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Sean Twomey fifth buccaneer wannabe cut adrift on 'Pirate Master'

By Christopher Rocchio, 07/02/2007 

Sean Twomey reneged on a deal he was paid handsomely for, causing the 27-year-old bartender from Venice, CA to go from serving as the Picton Castle's cook to becoming the fifth buccaneer wannabe cut adrift from Pirate Master during Thursday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition series.

Pirate Master's fifth episode began Joe Don "J.D." Norton, a 36-year-old smoke jumper from Ft. Wainwright, AK, showing no remorse for having spent $7000 for Pirate Master's Royal Pardon despite the fact he didn't need it.  J.D. said he was "willing to pay that kind of money to not go home" and described his purchase of the Pardon as "insurance."  The Pardon must change hands before the next Pirates' Court.

Meanwhile Ben Fagan, a 23-year-old student/musician from Boston, MA, laid in one of the bunks with Nessa Nemir, a 29-year-old make-up artist from Berkeley, CA, and told her how it was "extremely hard" to see his former fellow officer under J.D., Cheryl Kosewicz, get cut adrift at the conclusion of the last Pirates' Court.  Ben and Nessa getting cozy didn't get past the attention of other members of the Picton Castle, as Sean noted she "plays the flirt card too much."

Sean then decided to confront Nessa and blame her for Cheryl's departure.  Nessa referred to Sean as "two-faced," noting the previous deal he made with Jay Hatkow, a 37-year-old automotive-parts salesman from Detroit, MI.  Jay had paid Sean $1000 to vote for Cheryl at a previous Pirates' Court, and while Sean took the money, he didn't vote for Cheryl.  While Cheryl was cut adrift at the subsequent Pirates' Court, Sean's reputation as someone that couldn't be trusted had been established.

"Sean has made a lot of enemies lately," said Nessa. "He's talking out of both sides of his mouth.  He irritates the hell out of me, I irritate the hell out of him. But, you can't go around pissing people off and rubbing people the wrong way like that. It's gonna come back and get you."   Elicia "Jupiter" Mendoza, a 30-year-old bartender from Los Angeles, CA who had become good friends with Sean, also realized Nessa was using her "flirtatious behavior to go further" in the competition.

"What are we, in junior high?" asked Nessa when she learned some of the other buccaneers were bashing her for her flirtatious ways.  Sean had his sites set on getting rid of Nessa at the next Pirates' Court, and it wasn't a secret. "She's conniving, she's manipulative. If we lose tomorrow, I think, with my sway, I can get her gone," he said.

As the Picton Castle's crew set sail for the next Expedition, Christa DeAngelo, a 29-year former member of the military and single mother from Tamaqua, PA, talked about how whatever amount of booty she wins on Pirate Master will not only help her, but also her 6-year-old daughter.  "I just wanna give my daughter a better life," said Christa.  "She deserves the money more than anybody here."

The Picton Castle dropped anchor and Pirate Master host Cameron Daddo informed the crew the last Expedition produced $5,000 as well as the Royal Pardon, and it was time for the 12 remaining buccaneer wannabes to open the fifth compartment in the Chest of Zanzibar, which yielded two maps written on the back of large playing cards -- the Ace of Hearts and the Ace of Clubs. Cameron explained that this latest treasure was hidden by Barnabus Bagley, the pilot of Captain Steel's ship, who was a skilled navigator that also had a weakness for gambling and playing Blackjack.

As was the case during the previous Expeditions, the captain and his two officers would lead the Black Crew, with the rest of the shipmates randomly divided to either follow the captain on the Black Crew or oppose him on the Red Crew.  If the Black Crew wins, the captain remains in power.  However if the Red Crew wins, they elect a new captain. Everyone proceeded to pick either a black or a red shot to determine which crew they would join.

The Black Crew consisted of captain Louie Frase, a 43-year-old marina owner from Fishing Creek, MD; his two officers Nessa and Sean; J.D.; Christa; and Jocelyn "Joy" McElveen, a 21-year-old receptionist from West Columbia, SC.  The Red Crew consisted of Ben; Jupiter; Jay; Kendra Guffey, a 38-year-old dive master from Los Angeles, CA; Azmyth Kaminski, a 26-year-old music producer from Los Angeles, CA; and Laurel Schmidt, a 21-year-old glass blower from Los Angeles, CA.

"My plan on the Expedition is to win at all costs," said Nessa.  "It's important for me to hold onto my position [as officer] because Jupiter and Sean are out to get me."  Jay echoed Nessa's sentiment about Sean but was also concerned about his Red Crew because Kendra and Laurel are the "weakest."

