Josh Duggar, big brother of the "19 Kids and Counting" family, is moving to Washington to become a lobbyist with the conservative Family Research Council.

Tony Perkins, the council's executive director, welcomed Duggar to Washington on his "Washington Watch" radio show Monday, The Washington Post reported. The Duggar family show has also depicted Josh and his wife, Anna, looking for a house in Washington and plans to show their life in the capital along with his parents and younger siblings back in Arkansas.

The show depicting Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their children started in 2008 as "17 Kids and Counting." It airs on TLC.

Perkins told the Post he decided to hire Duggar as executive director of FRC Action after a conversation with him in January at an anti-abortion march.

"It will be a culture shock coming from northwest Arkansas, but he's a sharp kid," Perkins said Tuesday. "He's going to fit in well, I think."

Much of Duggar's job will consist of traveling across the country to reach out to young people, Perkins said.

Duggar, 25, and his wife have three children, the youngest only two weeks old. A spokeswoman for the show said

"19 Kids and Counting" will follow their home life but will not deal with Duggar's job.