90 Day Fiance featured Mohamed Abdelhamed clashing with Yvette "Yve" Arellano's friends and fighting with her over a bikini, Guillermo Rojer calling Kara Bass "controlling" and learning she had cheated on an ex-boyfriend, Biniyam Shibre admitting he liked the idea of a green card if his relationship with Ariela Weinberg didn't work out, and Miona giving Jibri Bell an ultimatum during the Season 9 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance's ninth season stars Emily Bieberly, a 29-year-old from Salina, KS, and Kobe Blaise, a 34-year-old from Cameroon; Kara, a 29-year-old from Charlottesville, VA, and Guillermo, a 23-year-old from Venezuela; Bilal Hazziez, a 42-year-old from Kansas City, MO, and Shaeeda, a 37-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago; and Jibri, a 28-year-old from Rapid City, SD, and Miona, a 23-year-old from Serbia.

The show also stars Yve, 48-year-old from Albuquerque, NM, and Mohamed, a 25-year-old from Egypt; Patrick Mendes, a 31-year-old from Austin, TX, and Thais Ramone, a 25-year-old from Brazil; and Ariela, a 30-year-old from Princeton, NJ, and Biniyam, a 31-year-old from Ethiopia.


Ari and Biniyam first appeared on Seasons 2 and 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and have a child together named Avi.

90 Day Fiance features Americans who have fallen in love with foreigners bringing their fiances to the United States on K-1 visas.

However, once the couple is in America together, the American must marry their overseas partner within the 90-day period allowed by the visa or the foreigner has to return to their home country.

"The pressure is on and with travel guidelines more challenging than ever, there's even more at stake with these international love stories," TLC teased of the new season.

"Couples aren't just navigating unique lifestyle and cultural changes when arriving in America -- many of them must also adjust to parenthood and nontraditional family lifestyles. And while absence makes the heart grow fonder, personalities and temperaments have changed and not always for the best."

Below is what happened on Episode 7 of 90 Day Fiance's ninth season.


With 82 days to wed on Mohamed's 90 day K-1 visa, Yve got dressed to go out and Mohamed told her that he could see her underwear through her dress and he could "see everything," which he wasn't okay with.

Yve therefore had to change her outfit because Mohamed didn't approve, which annoyed her -- but she didn't make a big deal out of it as to not ruin the night since Mohamed would be meeting her girlfriends that evening.

Yve was nervous about the meet and greet due to Mohamed's cultural differences and her friends' skepticism and questions about his intentions and the couple's future together.

Mohamed, being a Muslim man, was surprised to see Yve's friends and their cleavage-baring dresses at the restaurant, and the women immediately put him in the hot seat.

Mohamed revealed an ex-girlfriend had broken up with him because he didn't have much money, and he insisted Yve's age didn't bother him because she's "still so pretty."

One friend asked Mohamed if he had sex with another woman before, and he replied, "No," with a blushing giggle. She then proceeded to ask Mohamed if he's watched porn before, which led the conversation in an awkward direction.

"I don't want to be here, but I'm doing that for Yve. I don't want Yve to get upset but it's very difficult," Mohamed admitted in a confessional.


Yve announced how Mohamed had asked her to wear a longer jacket because he could see her butt, and she called him out because she didn't like his controlling ways. Yve reminded Mohamed at the dinner table how they weren't in Egypt anymore, but Mohamed insisted he was trying to protect his future wife and not control her.

"I am not going to change my mind," Mohamed said of his views and cultural beliefs.

Mohamed accused Yve's friends of judging him, and the dinner turned out to be pretty tense.

On the drive home, Yve and Mohamed got into a fight over Yve once wearing a bikini instead of a one-piece bathing suit. Mohamed said Yve had agreed to change her ways for him, but Yve called that "bullsh-t."

Yve said Mohamed DM'd her to begin with because he had seen a picture of her in a bikini on Instagram.

"And now I can't wear a bikini," Yve vented.

Yve admitted she didn't want to change and had no idea what Mohamed was talking about. However, she had stopped eating pork for him, and she agreed to only drink on special occasions. Yve had also cleaned out her closet, getting rid of clothes Mohamed wouldn't approve of.