On the first leg of Pirate Master's fifth Expedition, each crew had to use their map to paddle longboats to an anchor on the beach. They then had to head west into the Voodoo Forest where they would search for a card of the same suit to pair with their Ace and make 21, which would give them their next clue.

The Black crew was the first to paddle ashore and reach the anchor, and Jay was immediately "scared" that his Red crew was in second.  As the Black crew entered the Voodoo Forest,  Nessa ran between the trees and her foot caught on a trip wire that sent her falling to the ground with palm fronds falling on top of her.

"That was comical, but it narrowed the gap between us and the Red Crew," said Sean.

With both teams now in the Voodoo Forest, they each began to frantically search for their correctly suited cards, with Black searching for a club and Red searching for a heart.  Christa found the Black crew's card, which yielded a spyglass and a note that read, "Return to the anchor from whence you did start. Search the horizon for the treasure close to your heart."  With the Black crew on their way back to the anchor, Laurel discovered the Red crew's card and they tried to play catch-up as they raced towards the beach.

Little did the Red crew know that the Black crew was slowed because Louie had gotten their spyglass wet, rendering it useless to search the horizon.

"People are just not that smart," said Christa as her Black crew attempted to dry-out their spyglass.  "They're trying to work the telescope, and I'm like there's an island here and an island here... We start heading over there, we're going to see it."

Christa was able to convince the Black crew to just hop back into the longboat and head out, hoping to find a heart that will lead to their next clue. The Red Crew used their dry spyglass to find the heart on a tree across the horizon and the Black Crew saw it too as they paddled to shore, which caused captain Louie to let out one of his patented pirate cackles of joy. 

Both crews arrived at the island with Black slightly in the lead, and everyone began to run up a steep, jagged hill.  Nessa led the Black crew to a gravestone and they unearthed a casket, which contained the next clue:  "The closest point to heaven is palm tree in the sky. Underneath its branches is where my treasure lies." The Black Crew immediately spotted a palm tree on top of a neighboring hill, which is where the treasure is buried. Arriving at the palm tree, the Black Crew starts digging around and looking in the actual palm tree while the Red Crew catches up with Azmyth in the lead for them.

With members of both crews digging holes everywhere, Christa didn't dig deep enough in one spot before giving up.  Jay dug deeper into the same hole and unearthed a bag containing the treasure.  "On the next Expedition, I'm just gonna like dig one foot around Christa," said Jay with a smile on his face.  "I figure it's easier than trying to find it myself."  The Red Crew cheered and Jupiter fired the blunderbuss, signaling their win.  A tearful Christa was not happy with herself. "I knew where it was!" she cried.  Nessa had her own problems, concerned that the Black crew's defeat would lead to her being cut adrift.

Back on the Picton Castle, Louie met with J.D. in the crew's quarters and made amends, ending their feud.  The winning Red crew counted the booty and were delighted to find it totaled $40,000, which broke the Black crew's spirit since the last Expedition yielded only $5,000.   The Red Crew elected Azmyth as their new captain -- the second time he held the job -- and he picked Jay and Ben as his two officers, the second time both have served in that capacity.

"It feels great to be back in the captain's position again for a second time.  Strategically, looking at who I had on my crew, I had to be wise enough to pick strong members [as my officers]," explained Azmyth.  "I decided to choose Ben and I decided to choose Jay, two really strong guys.  And I really hope to be there with them 'til the end."

Like he did last time he was captain, Azmyth split the treasure evenly among the winning Red crew.  It marked the first time Laurel was a member of the winning crew, and she described it as "awesome."  Azmyth said he was glad to evenly split the booty among the Red crew because it keeps him in a "very good position" with the rest of the remaining buccaneer wannabes.  Ben liked the new alliance that he was forming with Jay and Azmyth.

It didn't take Jupiter long to find Sean in the galley, and the two began to plot against Nessa and hope they could have her cut adrift at the upcoming Pirates' Court.  Unfortunately for them, Nessa was eavesdropping by laying on the galley's roof.  Sean and Jupiter estimated how much money Nessa may bid on the Pardon -- which would save her from being cut adrift -- and whether or not they should try and outbid her.

"The people that are out to get me better hope I don't win [with my bid for the Pardon]," said Nessa. "'Cause if I do, they're going down in a heartbeat."

The next morning, Nessa pulled J.D. aside and had a discussion about the Pardon, which was still in his possession.  She explained her desire to be the highest bidder for it, willing to pay $6,000.  J.D. also wanted to make sure Nessa was able to purchase the Pardon, so he decided to kick-in an additional $2,500.

