90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? continued its fourth season with a good share of drama on Sunday night -- including Ashley Martson taking a break from Jay Smith and revealing his alleged Tinder interest was in high school, Chantel Everett admitting her marriage to Pedro Jimeno "might be lost," and Elizabeth Potthast lying to her husband for the sake of having somewhere to live.

In addition to Ashley and Jay, Pedro and Chantel, and Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet, Sunday night's two-hour 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? broadcast on TLC also featured Season 4's three other couples: Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson, Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou, and Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield.

"Many painful realities and unexpected obstacles await as they navigate cultural differences, pregnancies, in-laws, scandals and more," TLC previously teased of the new season.

This season is going to feature explosive fights, confrontations, tears, and even police involvement, and the first several episodes have already given viewers a taste of some of that.

Below is the latest on each 90 Day Fiance couple, according to the new broadcast of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s fourth season.



Colt and Larissa went out to dinner to celebrate the fact Larissa's domestic violence case had been dismissed. Larissa was excited, but she only trusted Colt "20 percent."

Larissa, however, hoped her level of trust in her husband could grow over time, and Colt also acknowledged they had a lot to work on.

Because Colt had called the police on his wife following an argument, Larissa needed to be convinced Colt cared about her and they were on the same team.

As for Colt, he asked Larissa to step up and be his partner because she often shut down.

Larissa then told Colt she needed more money from him and wanted to buy a Chanel-designed item. Colt admitted her demands were ridiculous but he'd be willing to give her a pre-paid credit card every month.

After Larissa suggested they should put $1,000 on the card, Colt settled on $200 a month.

"I want a million dollars from Colt, but $200 is better than nothing," Larissa told the cameras.

Larissa called Colt out for telling her that he had $10,000 saved when they met, but Colt didn't recall ever saying that. And Colt insisted that even if that was the case, the money was probably gone now because Larissa was "expensive."

Colt said in a confessional he loved Larissa but they still had much more to learn and discover about each other.


Afterward, Colt paid for Larissa to receive lip injections. She said Colt had to pay or else she wasn't going to have sex with him anymore.

Colt told Larissa she was naturally beautiful and didn't need any work done, but she joked about how a new look would be motivation for her to give him more "bl-w j-bs."

Larissa said she'd feel more confident and sexy with poutier lips, telling her husband she'd be able to fulfill his "hungry sexual drive."

With that being said, Colt paid for one $450 syringe to make Larissa happy. He was bothered, however, that his gestures never seemed to be enough and she always wanted more.


Elizabeth visited her sister Jen to vent about the situation regarding their father and Andrei.

Andrei wanted to move out of their small home so they'd no longer have to owe or deal with Chuck and abide by his rules, but Elizabeth said they didn't have the funds to just pick up and find a new place.

Jen thought Andrei was confused and admitted to Elizabeth their father was just trying to help them out and get them on their feet.


Since Elizabeth and Andrei were struggling financially so much, Jen insisted moving out of a rent-free home while Elizabeth was pregnant was the "dumbest" thing they could possibly do.

But Elizabeth acknowledged Andrei was "prideful" and it was "killing him" he couldn't provide for his family and serve as the head of household with a steady job.

Elizabeth considered going behind Andrei's back and asking her father for a deposit for a home so they could move out of their rent-free pad under Chuck's name.

Elizabeth and Andrei ultimately decided to move out of their home because Andrei "felt betrayed" by her father. Elizabeth therefore called her dad in secret to ask for money.

Elizabeth said Chuck was holding the house over her head and Andrei was uncomfortable with the gesture, but Chuck was clearly angry because Andrei was supposed to work on the house and keep it up.

Chuck went many months without rent and complained about having to bring a contractor into the house to fix it up.

Elizabeth then gathered up the courage to ask her father for more financial help so she and Andrei could secure a new place, have a deposit and be able to afford rent.

Chuck was shocked and angry about the phone call, but he said he loved his daughter and would of course help her out given she was pregnant.

Chuck also promised not to say a word to Andrei about their deal, because Elizabeth confessed her husband would be furious over where the money would be coming from.

Elizabeth planned to tell Andrei that she had received an advance from work, and she anticipated he would believe her.

Andrei was happy about moving out because he didn't want to feel indebted to Chuck anymore. Andrei was also confident he'd nail down a full-time job soon.

