90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? continued its fourth season with lots of drama on Sunday night -- including Ashley Martson meeting up with an ex-boyfriend behind Jay Smith's back, Pedro Jimeno threatening to leave Chantel Everett, and Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima attending her domestic-violence court hearing.

In addition to Larissa and Colt Johnson, Ashley and Jay, and Chantel and Pedro, Sunday night's two-hour 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? broadcast on TLC also featured Season 4's three other couples: Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet, Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou, and Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield.

"Many painful realities and unexpected obstacles await as they navigate cultural differences, pregnancies, in-laws, scandals and more," TLC previously teased of the new season.

This season is going to feature explosive fights, confrontations, tears, and even police involvement, and the first several episodes have already given viewers a taste of some of that.

Below is the latest on each 90 Day Fiance couple, according to the latest broadcast of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s fourth season.



The episode began where last week's episode had left off, with Larissa being afraid of deportation back to Brazil.

Larissa was angry, claiming Colt had lied to the police about her behavior prior to the domestic-violence arrest, saying she had supposedly lunged at him and scratched him.

Colt decided not to go to the hearing so he wouldn't have to potentially testify against his wife.

Debbie therefore drove Larissa to court and admitted it would probably be best if she gets sent back to Brazil. Debbie, however, didn't want her son to be depressed and have to go through a legal battle with Larissa.

Larissa feared her family would be ashamed of her, and she said being deported from America "would be a nightmare."

Larissa was later shown leaving her court hearing and her case had been dismissed. Larissa was thankful Debbie supported her, and she actually felt like they were friends in that moment.

Larissa's lawyer informed her that although her case was dismissed that day, charges could be refiled within the next year -- but that would be a rare occurrence.

Larissa was so happy to be free and in the clear, but she didn't forgive Colt entirely for calling the police on her. However, she wanted to work on their marriage.

Once Larissa returned home from her court case, Colt brought her flowers and she was thrilled. Colt also said "he could not be happier" the case had been dismissed and the trial was now behind them.

Colt apologized for everything and hoped their marriage would take a turn for the better going forward. He said it was "a miracle" they had survived so much as a couple and he loved her.

Larissa took Colt's apology to heart and felt it was sincere, so her attitude changed -- both towards Colt and Debbie. She no longer felt like she was "living in a hell" and the pair popped some champagne to celebrate.



Chantel's family was offended Pedro didn't attend their Thanksgiving dinner, and things were tense over the next few days between the couple. However, they decided to enjoy a night out with friends to hopefully lighten the mood and ease some of their stress.

Chantel told her friends Pedro wanted to visit the Dominican Republic without her, which was upsetting. He planned to stay a month or more. Chantel was also still unhappy about the fact Pedro still sent money home to his family.

Chantel and Pedro fought about the dinner-table incident regarding Chantel's brother River again, and the outgoing quickly became awkward and hostile.

Pedro told Chantel's friends he was tired of always being accused of being the problem and wanted time alone to "f-ck off" and "bounce."

Pedro said he meant he wanted to disappear, but Chantel took the comment in a negative way.

"The way Pedro is behaving is embarrassing... and disrespectful to me," Chantel told the cameras. 

After the dinner gone bad, Pedro told the cameras he needed to "escape," and then he FaceTimed his sister, who wanted him to dump Chantel and move on with his life.

Pedro said his family wasn't perfect -- and his sister was sometimes crazy -- but they were the only people in his life and he loved and cared for them.

Pedro was still upset Chantel didn't want to have a child with him because she was putting her family first. Pedro said Chantel's claim broke him into "little parts," and his sister argued Chantel wasn't treating him right.

"My sister is going to try anything for me to stay in the Dominican Republic. And then the reality is, I'm not sure, maybe I will. Maybe I want to stay in the Dominican Republic with my friends and my family," Pedro admitted.

Later on, Pedro was shown trying to renew his Green Card by meeting with an immigration attorney and finding out what must be done.

Pedro discussed opening a business in the Dominican Republic but living in America full-time, and Chantel noted in a confessional it was strange her husband was so secretive about this supposed venture he had up his sleeve.

Chantel and Pedro had been on bad terms "for months," according to Chantel, and she began to wonder what was motivating Pedro's project in his home country.

The immigration attorney then revealed if Pedro obtains his 10-year Green Card, he and Chantel could get divorced and he'd be able to stay in the United States. Chantel, however, would still be financially responsible for him, regardless of whether they sign a prenuptial agreement.

Chantel would have to prove Pedro didn't enter their marriage in good faith in order to not be on the hook for him.

"Was this your plan all along? To come here and marry me just for a Green Card so you can leave me, use me and start your business?" Chantel vented in a confessional.



On the day of Paola's baby shower in Oklahoma -- which was thrown for her by Russ' parents -- Paola got her nails done before the big event.

However, Paola's nail appointment ran extremely late, and she was over an hour late for the celebration in her honor.

Paola was hoping to fix her relationship with Russ' family because she never felt they were very accepting of her, but her apparent lack of respect in being so late for her own party disappointed and frustrated Russ' mother, Patty, and other loved ones. Patty, in fact, called Paola's actions "rude."

Russ was frustrated by Paola's tardiness as well, especially since some guests had prior commitments and had to leave early. Russ thought Paola should have been more aware of "the American mindset of being on time."

Once Paola arrived at her party, she told the cameras no one is ever on time for a party in Colombia. She and Russ' family got off on the wrong foot as a result, but Paola appeared thankful for all the sweet decorations and cake.

