90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth season featured Elizabeth Potthast getting into a blowout fight with her sister Becky on a yacht over Andrei Castravet, Angela Deem yelling at Michael Ilesanmi for not supporting her, Julia Trubkina receiving her work visa, Tiffany Franco securing a co-sponsor for Ronald Smith, and Asuelu Pulaa planning a romantic getaway for his wife during Sunday night's episode on Season 6.

The new Happily Ever After? season stars 90 Day Fiance Season 8 couples Mike Youngquist, a 35-year-old from Sequim, WA, and Natalie Mordovtseva, a 36-year-old from Kyiv, Ukraine; Brandon Gibbs, a 28-year-old pest-control technician who helps to run his parents' farm in Dinwiddie, VA, and Julia, a 27-year-old go-go club dancer from Krasnodar City, Russia; and Jovi Dufren, a 29-year-old from New Orleans, LA, and Yara Zaya, a 25-year-old from Ukraine.


The show also stars three returning Happily Ever After? Season 5 couples: Angela, a 54-year-old Hazlehurst, GA, and Michael, a 32-year-old from Lagos, Nigeria; Kalani Faagata, a 32-year-old from Washington, UT, and Asuelu, a 25-year-old from Utulaelae, Samoa; and Elizabeth, a 30-year-old from Tampa, FL, and Andrei, a 34-year-old from Chisinau, Moldova.

In addition, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 1 couple Tiffany, a 29-year-old from Frederick, MD, and Ronald, a 31-year-old from South Africa, are Season 6 Happily Ever After? cast members.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After? documents married 90 Day Fiance couples navigating life, hardships, family, children and unexpected obstacles.

The new season has already featured cultural differences, family arguments, scandals, confrontations and tears.

Below is the latest on several 90 Day Fiance couples, according to the sixth episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth season.


Natalie didn't seem to be enjoying her trip to Oklahoma to see Mike's mother Trish at all.

Natalie, once again, helped the mother and son collect and stack firewood, and Natalie admitted she felt "annoyed" because it appeared Trish was trying to find her weaknesses and point out her faults.

"She's been very judgmental about my goals, my career, my life," Natalie noted. "It's really difficult... Mike better stand up for me, because I don't feel like staying there and keep being insulted."

Trish suggested Natalie could help with the wood pile when she's at home with Mike, and it really pissed Natalie off. Natalie felt like Trish wouldn't get off her back and kept questioning her.

"I would never treat a houseguest like this," Natalie lamented in a confessional.

On Thanksgiving day, Natalie cooked a traditional Ukrainian dish, a healthy Ukrainian soup called borscht, for Mike, Trish and Trish's roommate Ron. Natalie accused Mike of groping her while she was trying to cook, and so she kicked him out of the kitchen.


Mike admitted Natalie looked sexy in her apron and high heels while she was cutting up carrots.

When Mike returned to the kitchen later on, Natalie accused Trish of calling her "a hooker."

Mike didn't believe his mother had called Natalie that word and that maybe Natalie had taken something out of context or misunderstood an exchange, but she insisted Trish had in fact called her "a hooker." Natalie suggested, however, if it was a joke Trish had made then she didn't appreciate it.

Natalie told the cameras she felt "disgusted" but could only laugh things off.

During the family's Thanksgiving meal, Mike confirmed his wedding had taken place on April 15 and Natalie seemed tense and upset.

Trish asked Natalie when she'd like to have kids, and Natalie just remained silent. Trish joked that Natalie was "getting up there" and "getting old," and Mike said, "I'm excited to have babies!"

Natalie said she was delaying motherhood because she wanted to find a job so she could help provide for her child and send him or her to a good school.

Trish called Natalie "a child" in a confessional and said it didn't seem like Natalie and Mike were made for each other in the long run.


Tiffany admitted to her father Carlos over lunch that Ronald has a past -- a previous gambling addiction that he went to rehab for as well as a criminal record.

Tiffany explained Ronald had been accused of drug possession but he claimed to have gotten caught with drugs while wearing a friend's jacket into a bar. Ronald insisted the drugs did not belong to him.

Since Tiffany was asking Carlos to co-sponsor Ronald in the United States, he told the cameras he was beginning to second-guess his decision.

Carlos worried Ronald might sink back into his old habits, and he was pretty scared about the idea of financially supporting Ronald if he starts up his old bad habits again.