Elizabeth felt guilty about lying to her husband, but she pointed out there was no other option.

Later on, Andrei was shown continuing his search for a full-time job in the trucking industry. He hoped to receive a permanent job with a consistent schedule.

One company wanted six or more months of experience, so they told Andrei they could give him work when it's available. Given he'd be an on-call worker, he would earn 38 cents a mile and be able to drive anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 miles a week -- which would equate to $900 to $1,000 every week.

The company also told Andrei he would be removed from its roster if he ended up turning down a trip, which could last for up to 26 days at a time.

Elizabeth then went shopping with Andrei in a second-hand shop for baby clothes, but Andrei seemed grossed out by the fact a pair of shoes had already been worn by a kid's "dirty feet."

"I don't know what planet Andrei is living on, but we cannot afford to be picky. I am kind of the one being realistic here, and it's kind of a hard spot to be in," Elizabeth told the cameras.

Andrei shared with Elizabeth the details of his interview and how it was going to be harder than he thought to make money in the trucking industry, but Elizabeth seemingly didn't want to hear it.

Andrei was upset his wife wasn't being more supportive, but Elizabeth was waiting for him to get his act together and actually use his trucker's license. She thought it would be "stupid" for him to turn down any potential job.

"I think Andrei is blissfully unaware of what's to come and he needs to step it up," Elizabeth said.



Nicole met up with her supportive friend Jessica to discuss her relationship with Azan. Nicole confessed her entire relationship had been "waiting," and Jessica said "it broke her heart" to postpone the wedding again.

Nicole then revealed she was going to visit Azan in Grenada for a fun trip and her father wanted to meet him. Nicole, however, was tired of defending her fiance to her family and trying to convince them he's a genuine guy.

Jessica understood why Nicole's family was suspicious, especially because she had heard Azan was "talking to other girls" -- although she "didn't know in what way."

Nicole then explained to cameras that before she left for Morocco the last time, she had found recordings of Azan talking to other women and saying he wanted to kiss someone.

Azan claimed at the time it was all a joke and Nicole said she gave Azan a second chance, which was something he had previously done for her.

"Was it infidelity?" Jessica asked.

"No, but it was a form of cheating," Nicole replied, before subtly confirming it was cyber cheating and she didn't want to talk about it.

Jessica was no longer sure Azan was The One for Nicole, but Nicole just wanted to move forward from those voice recordings and all the negativity.



Chantel came home from work to see Pedro packing for the Dominican Republic. He was leaving the next day for "who knows how long," according to Chantel.

"I am disappointed beyond belief by how he has been treating me lately, and it really worries me," Chantel said.

Chantel noted all Pedro wanted to ask when they had met with an immigration attorney about was what would happen if they ended up divorcing.

Chantel didn't understand why Pedro didn't want his wife to travel with him, and she wondered if he was hiding something or wanted to get a divorce. She just wished Pedro had been more honest with her.

Pedro insisted to Chantel his boss was okay with him leaving for an undetermined amount of time.

Chantel didn't trust Pedro's family. She believed they wanted Pedro to bring money home so they could start a business together and then divorce Chantel.

"Nothing they have ever said about me is real, and you know it," Chantel told her husband of his family.

Pedro said he was ready to take off because Chantel made him feel like everything he did was "bad" and "wrong." Chantel told her husband that he was acting like "an assh-le," but Pedro was hoping his wife would just be sweet to him before leaving for his trip.

The next day, Chantel found herself extremely upset to drop Pedro off at the airport. She worried her marriage was "doomed" and felt a cloud over her.

Chantel didn't feel she had done anything wrong, but she apologized to Pedro anyway for how she had acted the previous day. Chantel didn't want to be away from her husband or leave him with bad thoughts of her on his way out.

"If I feel really good, I'll come back to you. But right now, I am tired and have no fight," Pedro said in a confessional.

However, Pedro told his wife, "I love you," when he exited her car.

"Right now, I feel like my marriage could be lost," Chantel told the cameras.

Pedro was then shown arriving in the Dominican Republic and being greeted by his sister and mother. Pedro missed his loved ones.

