90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured Ashley Martson withdrawing her divorce complaint and getting back together with Jay Smith after a health crisis and Colt Johnson breaking up with Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima after her third arrest during Sunday night's broadcast of the TLC series.

The two-hour finale broadcast of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? also featured Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield, Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger, Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet, and Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno.

This season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured painful realities and unexpected obstacles as the couples navigated cultural differences, pregnancies, in-laws, scandals and more.

There were explosive fights, confrontations, tears and even police involvement.

Below is what happened during the final episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s fourth season.



Colt said Larissa was "freaking out" because she had gotten into a huge fight with Debbie in which Debbie had kicked her out of the car. Colt felt he was in the middle of the two ladies in his life, and Larissa wasn't exactly confiding in Colt.

"They both deserve each other," Larissa vented to the cameras.

Larissa accused Colt of acting like Debbie was his "lover," demanding respect for being his wife and cleaning his house.

Colt wanted Larissa to respect him in return, saying she had done nothing but insult him since he returned home from work.

"I want to stand by Larissa's side, but she does things and says things where I'm like, 'Why the f-ck am I married to her?' And it's getting worse and more often and more vile and personal," Colt told the cameras.

Larissa wanted Colt to take her side and stand up to Debbie. She wanted to take care of her husband, but Larissa said Debbie didn't allow her to do that and so there was no room for her in their marriage.

Colt asked Larissa to stop talking because he was tired. He said she had done nothing but cause "chaos and destruction" in his life.

Colt told the cameras Larissa kept fighting with him but he had done everything for her, including spending thousands of dollars on her and paying for lawyers to bail her out of trouble.

"I'm tired of you. I'm going to divorce you," Colt told Larissa, as she just brushed off his threats.

"Go find [Debbie]. Go f-ck her," Larissa told Colt before storming off.


Later on, Colt admitted he had failed at marriage and Larissa was arrested again. It was her third arrest in one year after another argument.

Colt -- who was packing up Larissa's clothes in their bedroom -- said Larissa was vile during the fight and Debbie had called the police because she was allegedly out of control. Once Larissa was behind bars, Colt said she called begging for help.

Colt, however, refused to help Larissa again, and then she was apparently released two days later.

"I have no idea who posted bail for Larissa, and I have no idea where she's at. I never thought it would end like this. I am devastated. I saw a future with this woman and here I am, packing up my life and packing up Larissa in these boxes," Colt told the cameras.

Colt said Larissa consumed him, his bank account and his "very existence."

"She just wanted to take everything that I am and just kill it. And she did not care at all -- nothing!" Colt vented to the cameras.

"I never thought she'd act like this, not in a thousand years. I never thought she'd be attacking me. This is not the person I met in Mexico; this is not the woman I fell in love with."

Debbie then started to cry, saying it was so hard to watch her son be mentally and emotionally abused. Debbie feared Colt blamed her for the demise of his relationship and would resent her, but Colt promised that wasn't the case.

Colt told his mother that he'd no longer be there for Larissa, and Debbie was glad to hear it because she didn't like Larissa and thought she was bad for her son.

"It's over," Colt said, adding that he had filed for Larissa's adjustment of status right before her third arrest. "She's going to try to get a Green Card... I could be liable for her for 10 years."


Colt said Larissa needed to go back to Brazil and he'd testify against her if necessary. Colt said Larissa's two previous cases had been dismissed because he never testified, but he thought she needed to be punished this time "for what she did."

Colt griped about how Larissa had crossed the line and he'd do everything in his power to "make sure Larissa is found guilty." Colt said Larissa was going to be out of excuses.


Elizabeth said her daughter, Eleanor, looked just like Andrei, and the couple was ready to check out of the hospital with their newborn baby.

Elizabeth was "overly exhausted" and upset because she had to put her baby "in a piece of crap car seat" since she said Andrei had waited until the last minute to buy one and so it hadn't arrived in the mail yet.