Carlos asked Tiffany if she was doubting her marriage and future with Ronald, but Tiffany assured her father that the past does not define who Ronald is. Tiffany said everything on Ronald's record had been withdrawn and he was never convicted of anything.

"Although it looks really bad and it looks really f-cked up, I just want to be honest with you... I don't want to move to [South Africa]," Tiffany explained.

"You're my only shot at getting him here, and I promise if anything goes wrong, I'll take care of it. I just need you to sign."

Tiffany promised her father that Ronald is a good man who means well and he'd behave in America.

Carlos ultimately agreed to co-sponsor Ronald because he had witnessed Ronald's close relationship with Tiffany's son Daniel. Tiffany cried and thanked her father, who just hoped his daughter would have a loving and supportive family.

Carlos comforted his emotional daughter and confirmed everything was going to be okay. Tiffany acknowledged it was so important for Ronald to not mess up in the U.S. because it would put her relationship with Carlos at risk and possibly result in Daniel losing his grandfather.

Tiffany told the cameras that everything was on the line and Ronald couldn't disappoint her.

Tiffany later met with an immigration lawyer to discuss Ronald's upcoming interview at the Embassy in South Africa for the spousal visa, which was in the approval stage.

Ronald was told he only had one chance to get it right or else he and Tiffany would have to wait years to go through with this process again. While Ronald videochatted with the lawyer, he was sitting back on a couch and vaping.

Ronald also made light of having been arrested five or six times.

Tiffany watched Ronald essentially bomb the interview during a practice round with the lawyer. Tiffany explained that Ronald rambled on when asked "yes" or "no" questions and didn't seem to take things seriously.

Tiffany left the meeting more worried than ever, and the lawyer predicted Ronald would have a 50/50 chance of getting his spousal visa approved.

Tiffany called Ronald after the meeting and reminded him that he needed to shape up and take things seriously, but Ronald pointed out how Tiffany and the kids could always move to South Africa and live with him.


"I don't know if Ronald is purposely sabotaging the visa, but I do think that he's a little more careless with it because in his mind, if it doesn't work out, we can still move over there -- which is his backup plan and so he's not that scared," Tiffany explained.

"For me, I'm terrified because I know I'm not going there. So for me, if he fails that interview, that's it and there's no backup plan. He still thinks he has a safety net, and he doesn't."


Angela was supposed to get her facelift surgery but her doctor apparently canceled the cosmetic procedure because she had been smoking. Angela, however, wasn't ready to take "no" for an answer, and so she visited Dr. David Saadat and planned to use her "southern charm" to change his mind.

Angela asked if she could give Dr. Saadat her word that she'd stop smoking after the surgery, but the doctor made it very clear she must stop smoking for at least four weeks before going under the knife.

Dr. Saadat explained the blood vessels that give the blood supply and oxygen to the skin to heal get choked and become very small, which would result in tissue necrosis or a killing of the skin.

Dr. Saadat decided to postpone the procedure for several weeks and told Angela that she wasn't allowed to even smoke a half of one cigarette. He pushed the idea smoking was very dangerous.

"As of right now, you are not my patient," Dr. Saadat said. "I cannot take that risk with you."

"You are rude. You are telling me that you're not my damn doctor and I happen to like you and want you," Angela replied.

Dr. Saadat said the surgery was up to Angela and no one should feel entitled to getting work done just because he handles cosmetic procedures. With that being said, Dr. Saadat warned Angela that he was going to Nicotine test her upon her return so everything would turn out perfectly.

Dr. Saadat also required Angela to sign a contract that she was going to stop smoking. The contract read that Angela must pay $1500 if Dr. Saadat cancels her surgery due to her decision to smoke. Angela refused to sign the contract but said she'd "think about this."

Angela was a little disappointed she wasn't going to get her way, but she appreciated her doctor cared that much about his patients.

"Michael will be happy my facelift is canceled, possibly for good. What he doesn't realize is if I don't get this surgery, my turkey wattle is going to hang down [far] and I'm going to look older than I am. Is that what he wants?" Angela questioned.

Angela said Michael never checked on her or reached out. She didn't think her husband cared about her, and Angela complained about Michael slacking and not supporting her through her recovery from surgery.