Once Pedro returned to his mother and sister's house, his sister shared the news Pedro was paying for their place and Chantel didn't like it. Pedro then confided in his family how Chantel always took her family's side and living in the United States was "difficult" for him.

Pedro said he loved Chantel but things needed to change between them, and his sister was just hoping she could clear his mind and help him to have a little fun.

"I told my mother what happened between me and Chantel, and my mother simply says, 'What are you doing with her?' And really, in that situation, my mind says, 'I don't know what I need to do now,'" Pedro explained.



Russ and Paola were still in Oklahoma visiting his family, but the trip wasn't going great.

Russ was disappointed because he had been offered a great job in Oklahoma and was hoping to move there with his wife.

Russ then sat down with his parents and explained Paola didn't feel welcome or accepted into their family. Patty and Ron had reservations in the past, but they thought the situation had gotten better.

Patty and Ron said they often reached out to Paola but there was never a positive response on her end.

Russ went on to explain to his parents that Paola felt judged for how she had dressed sexy during a previous gathering. Patty didn't like it, but Russ insisted it was Paola's culture and how her family and friends dressed back home.

Ron wondered if Paola came to the United States with the wrong intentions, and he wasn't convinced Paola would "stick around through thick and thin" for his son.

Russ asked his parents to start fresh and attempt to move forward, and then he revealed a job opportunity had been offered to him in Oklahoma. Russ would love to be closer to his parents since he had a baby on the way and Patty and Ron could assist as his son's grandparents.

In order to get her son back, Patty was willing to sit down with Paola and have a conversation to smooth things over and hopefully mend fences.

Later on, Paola sat down with her mother-in-law, but she certainly wasn't looking forward to their little chat. Patty wanted to have a good relationship with Paola so they could get along and help each other with the baby.

Paola and Patty went back and forth, explaining how neither woman had felt accepted by the other. Paola brought up Patty's distaste for her fashion and culture and judgmental attitude, but Patty argued Paola distanced herself from them and never really gave them a chance.

Patty also wanted Paola to respect Russ' family and represent them well, but Paola "didn't plan on changing for anyone."

Patty also confessed she and Ron had questioned her motives in the beginning of her relationship with Russ. The couple initially wondered if Paola just wanted to come to the United States so she could further her career.

Paola told Patty that she didn't want to return to Oklahoma, but Patty asked her to at least consider a move.

"I do not want to live in Oklahoma and I do not want to go back," Paola told the cameras in a confessional.

Paola felt better after her conversation with Patty because things had been "very uncomfortable" for her. She looked forward to having a better relationship with Patty, but a move to Oklahoma was clearly not going to happen.



Ashley told the cameras her relationship with Jay was a constant battle, as they were fighting and bickering frequently.

Jay thought Ashley meeting up with her ex-boyfriend on a date was just as bad as the dating-app scandal in which he had allegedly been just talking to women on Tinder.

"Right now, every little thing that Jay does annoys me. I just get really agitated with him and my bullsh-t tolerance is at a zero. I still love him, but I'm not sure Jay and I are going to be able to get past this. I feel a break is necessary at this point," Ashley said in a confessional.

Ashley then told her husband she intended to travel to New York City with her girlfriends.

Jay was upset Ashley didn't even ask him or talk to him about going, especially since he had no friends in Pennsylvania and didn't have an opportunity to travel himself.

But Ashley was desperate for time away to think about her relationship, ask her friends for advice, and hopefully rebuild trust.

Jay pointed out Ashley was trying to get back at him and maybe it would make sense for her to just send him back to Jamaica.

Ashley was later shown going to New York and partying and letting loose with her girlfriends. A part of her worried, however, about Jay being left alone at home.

Ashley dropped a bombshell that one of the girls Jay had been talking to on the dating app was in high school.

"He was inviting her to my house, and I was shocked," Ashley said in a confessional.

"The girl he was talking to is the complete opposite of me. Not only is she way larger than I am in size, but she's 14 years younger than me... I'm kind of wondering is he even attracted to someone my type. Is he using me for a Green Card?"

Jay insisted to Ashley at the time he was just "bored" and was talking to the girl with no intention to pursue any type of romance.

Ashley needed closure and therefore decided to call the girl on the phone to find out more information. The girl didn't answer, and Ashley's friends were displeased to see her so distraught and conflicted about her marriage.

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