was destined to be single, he tried his last hand and posted an ad on an international website. Leida, a teacher, model, actress and medical school graduate from Indonesia, was one of the first women to respond to his ad.

Leida seemed so fantastic that Eric wondered whether he was being catfished, but when he traveled to Indonesia for the first time to meet her, Eric discovered Leida was real and she was "the most beautiful woman" he's ever seen.

After only two days together, Eric proposed marriage. His family members told him he's crazy because Leida is close in age to his eldest daughter, but Eric called her "the one."

Leida's K-1 visa had been approved, so Leida was only a few days away from moving to Wisconsin with her. Leida has a five-year-old son, Alessandro, and he was also coming to the United States.

Eric said Leida's parents are wealthy and was used to living a lavish lifestyle -- including maids, chefs and drivers -- so he hoped life in Wisconsin would be enough for her. Eric had yet to tell his fiancee anything about his apartment and hoped she could adapt to his "lower lifestyle."

Eric predicted everything would be fine, and he was hopeful Leida would be just fine in America. He was just excited for her to arrive so they could begin their lives together.

Eric had to ask Tasha to move out so Leida can move in, and Tasha wasn't exactly thrilled with the situation. Tasha didn't understand Leida's motives for moving to the United States when she was wealthy in Indonesia. Tasha worried it was "all a game" to her father's future wife.

Eric was then shown having lunch with his youngest two daughter and their mother. The exes still worked as a team, and so Eric's former wife tried to understand the dynamic and express approval. Leida, however, had an issue with child support since there is no such requirement in a divorce in Indonesia.
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