"I guess I'm going to have to continue doing things on my own, because Michael is not supporting me at all. I don't need to man, hell -- never have and never will," Angela lamented.

Meanwhile, Michael's aunt Lydia called Angela "very selfish" and "crazy" for spending so much money on a facelift. Michael's relatives questioned Angela's priorities because Michael clearly still wanted to have a baby.


Michael admitted he was giving Angela the silent treatment because she wasn't listening to him and was making big decisions without his input or approval. Michael wished they could act as one body and one mind.

"After the surgery, all Angela and I do is fight, fight, fight. At this point, I don't know if I'll ever be happy being married to Angela," Michael confessed.


Andrei talked to Chuck about his ugly confrontation with Charlie at a property Charlie was planning to list. Chuck had a feeling there were going to be issues when he invited Andrei to join the family business, and he recognized some problems needed to be resolved.

Andrei explained to Chuck that his Green Card was expiring and he had to find employment as soon as possible and "get [his] sh-t together" or else he may be deported back to Moldova. Andrei insisted he had no idea this was going to happen and he thought the renewal was going to be a simple process, like renewing one's driver's license.

"If [I get deported], Libby is coming with me now and we're going back to Moldova," Andrei revealed.

Chuck realized this was a serious situation because losing Elizabeth and his granddaughter Eleanor would "crush" him.

Andrei said he wanted to continue working for and with Chuck but there was no way he could have any involvement with Charlie on the same property. Chuck said it didn't seem like everyone was on the same page, including his daughter Becky.

Chuck therefore told Andrei they would work on a project by themselves, which would give Andrei a chance to prove himself to Charlie and Becky. Chuck said he was impressed by Andrei on the jobsite so far in that his attitude was good and he performed the tasks he was asked to do.

"When he was asked to come back and work on his own, which takes a lot of initiative, he did. So if Andrei needs a job to avoid deportation, it's safer for him to work for me... because my kids have made it really hard for him to do his job," Chuck explained in a confessional.

Chuck told Andrei that he was going to teach him the business, and Andrei said he was cool with that "100 percent." Andrei said he was one step closer from receiving a loan from Chuck and flipping his own properties.

"I'm really starting to get a bond with Chuck and I can feel he's warming up, and the future looks bright," Andrei said.

Later on, Chuck chartered a beautiful yacht for a day on the water with his family.

Elizabeth hoped Andrei and her siblings could be civil on the boat, and Elizabeth said she wasn't going to talk to Becky because Becky had insulted her husband on his first day of work by busting in on a property and calling him "a d-ck."

Chuck hoped this day would bring everyone together and result in a fresh start. Chuck announced he'd like to have a family reunion in Maryland by renting an RV and driving to see his 86-year-old father amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jenn predicted such a trip would be a disaster, but Chuck said he wasn't going to allow the family business to destroy his family.

Andrei hoped for a normal father-in-law and son-in-law relationship.


During the boat ride, Charlie announced everyone would have to spend two days with Andrei, who was allegedly taking advantage of everyone. Charlie refused to ride in an RV with Andrei, and Elizabeth said she wasn't okay with everyone "dogging on her husband."

Elizabeth and Andrei started to fight and then Becky jumped in and called Andrei "a manipulator," before getting in Elizabeth's face and calling her "two faced."

"How do you not see what's going on between your husband and dad?!" Becky shouted. "You have no f-cking clue!"

Elizabeth put her finger in front of Becky's face and yelled, "You don't talk to my husband that way! You don't f-cking talk to my husband that way!"

Jenn had to break up the two girls from getting physical, and Elizabeth called Becky "a jealous b-tch." Andrei accused Charlie and Becky of being "f-cking crazy," and then Becky called Andrei "a f-cking assh-le."

Elizabeth went after Becky again to hit her after the fight escalated to a point of no return. Elizabeth told the cameras this was "the last straw" and she "had enough."

Becky called Libby "a brat" and accused her of crying to Chuck so that Chuck would feel sorry for her. Elizabeth then threw her drink on Becky, who in turn threw her drink right back on Elizabeth and nearly pushed Elizabeth off the boat.

Elizabeth yelled at Becky to stand next to her rich husband, saying Becky acted like she's rich when she's really not.

Chuck scolded his daughters for their behavior and told them to knock it off because they had ruined his day. Chuck said if the family business was going to cause so many problems, he was just going to get rid of it.