Andrei told Elizabeth that they were working with what they had, and the pair bickered on the way home. Elizabeth was nervous about raising "a new fragile human," and she worried about how hard-headed Andrei can be.

Elizabeth hoped Andrei would change now that he was responsible for another human life.

Once the pair got home, Andrei's father got to meet Eleanor, and Andrei said it was an amazing and magical moment to watch his dad hold his child. Elizabeth knew Andrei was going to miss his father once he left the United States to go back to Moldova.

A few days after Eleanor's birth, Elizabeth acknowledged she hadn't received much sleep. Her father Chuck then visited the baby, and Elizabeth hoped Eleanor would bring her family together and help to create some peace.


Chuck called his grandchild "a beautiful, precious angel" but thought she looked just like Andrei. Chuck and Andrei didn't have the best relationship and things were tense, so the gathering was a bit awkward for everyone involved.

Chuck told Andrei that raising a baby was going to be "a dual effort," but Andrei said the woman is in charge of the house and so he didn't get very involved in "stuff."

Chuck was glad both Elizabeth and Eleanor were healthy, but he advised Andrei to take care of his baby and make sure he could support his family. Andrei said he had a couple of handyman jobs lined up that he found online and he felt confident things would be fine.

Chuck wanted Andrei to do his part, but Andrei didn't appreciate the judgment. Andrei insisted he was working and Chuck just wasn't around to see him do it.

Chuck was worried because Elizabeth was on maternity leave for a few months and so her commission and bonuses wouldn't be coming in.

Chuck acknowledged it's expensive to raise a child and it was time for Elizabeth to stop turning to him. Chuck wanted Elizabeth to be able to rely 100 percent on Andrei, and Andrei said things were going to be fine and it was going to be a good year.

Andrei had previously turned Chuck down for a job, so Chuck noted he was done helping his son-in-law -- a "prideful guy" -- out as a result.

"I'm ready to cut the cord and just say, 'Sink or swim,'" Chuck said in a confessional.


Later on, Andrei was sad to see his father leave Florida, and Elizabeth agreed the trip was "bittersweet." Andrei told Elizabeth they needed to plan a wedding in Moldova because his family wanted them to have a traditional ceremony with customs from his country.

Andrei said they'd need $15,000 for the wedding, but Elizabeth didn't seem to think that was a realistic amount to come up with.

Elizabeth understood Andrei's sense of urgency to wed in Moldova, but Chuck was going to stop helping them financially -- and Andrei's odd jobs as a handyman wasn't going to pay for a $15,000 wedding.

Elizabeth recognized how important family time was to Andrei, so she hoped they could work it out. Meanwhile, Andrei's father anticipated seeing his son again in the summer in Moldova, and Andrei said thinking about his next visit home kept him "fulfilled."


A couple of days after Jay left, Ashley got really sick and went to the hospital. She found out she was in stage 3 kidney failure due to lupus, which flares up when she's under stress.

Ashley had surgery scheduled for a couple of weeks from that point, and then cameras showed Jay taking care of Ashley while she was in bed at her house. One of Ashley's friends had apparently called Jay to inform him that she was sick, and so he flew from Florida to Pennsylvania.

Ashley was actually surprised to see Jay walk through the door at the hospital, but she was happy to see him at the time and happy to not be alone.

"That's what you do when you love someone," Jay said of visiting Ashley, admitting he felt the stress Ashley was under was his fault.

"I'm really sorry for everything that happened. I wish we could go back and make the right and start all over again... but I will just help you the best that I can."


Ashley said Jay's presence wasn't going to fix things between them, but they treated each other with kindness and respect.

Ashley later told the cameras the past three weeks had been a roller-coaster ride and she and Jay were officially "back together." She said it felt good to have Jay around, and then the pair was shown meeting with a divorce attorney together.

"I think I made a decision a little quickly... I want to see about withdrawing the divorce, if that's possible," Ashley said.