"But I never told him, 'I'm never going to wear a bikini again,'" Yve claimed. "I am absolutely furious... Obviously things are different here."

Mohamed asked Yve, "Are you going to choose a bikini over me?"

Mohamed said he wouldn't be a part of Yve's life if she wanted to dress like her girlfriends and act like them. Mohamed said he would return to Egypt before the 90 days were up if Yve chose to live that kind of lifestyle.

Yve didn't want to feel ashamed of herself or judged by her partner, who supposedly loved her.

"I am not a Muslim woman and I don't want to be told what to do," Yve said in a confessional. "I don't think that I go out looking slutty... I am proud of the way I look."

Yve added, "I'm not gonna live my life feeling controlled and feeling like I'm a bad person for just being who I am. As much as I love him, I won't get married if we can't figure this out."

Yve proceeded to sleep on the couch that night.


With 79 days to wed, Guillermo joined Kara in doing a balloon installation for her 10-year high school reunion.

Kara had been a cheerleader and homecoming queen at her high school, and so she said her experience was "fun" like in the movies -- well, "the good parts."

Kara was understandably stressed about preparing for the event, and so Guillermo called her "annoying" and "controlling." He apparently didn't like this side of his fiancee, who kept snapping at him and barking orders.

"I think, baby, you are being rude," Guillermo said.


Kara swore at Guillermo and said she didn't "give a f-ck," and Guillermo said he didn't understand why she was being so "aggressive" when he was just trying to help and assist her.

Kara was trying to complete a giant balloon wall in a short timeframe, and she also seemed nervous about Guillermo meeting her high school boyfriend, whom she had dated for a couple of years and went to multiple proms and dances with.

Guillermo complained about how Kara's opinion seemed to be the only one that mattered while they worked together, and he didn't appreciate his fiance talking to him like he's "an idiot."

"I really hope she's [not going] to treat me the same way tonight in front of her friends, because if she doesn't respect me and does whatever she wants, that is not going to work with me," Guillermo noted.

Kara told the cameras that she was excited to show Guillermo off at the reunion, and then she introduced him to her ex-boyfriend, Kris, who had been the athletic, jock guy in high school.

"Now he raps, and so he looks like a rapper," Kara joked.

Guillermo thought it was interesting Kara had dated a man like that, pointing out how he'll never dress like a rapper or have that many tattoos.

Kris advised Guillermo to say "no" to Kara because she can be controlling, and Kara nodded her head in agreement. Kris didn't think Kara and her fiance were going to work out because Guillermo wasn't "enough man" for her.

Kris insisted that he and Kara were "in love, bad" in high school and were all over each other but then during a break in college, Kris went through her text messages and found one to a guy in which she had allegedly said, "It was so good seeing you. That kiss was amazing."

Kris therefore accused Kara of cheating on him, and he said that he had thrown her phone and left her place.

"I never trusted a woman again," Kris announced. "Never."

Kara said she didn't remember any of that until Kris brought it up, which reminded her of a time she had kissed another guy at massage school. She hadn't thought about it in 10 years, and Guillermo seemed shocked and upset.

Kris advised Guillermo to move on with his life once he determines he can't trust Kara.


"I'm speaking from experience. She did what she did," Kris said.

Guillermo was afraid Kara might do the same thing to him, and he realized he should be careful going forward.

The meeting was more awkward than Kara had been anticipating, and Guillermo could feel tension with Kara after the conversation. Guillermo felt Kara had lied about being unfaithful to her high school boyfriend, but Kara insisted the situation wasn't significant to her.

Kara revealed she had cheated on men twice before when she was a teenager but she had learned a lot in 10 years and totally changed in that department.

"I hope," Guillermo said. "I feel weird and disappointed, but at the same time, I'll give Kara the opportunity to show me the real person she is. She can try to cheat on me, but then I will just have to walk away and I'll just leave her."

Kara acknowledged that she would work on her listening skills, but she also didn't want Guillermo to try to change her. Kara wanted Guillermo to feel heard, but at the same time, she wanted him to love her for her and who she is.