Paola didn't want Russ to leave because he gave her strength and comfort. It was a bit of an awkward gathering, and Paola eventually felt a little guilty for being late because she didn't want people to think she came to open gifts and that's it.

However, Paola seemed to blame the guests for leaving early and not wanting to mingle with her. Russ' mother, on the other hand, said that was entirely Paola's fault and she shouldn't feel sad or disappointed in anyone else.

Once Paola and Russ reunited in their hotel room, she admitted the baby shower was a little disappointing because it didn't seem like anyone wanted to spend time with her or get to know her better.

Paola didn't feel much had changed in regards to her relations with Russ' family. She still felt judged and noted the baby shower had just made things worse, so she hoped Russ would stand up for her and speak on her behalf.

Russ wanted to resolve these problems since they had a baby boy on the way.




Elizabeth met her father Chuck for lunch so he could address his concerns with her. Chuck wasn't pleased Andrei couldn't provide for his family.

Chuck wanted to see the couple get on their feet financially, but Andrei had yet to land a steady job.

"He came over here, got married, and then knocked up my daughter without any, any plan in place to support her! I just think that's irresponsible," Chuck said in a confessional.

Chuck told Elizabeth that she and Andrei weren't taking care of the property he owned, which he was allowing them to live in rent-free. Chuck felt his daughter and her husband were taking him "for granted," and he wanted to see a little more courtesy from them.

Elizabeth said it was "a slap in the face" her father assumed she and Andrei weren't grateful for his generosity and pointed out that he held the house over their heads.

"Elizabeth has a major attitude, and it didn't use to be like that. I definitely feel like that's [Andrei]'s influence," Chuck told the cameras.

Elizabeth explained in a confessional Andrei wanted to work and provide but he couldn't work for the first six months of his stay in the United States because of the K-1 visa process. Elizabeth felt torn between her father and husband, and she was having a difficult time with that.

Once Elizabeth returned home, she told Andrei about the conversation she had with her father. Andrei called Chuck's concerns "bullsh-t" and said he wanted to move out of his house.

Andrei determined he was going to work somehow because he no longer wanted to rely on Chuck. Andrei was clearly pissed and yelled about how he was moving out, but Elizabeth was upset because she didn't want this to ruin ties between her husband and father.

Andrei insisted he would find work, provide and take care of the situation. Elizabeth, however, said he wasn't thinking straight and was making "rash decisions."

Elizabeth noted she didn't need this kind of stress in her life, especially because she was pregnant at the time.




Nicole met her family at a mini-golf place in Florida to celebrate her daughter May's birthday, but she anticipated being asked stressful questions by her loved ones and wasn't looking forward to that.

Nicole's parents wanted her to stay in Florida but figured she would be trying to head back to Morocco.

Nicole's mother called Nicole's relationship "a cycle of nothing" because she and Azan had canceled their wedding twice. Nicole's mother accused Azan of "ditching" her last-minute, but Nicole argued the couple had decided to forego their wedding mutually for financial reasons.

Nicole's mother acknowledged, however, the beauty-store business never seemed to come to fruition and was probably just an excuse to delay their nuptials.

Nicole then revealed to her family she was planning on traveling to Grenada soon to see her fiance, and her father pointed out he really wanted to meet Azan before she decided to tie the knot.

Although Nicole and Azan's previous trip to South Korea fell through, Nicole insisted she wasn't worried Azan would be denied entry into Grenada since it wasn't as much of a high-profile, large country.

Later on, Nicole was shown grocery shopping and buying some nutritious items. She was eating better and said it was important to Azan that she be healthy.

Nicole was hoping to lose a little late and look great for her trip to Grenada.



Ashley went to the salon to get hair extensions and admitted to her stylist she felt insecure and was changing her looks as a result. Not only did she change her hair, but she was also getting Botox.

Ashley vented to the stylist about how Jay wasn't ready for marriage, but she at least felt confident in her appearance after her appointment.

Ashley then met up with her ex-boyfriend, Mikey, for drinks to discuss the problems in her relationship with Jay. She wanted to look "damn good" for him and said he's mature and always supportive.

Meanwhile, Mikey admitted to cameras Ashley is beautiful, smart and a wonderful mother. He said she's always have a spot in his heart.

"Ashley is the one that got away," Mikey told the cameras.

Ashley explained to Mikey that she found out Jay had created a Tinder account three days after their wedding and was inviting women to their house. Mikey was disgusted by the revelation and told the cameras Jay was "using" Ashley and would probably hurt her.

Ashley admitted she still loved Jay but didn't know what to do.

"She's only made one good choice with a relationship and that was me," Mikey said in a confessional before advising Ashley to end her marriage and put her children's needs first.

Mikey missed the smiling, happy Ashley, and she realized how respectful and caring he is. Mikey told Ashley she needed trust in a relationship.

"It's hard for me to look at Jay and think, 'This is the person I want to settle down with,' when I realize there's so much better out there," Ashley confessed to the cameras.

"My head and my heart are telling me two different things."

Once Ashley returned home from her outing with Mikey, Jay appeared worried and concerned -- and he wasn't happy to find out she was spending time with an ex-boyfriend.

Jay felt "pissed" off and said it was "messed up." Jay no longer felt like he could trust Ashley, and he was wondering if this was revenge. Ashley said she didn't cheat on Jay but Mikey had advised her to dump Jay.

Ashley said her outing with Mikey did not compare to Jay's actions on Tinder. The pair then got into a fight and were yelling at each other to "shut up." Jay just ended the conversation so he wouldn't say something he'd come to regret.

"It's frustrating because nothing is getting better in my relationship. It's just getting worse," Jay told the cameras.

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