Ashley said Jay was a very hands-on partner and so she stopped thinking about the past. She was appreciative Jay got her through a very hard time, and so she didn't want to give up. Ashley told the divorce attorney she wanted to work on things and attempt to fix her marriage.

The divorce attorney suggested Ashley could withdraw her complaint but she'd lose all fees associated with kickstarting the divorce process.

Ashley therefore decided to withdraw the divorce, but she had concerns since she and Jay had been unable to work through their issues first.

Since Ashley had never filed for Jay's adjustment of status, she didn't want ICE -- the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency -- coming to her house and trying to deport Jay given she didn't need anymore stress in her life.

The divorce attorney said it was a possibility ICE could still come after Jay since the divorce filing was a public record, but Ashley said she wanted to file for Jay's adjustment of status as well in order to prevent that from happening.


The divorce attorney thought Ashley was making a quick move and worried she hadn't thought things through, but Jay was so glad Ashley was willing to give him a third chance. Jay told the cameras it was up to him not to screw up again.

"I can't say I'm 100 percent sure I'm making the right decision, but I love him and I'm going to try everything I can to make this marriage work," Ashley said in a confessional.

"I don't know what the future holds for Jay and I, but I'm not ready at this point for our story to be over."


Russ' mother Patty was visiting Florida to meet her grandchild. Russ told his mother Paola had been "overbearing and overprotective" and wouldn't even allow him to help out.

Russ said Paola was creating "unnecessary" rules, such a refusing to allow Russ' mother to hold the baby.

Patty could understand where Paola was coming from, but she felt she had a right to hold baby Axel, especially after traveling halfway across the country to help her son and daughter-in-law out.

Paola was glad Patty was willing to help out, but she hoped the meeting would go well.

Upon meeting Patty, Paola's mother Gladys couldn't help but be a little resentful after all the things she had heard, but the women were polite to each other and exchanged pleasantries.

Russ was trying to prevent stress in the household, but Gladys was aware of "unpleasant moments" Paola had with Patty. Gladys wasn't going to hold back if problems were to arise.


But Paola sweetly allowed Patty to hold her baby, knowing how much it meant to Russ. Paola even got teary-eyed having her mother and mother-in-law in the same room.

Patty thought Gladys was "a delight" and felt they would make a great team. Patty just wished she spoke Spanish so they could communicate better.

The calm, peaceful moment quickly turned, however, as Paola and Russ began to bicker in front of the baby and their loved ones. Russ said there were times when the baby brought them together but there were also times when Axel pushed them apart.

Patty advised Russ and Paola to support each other, and Patty also reminded Paola that Axel is Russ' baby too and she needs to allow him to be a parent.

After Gladys and Patty returned home, Russ and Paola brought baby Axel to the beach for the first time. Paola felt good about her body because she had been working hard to get back into shape.

Paola and Russ were trying to work on their marriage, but it wasn't easy with Axel in the picture, soaking up constant attention and need.

Paola then revealed she wanted Spanish to be Axel's first language so he could communicate with her family, who only speak Spanish.

Russ apparently had to travel a lot for work, and so the couple was frustrated by the little time he actually got to spend with his son. Russ apparently got paid more to travel, but Paola was upset about him being gone when his family needed him the most.

Paola said she'd love to try something new or go back to modeling but she couldn't pursue her dreams if she was home with Axel all day as the only parent. Russ wanted what was best for Paola, but he told her it was going to take some compromise and teamwork to make those things happen.

"We can both do this; we just have to work together," Russ noted.

The pair was stressed out and acknowledged they had to work on their marriage, but Russ said he still loved and adored Paola and they would be just fine together.


Nicole had been staying with her mother rent-free in order to save money so she could return to Morocco and actually get married to Azan this time.

There was a flight in a couple of weeks for Nicole and her daughter May, but she had just recently received her refund from her canceled flight to Grenada.