Guillermo added how Kara could work on having respect for him, and she agreed.

"Okay, so make the change," Guillermo said. "Your words have to become actions, because you like to talk a lot of sh-t and then you don't do anything. That thing, just to let you know, could make us have big problems."


With 72 days left to wed, Jibri introduced Miona to his beloved grandmother, who had always been there for Jibri. Jibri even called his grandmother his "heart."

Jibri, a former wild teenager, brought Miona to his grandmother's farm, and they were dressed in matching outfits to show they're an item and are passionate about fashion.

Miona shoveled some horse poop and explained to Jibri's grandmother how it made her a little sad when Mahala asked her to dress differently and more conservatively during her time in South Dakota.

Jibri suggested he and Miona could get married on the farm, but Miona wanted to move to California and get married on the beach in her 90 days.

She wanted and thought she deserved her dream wedding, but Jibri's grandmother noted how the distance and traveling would be difficult for the groom's loved ones.

Jibri's grandmother could tell that Miona didn't seem very patient, and she was concerned about Jibri and his fiancee figuring everything out in a short amount of time.

She also joked about Jibri needing to buy some lottery tickets to support his relationship financially.


Jibri then told Miona about an alleged once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a major producer in Chicago and make music with his band. Jibri would have to travel there in the next couple of weeks, and the venture made Miona feel disappointed.

Miona didn't want to be alone in Chicago, and she noted how being with his parents in Rapid City would be even worse. Miona also couldn't promise that she'd get along with Jibri's best friend.

Miona insisted that she wanted Jibri's music career to take off but she was only going to give David one more chance. The pair didn't get along three years prior, and Miona never felt a good vibe with him.

Jibri just begged Miona to remain as cordial as possible with David, and she replied, "Of course."

"It didn't sound like you meant that," Jibri said.

"That's the best that I can do," Miona noted. "We are talking about your feelings nonstop... I left my job, I left my family, I left everything to be here with you -- and now I'm following you. I have one wish, [a beach wedding], and it's too much to ask for."

Miona said Jibri made his dreams a reality while they had to "prolong" everything she wanted.

"If we go to Chicago, we need to [have a beach wedding]," Miona demanded.

Jibri wished they could wait until they were in a better place financially to have a beach wedding, and he thought it was an extremely frustrating situation. Their relationship was beginning to feel like a competition to Jibri on which person was sacrificing more.

"I don't like that," Jibri lamented in a confessional. "I need to get out of here for a while."


With 88 days to wed, Emily and Koban jumped into bed with Kobe, and Emily apologized to Kobe for having to sleep by himself during his first official night in America.

Kobe said he didn't move to America to sleep by himself and Emily had hurt his feelings.

However, Kobe planned to stay positive and optimistic -- until Emily criticized Kobe's parenting techniques and how he changed Koban's diaper.

Emily had never watched Kobe handle children before, but he said he's good with kids and wanted Emily to be confident in him.

Emily also didn't allow Kobe to drive in the United States with Koban in the car, which Kobe found insulting. She yelled at him, saying he wasn't going to drive her car, and Kobe complained in a confessional how Emily had "changed a lot" and he didn't like what he was seeing.

"Emily feels she already has a plan for everything and I'm just going to fill the space, but I'm not that kind of a person. I set my own rules and I live by those rules as a man," Kobe explained in a confessional.


Emily gave Kobe a tour of downtown Salina, Kansas, and he didn't seem impressed at all. There were no clubs and cool nightlife, and it seemed Kobe had been envisioning a life in New York or Las Vegas.

Kobe told Emily that sometimes she acted too smart, like she knows everything, and it that type of behavior wasn't good for their relationship. Emily and Kobe were bickering, and Emily worried they were no longer on the same page.

"It's been exhausting. I don't know, maybe Kobe and I are fooling ourselves by trying to make this relationship work," Emily lamented.

Kobe set out to prove to Emily that he could take care of Koban by himself, but Emily and her family didn't trust Kobe alone with his son just yet. Emily found it hard to give away that parenting card and let Kobe take care of things.