Elizabeth said lines had been crossed and she wasn't sure whether her relationship with Becky could ever be repaired.


A hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico was possibly headed to New Orleans, and so Jovi asked Yara to stay with his mother Gwen since he was still leaving for work for a couple of months.

Jovi told Yara that Gwen knew how to handle hurricanes and he thought it would be best for the girls to live together in the bayou for a while. Jovi wanted to make sure his wife and child were going to be safe.

Yara and Gwen then drove Jovi to the airport, and Yara felt her life was out of control and she hated having to depend on other people so much.


Jovi admitted things had been weird between Yara and his family ever since they welcomed their baby girl Mylah because Yara didn't want to accept help or take advice from Gwen, but Jovi insisted Gwen was just trying to help and she meant well.

"Yara is in for a rough couple of months. I will help her physically and emotionally as much as I can, but we barely know each other. We just came into each other's lives, so I don't want her to get aggravated with me," Gwen explained in a confessional.

Jovi said he could be gone anywhere from one to four months, and Yara told her husband that she's not "superwoman," a woman who can stay at home alone with a newborn baby and do all the work.

Jovi struggled to say goodbye to his daughter, who was only a few months old at the time. Jovi was concerned his daughter might forget about him while he's gone.

After Jovi gave Mylah a kiss on the head, Yara hugged her husband goodbye outside of the airport and broke down into tears. Yara wished her husband could make money without having to travel.

Yara demanded that Jovi return home after a month or so. She said she wouldn't accept him being gone for three or four months and it felt like a part of her family was missing.

"You are strong," Jovi reminded his wife before he left.


Julia received a letter in the mail from the U.S. CIS and so she opened it in front of Brandon's parents Betty and Ron. The letter appeared to be Julia's work visa so that she could get a job and make money in the United States.

While it wasn't a Green Card, Julia was thrilled she could finally work and also leave the country if she wanted to while waiting for her permanent residence to be approved.

Ron and Betty cheered and went in for a group hug, and then Brandon's parents suggested Brandon and Julia should have a real wedding with a beautiful dress and family and friends in attendance.

Brandon and Julia had a quickie ceremony amid COVID-19, and Ron and Betty apparently wanted more for them. Betty pointed out how the couple didn't even have their own wedding song to dance to.

Julia, however, didn't seem interested. Julia explained how she and Brandon were already married and had their special day, and she said the only thing that mattered was them being together as a couple.


Julia accused Brandon's parents of making her take a step back and trying to distract the couple from leaving their home, but Betty and Ron assured her that wasn't the case.

At the end of the day, Brandon and Julia said they were happy with the way things already were, and Brandon told Julia she had come up with "a conspiracy theory."

Betty said she and Ron would do their best to respect Brandon and Julia's wishes not to have a second wedding. The couple, however, agreed to a toast at Ron's upcoming birthday party.

"I don't trust your mother. I feel she'll do something wrong to make me angry," Julia complained to Brandon.



Kalani said Asuelu had gotten into a bad accident and totaled his car. The accident happened shortly after Kalani and her father Low visited a lawyer about her immigration rights.

"To me, it was a wake-up call to see what I truly wanted," Kalani said.

"When Asuelu first called me about the accident, hearing the panic and the terror in his voice just scared the sh-t out of me. I've never felt that way with him. Divorce has been on my mind... but he could have died. I don't want him out of my life. I love him. It made me realize that I really do love him."

Someone apparently ran a Stop sign and hit Asuelu.

Kalani realized she didn't want to live without Asuelu and she didn't want her boys to live without him either. Asuelu said he felt the same way and didn't want to be without his family.

Kalani and Asuelu then took their two sons mini-golfing. Asuelu then shared with his wife how he had planned a romantic getaway for two or three days to a beautiful and fantastic place.

Asuelu said there was a hot tub and Kalani could play with bubbles. Asuelu intended to take better care of his wife and cuddle with her and share good energy.

But since Kalani was still breastfeeding, she asked if the boys and her mother could join them on the trip. Asuelu didn't like that idea because he and Kalani's mother previously got into a fight while they drove to California for their son Oliver's birthday party.

Kalani felt bad about having to bring her mom on the trip, and she just hoped there wouldn't be a repeat of California.


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