"I'd say there's a little bit of fondness between me and Nessa," said J.D.  "It's just a nice, fresh face to look at amongst a crew that's just somber and deceitful and lying," he explains. "I just don't want to see her go."  Nessa called J.D.'s move a "generous idea" and immediately changed her bid to $9,000.  "You could put a lot of money down on the Royal Pardon and not get a Black Spot and be in the hole financially," she said, "and it's just a gamble you take for a little bit of insurance."

Azmyth, Jay and Ben -- who had dubbed themselves the "Three Amigos" -- began to discuss who would receive the Black Spot and face possible elimination at the next Pirates' Court. The captain commented Louie would be receiving one since he himself stated that a former captain should always be tested at Pirates' Court after he or she is removed from power, and also wanted to give one to Nessa.  However after a brief discussion amongst themselves, Azmyth and his two officers instead decided to not give Nessa one of the three Black Spots since she would probably purchase the Pardon. 

With Laurel the second member of the crew to receive a Black Spot since she's the only one Jay doesn't have some type of control over and also hasn't taken a side yet, Jay then set his sights on the Picton Castle's cook, Sean.

"I'm not nearly as tight with Sean as I was two weeks ago," said Jay to Azmyth and Ben.  "I don't trust him as far as I trust you guys... For me it was personal.  Sean went back on his word two weeks ago on me.  Since then he's dead to me.  I want to get rid of him.  He's a liability."

The Black Spots were then distributed, and Nessa said she was "floored" at the fact that she didn't receive one.  She then commented Sean "made his bed, and it's time for him to lay in it."  Sean said he threw "a lot of loot" into his bid to get the Pardon, correctly realizing he needed it. Louie received the Black Spot, which he expected, and Laurel also "wasn't really surprised."  Louie was nervous if Sean did purchase the Pardon, he might be the one to go, while Jupiter told the officers and captain she wouldn't be voting for Sean to be cut adrift.

The crew then gathered on the Picton Castles' deck for Pirates' Court -- where Cameron explained the format once again -- with the crew casting ballots and having to choose which of the three marked pirates is cut adrift, adding they could also unanimously "rise as one" and mutiny against the captain. In addition, Cameron said he wouldn't reveal the highest bidder for the Pardon until after the vote.

Azmyth explained why he gave the Black Spots to who he did, commenting Louie received one because of his own belief that a captain should be put on the stand; Laurel got one because everyone is unsure which side she's on; and Sean would have to defend himself because he seems two-faced when talking to the crew. 

Louie was the first to defend himself, and reiterated his belief and added he thought he was a "fair captain" and hoped the night's vote would reflect that the crew felt the same way.  Laurel was much more aggressive in defending herself, commenting she was confused about Azmyth's choice of words because she's not on anybody's side. Azmyth apologized for his terminology, then bashed Laurel for her lack of effort during Expeditions while stumbling over his words some more.  Laurel reassured everyone she doesn't take sides and that she'll continue to push herself on the Expeditions. It was then time for Sean to defend himself.

"The idea of me saying things and doing another... This is a game," said Sean.  "Obviously all of us want to stay on this ship.  So I mean we're going to talk to each other about who might go.  I'm sure I've talked to each and every one of you about the possibility of somebody else going. And I'm sure everybody has talked about me going.  My main thing is I want to be here.  I want to run with you.  I want to row with you. I want to bleed with you, I want to sweat with you.  But most of all, if I'm still here, with the help of the beautiful Jupiter I want to get back in that kitchen and cook you a great dinner tonight."

Cameron informed the crew -- excluding those three who received Black Spots, Azmyth and his officers -- that it was time to vote, and one by one, the pirates placed their ballots atop the blade of a dagger.  Prior to counting the ballots, Cameron revealed Nessa was the highest bidder for the Royal Pardon, paying $9,000 to J.D. for it.

Cameron said there were no mutiny ballots cast against Azmyth and added Laurel received none, allowing her to rejoin the crew.  He then revealed both Louie and Sean had received votes against them, with Sean receiving five and Louie receiving one, presumably from Jupiter.  Sean was then cut adrift.

"I really was surprised I was cut adrift tonight," said Sean as his Pirate Master voyage came to an end.  "There's a lot of conniving going on in that ship, I think they're trying to cut off some of the stronger competitors.  I was kind of blind sided by that one.  I kind of blame that little triage of guys [Azmyth, Jay and Ben] I thought I was close with.  I mean, all three of them decided to give me a Black Spot, and I'm pretty positive they swayed the votes the way they wanted go... But I mean it's a game.  I got railroaded."

Due to Big Brother 8's premierePirate Master's next episode will air on Thursday, July 5 at 9PM ET/PT before moving to its new time period of Tuesdays at 10PM ET/PT beginning July 10.

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