As Koban screamed, Kobe walked his baby boy around and patted him on the back. Kobe realized parenting is "a serious job," and assured Emily's mother that Koban was going to be fine and he could feed his child and take care of him.

Kobe's mother passed away in 2014, and he wished his mother could see him as a father. Kobe intended to teach Koban about his African roots and share memories with his son.

"Once he proves to me that he can, I will let him chime in a little bit more," Emily said in a confessional.

But Emily got upset when she saw Kobe trying to feed his son peanuts, which the toddler could choke on.


After Biniyam and Ariela's fight in New York City, their emotions had calmed down a lot but they still weren't on the same page. Ariela felt like Biniyam already wanted to move to a new place, and that really upset her.

Ariela wanted to stay in New Jersey for the time being, and she hoped her fiance would start being a little more realistic about their finances and plans.

But the couple was supposed to be having dinner with Ariela's parents and family that evening, and so she decided to be cool and not continue the fighting.

Later on, Biniyam videochatted with his sisters Mimi and Wish because he really missed them. Biniyam told them how Ariela wasn't happy about the moment they had thrown wine in her face, but the girls laughed it off and didn't seem to care about whether Ariela liked them or not.

Biniyam explained to his sisters how life in America was expensive and he wanted Ariela's siblings to like him.

"If things get bad and we don't get married, I have to come to my country and leave Avi," Biniyam said.

Biniyam's sisters thought it would be best for Aviel if Ariela and Biniyam got married for a green card and then he could stay in the United States if his marriage didn't work out in the long run.

While the women wanted Biniyam in Ethiopia, they understood Biniyam had to stay in America for his son, and they wanted to make sure that father and son relationship was going to be protected. Biniyam liked the idea of a green card because he said he didn't want to lose his family or move away from them.


That night, Biniyam met Ariela's sister and brothers, and Ariela said their opinions were really important to her.

"There's a lot riding on this dinner going well tonight. Biniyam wants to be close to my family... and if he can connect with my family, he'll have an easier time [adapting to life in America]," Ariela noted.

Biniyam assured Ariela's loved ones that he loved her a lot and was afraid Ariela was going to leave him and never come back to Ethiopia after their big fight. Ariela didn't want her fiance to revert back to that old behavior, but Biniyam said he was focused on keeping his family together.

On the topic of paying bills and the couple's sustainability together, Biniyam said he wanted to become a UFC fighter and a green card would be "good for him," which resulted in disapproving silence.

Ariela said Biniyam was struggling to communicate and she worried that she loved Biniyam more than he loved her. She wondered if they would ever be able to work out their trust and communication issues.

"I'm the real prize here, better than a green card, if I ever decide I want to marry you," Ariela declared at the dinner table.


With 81 days to wed, Bilal took Shaeeda out for a nice dinner in Kansas City. Bilal showed off his romantic side by taking Shaeeda on a gondola ride, which made her feel overwhelmed, happy and grateful.

"These are the things that I prayed for. I was single for so long, thinking I'd never find love. I was a hopeless romantic... and I had moments where I was just crying and frustrated thinking I'd never find love or be happy," Shaeeda shared with Bilal.

And Bilal felt the same way. He called Shaeeda "an amazing person" and felt like their romance was like a dream.

While Bilal recognized they were fortunate and blessed, he still had the fear his relationship with Shaeeda may not work out.

"I know you are the right person for me, 100 percent... 110 percent," Shaeeda gushed.

"That's good to know," Bilal replied. "That's good to know."

When asked if he wants more children, Bilal said he needed more time to get to know Shaeeda. Bilal said they had to work hard to maintain their love and putting a child into the mix would be "something totally and completely different."

Bilal apparently feared having children with Shaeeda and then possibly going through another divorce. Bilal wanted to make sure Shaeeda could adapt to living in a whole new country, and he told his fiancee that he didn't want to put any unnecessary stress on their relationship.

"If Shaeeda and I don't agree on the baby thing, it can become an issue and could potentially drive us apart," Bilal acknowledged.


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