Nicole was so excited to see the love of her life, leave their issues behind them, and finally tie the knot.

Nicole was then shown calling Azan to inform him that she had purchased plane tickets to Morocco. Azan said he couldn't wait to see Nicole again and his house had been empty without her and May. Azan also insisted he felt ready to get married.

Nicole's mother Robbalee wasn't thrilled about Nicole heading back to Morocco. She wondered if Nicole was truly prepared financially for the trip, and she wanted May to have some structure in her life.

Robbalee asked Nicole if she had a plan for how she and Azan would support themselves, but Nicole didn't have a response and just told her mother not to worry.

Robbalee noted Nicole and Azan could depend on the beauty store they had opened together, but then Nicole admitted there was no store and there was no business.

Robbalee couldn't believe Nicole had been lying to her the entire time, but Nicole said the store just "didn't work out" and she held back on telling her mother because she could be "very pushy" and judgmental.

Nicole said Azan could find work fishing, but Robbalee was very concerned. Robbalee felt unsettled and said Azan continued to show his "true colors" over and over again. Robbalee thought Nicole's romance was in a tailspin and she may end up crashing and burning.

"Right now, there is not a future that doesn't involve Azan because I love him and want a family with him -- and babies," Nicole said in a confessional.

According to TLC, Nicole canceled her trip to Morocco two weeks later and has still not returned to Morocco. The reason why Nicole canceled her trip was not disclosed.


Chantel and Pedro were ready to travel back to the United States, and their relationship had improved drastically.

But first, Pedro wanted to say goodbye to his family. Pedro agreed to return to Atlanta because he wanted to show Chantel that she's important to him and she could depend on him.

Chantel, however, asked Pedro to say bye to his sister Nicole and mother Lidia by himself. Pedro was upset Chantel wanted nothing to do with his family, but he seemed to understand she felt uncomfortable and the situation was tense.

Nicole and Lidia thought it was disrespectful Chantel refused to say goodbye, and they also weren't happy with Pedro for leaving them after such a short trip. However, they wished Pedro well.

"I don't think Chantel realizes she made her marriage worse by coming to the Dominican Republic. When he gets his Green Card, it means he doesn't have to stay stuck with Chantel and if he wants he can divorce her and do whatever he wants," Nicole told the cameras.

Lidia was very worried about his son's environment in the United States.

It was hard for Pedro to leave his family "in a bad place," but Chantel was clearly his priority. He said the only reason he wanted to return to America was for Chantel, but he wasn't entirely sure they could have a happy future together.

After the couple returned to Atlanta and were home for a few days, Chantel realized Pedro had resorted back to his old ways. She accused him of playing video games constantly and not being present in their relationship.

Chantel even said Pedro didn't say "hi" to her once she got home from work.

Chantel therefore asked Pedro where they were at and where they stood, and Pedro said Chantel didn't have manners because she had refused to say goodbye to his relatives. Pedro felt Chantel didn't care about all that he did for her.

But Chantel said she had to leave or else she would have brought up Obed's allegations about Nicole and Lidia setting up their meeting and relationship.

Chantel wanted to trust Pedro was in their marriage for the right reasons, but she questioned his intentions because he was allegedly treating her poorly.

Chantel then flat out asked Pedro whether he had married her for love or money, and Pedro said he was tired because she brought up the same things all the time.

Pedro wanted Chantel to believe him that he loved her, but Chantel yelled at him that he wasn't acting like he loved her. Chantel had no proof and found herself struggling to live with such an insecurity.

Pedro said he missed out on a holiday with his family to return to the United States with her and if she wasn't happy with him, she should just go find another man. Pedro clearly felt like there was nothing else he could do to prove himself, so he demanded Chantel fix her attitude.

Chantel screamed at Pedro for talking to her like a dog, and then Pedro accused Chantel of causing drama.

"Sometimes I want this thing over, you know? Damn!" Pedro vented, as Chantel cried alone in their bedroom.


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